109. Macy sat on the couch and leaned back. She was tired.

She closed her eyes with a heavy sigh because her heart and body were both tired and Richard noticed.

“There is a bed here and you can rest as you wait for me,” he said and she shook her head.

Since she came to DC, she had been used to being alone but in the last several months, Richard and Mel had become a part of her life and all she wanted was to be alone when she was feeling so down.

She wasn't even used to talikh to anyone about her problems and she thus couldn't even tell Richard what she did as feeling.

Richard on his side was still afraid of what could have happened to her if she didn't know how to fight or is she had met professional assassins.

His heart was in turmoil and since he could ground a grown woman, he decided to shadow her.

She wouldn't leave her alone.

Him, like her, was used to dealing with his issues alone and he rarely talked to anyone and he thus wondered how to tell her about his fears.

He was in the
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