Business Gamer

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Business Gamer

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Lin Long the ordinary young boy was given a chance by a supreme being of the universe. He dreamed of being a successful bussinessman but who would have thought that the world was far too dangerous than he ever imagine. Watch him took a stride to the world of strong and become a successful businessman of the universe.

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296 chapters
Chapter 1 Lin Long
Hot red ferrari Slowly moving to park in front of the shop The door of the car slowly opened before a sweet blonde man got out of the car and entered the convenience store. Lin Long, who was standing at the cashier, looked at him before speaking."welcome…"Before Lin Long could finish speaking, the young man walked into the bathroom that had been set aside for customers. Lin Long sighed. and continue his work He still had an hour left before his work was over.This year, Lin Long was already eighteen years old. He lives in a small apartment in the city.Lin Long was an orphan who grew up in an orphanage, he did not know who his father and mother were. He only knew that his name was Lin Long. But even so, it doesn't matter. As long as he lives happily, that's enough.He graduated from high school with pretty good grades, but because he was an orphan, he didn't have enough money to afford to go to university. He decided not to continue his studies and worked hard to earn money. Hopeful
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Chapter 2 Gamer System
Lin Long wanted to save money, but once in a while it would be fine.Lin Long came down from the apartment and rode his bike straight to the restaurant where he regularly ate."Look who came! Actually, it's an orphan from a poor neighborhood. "Lin Long arrived in front of the restaurant and frowned. He didn't expect to meet someone he didn't want to meet at a time like this.He met Min Tae, a young man about the same age as him. Accompanied by a group of gangsters, he often spends time with them.Min Tae was the one who messed with Lin Long the most. Because he has no father or mother to protect him. This made him a target for these people.Lin Long shook his head. He didn't want to mess with these people. He didn't care and wanted to walk into the restaurant."Min Soah, how are you?"Asked Lin Long, he looked at a young woman standing in the restaurant waiting to welcome customers. Min Soah was the only woman who was good to him. Min Soah was a very beautiful person who made every
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Chapter 3 Teaching of the unverse lord
"This is power!"Lin Long clenched his fists before smirking. He hurriedly shook his head. He wasn't a white-haired, evil-looking demon prince.He had now gained the most excellent knowledge. Whether it's regulating his breathing or using Muay Thai, as for his psychic powers right now, he can only lift light things like a can of water."Even if all the powers are only at the base level. But it was enough to take revenge!”It reminds him of when he was insulted and attacked. Lin Long could feel the hatred. He wanted to take it back, and while he was thinking about Min Tae The system rang.[As Chen Ming, Master of the Universe, used to say Ten years of revenge, it's not too late. But why wait until then, ten seconds is enough.]"..."He really didn't understand this universe lord. Lin Long only shook his head. But ten seconds was enough, and it was very similar to him now. If Min Tae and his men were in front of Lin Long right now, he was confident that he could manage the entire gr
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Chapter 4 To Las Vegas
“Right now I have enough Karma to buy only the entry-level gambling skills.”Lin Long breathed a sigh of relief. but he has decided And nothing can change his mind.“The system buys gambling skills!”[Acknowledge][Since the host's decision was based on the wishes of Universe Lord Kim Mintae. Universe Lord Kim Mintae felt very satisfied.][Host received bonus “Advanced Gambling” for 100 Karma]“Huh, are you serious?!”Lin Long said with excitement. He didn't think he would get the bonus because he chose to believe Kim Mintae like this.It took Lin Long a little more time to return to normal. He had never been so lucky. this is the first time“Now what next? I cannot gamble even if I have acquired gambling skills. But I don't have any knowledge of gambling.”Lin Long had never gambled before because he thought gambling never made anyone rich. But now he needed to change his mind. Because his bets have more chances of winning than his chances of losing. Obtaining a certain profit Lin
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Chapter 5 Getting some money
Lin Long was now like a sword that had been meticulously forged. His eyes were extremely sharp. He walked towards the first casino that immediately caught his eye.Lin Long after entering the casino He met a neon light. and beautiful decorations and amazing Las Vegas was worthy of being called the city that never sleeps. It's just like this“It was with these lights that people forget the days and nights. There seems to be some kind of magic that attracts people like that.”Lin Long at this moment was considered to be quite strong in spirit. He was not possessed by the light. He just let his heart go and enjoy it. He could easily withdraw from here.“Let's get started. I need to exchange chips with my money first.”Lin Long went to exchange chips with the casino. The service staff was very good even though they only exchanged chips for 1000 dollars. Lin Long looked at the others. He found that there were no heavy players here. He saw that there were many people who came to play lightl
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Chapter 6 Getting better
Lin Long finished exchanging rewards and immediately walked out of the casino and went to find a place to stay. He didn't continue playing at that casino because if he played any more, there might be problems. The manager had already hinted at him. He doesn't want trouble. Even though He’s not afraidLin Long chose to spend his money on a five-star hotel. He paid over five thousand dollars to stay there for the night. Lin Long believed that after this, he would be able to earn much more money. And the reason why he chose to spend money on expensive hotels wasn't because he wanted to spend extravagantly. but collecting experience. He thought that soon he would be able to stay like this forever. He should get used to it.The next day, Lin Long woke up feeling relieved. He did his first meditation to welcome the new day. This was a daily routine that he could never live without. Lin Long, after meditating for a bit, practiced before looking for something to eat.“My life is changing r
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Chapter 7 Hell Hound
A week passed quickly. Lin Long from morning to afternoon was the same as always. He spent it training and eating luxury food. Life in the past week had been wonderful. and more than that, He now had over $980,000 in his account.Hell Hound, a mafia group with great influence in countries in the American continent. They seem to be influencing the dark side of society. They were not completely unmanaged organizations. Hell Hound were different from other, they were organized and structured not much different from mercenary groups.The business the mafia does was not only in drug trafficking, weapons of war, or assassinations they did many things more.Ray McNison, the leader of this mafia group. received some contact from his people He was told that one of his subordinates, who worked as a treasurer in one of the major casinos in Las Vegas, noticed that a young man was able to gamble on various games and accumulate a few hundred thousand dollars per day for a weekWhen Ray heard abou
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Chapter 8 At gun point
[Host's Profound Energy and the impact force of the projectile had been measured. The host will get some pain only on the skin layer. The gun used by the villain was an old type of revolver that had not very high destructive power. Even if the host takes a serious shot in the forehead. This type of gun can not do serious damage to the host. but host had to cover himself with profound energy]Even though he still didn’t have a profound technique to use profound energy to attack. but just covering himself wasn’t hard.‘In short, My body was strong enough to withstand bullets if I covered myself with profound energy.’[Correct, but the bullet must be dull point type only. If the host was shot with a penetrating bullet It still poses a threat to the host.]Lin Long could accept it. This was brutal. Earlier, he had noticed the type of gun the system had checked. And received information that the ammunition used with this type of gun was a dull point type.Lin Long already knew that he was
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Chapter 9 Boss Lin
Lin Long laughed after thinking about it. He looked at Ray's minions pointing guns at him. before his eyes became sharp like a predator looking at its prey ready to tear them to shreds“You guys think you guys were huge. think of fear and thinking of taking revenge Do you want to use all means to get rid of me like that? nothing to lose And one more thing, those who were thinking of having an affair with me should think carefully first.”Lin Long instead of allowing the mafia to intimidate him. Why didn't he frighten them instead, Lin Long thought.He paused and pointed the gun at Ray's head before bringing it up to his head. All the mafia had dazed expressions. They thought that Lin Long must had gone crazy.“I'll show you guys. what a real devil was like."Lin Long finished speaking and smiled. His smile distorted beforeBang!Lin Long pulled the trigger. The bullet hit his head before collapsing and ejecting. There was a small amount of blood on his head. but he didn't die The bull
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Chapter 10 Spending spree
Return to the room inside the luxury hotel.The next day after Lin Long was kidnapped Lin Long woke up from meditation before looking for something to eat. and surveyed his stats.Name...Lin LongElementary Qi Gathering Stage Level (10%)Karma Points…10,000Lin Long's level hadn't increased much, only 10%. It had been about a week since he came to Las Vegas. A week like this was already very fast as the system had told him.Lin Long checked his stats for a moment. He already had quite a lot of Karma. Where did he get this karma?‘Who would had thought that Karma could be bought with money...’Lin Long shook his head. It all depends on the system. He didn't want to overthink it.“We should had something to protect ourselves. Although Muay Thai was good But found a gun, it's not right either. Plus psychic energy can't do much right now.”Lin Long went to the topic of fighting in the shop. At first he was going to enter the Yut's mode, but he wasn't locked. Lin Long thought that he had t
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