Chapter 293 Hunt

'One million! That's very close to T-Rek!'

Lin Long thought like that. The more confident he became. That being friends with this tribe is the best thing.

He thought that he would check and try to check the women in the village. besides some tribal chiefs

‘Fifty thousand…’

Lin Long was even more shocked. Just a woman who works at home, takes care of the house. still this strong The minimum combat power of this world was extremely high. Compared to the world he had been in, it was a completely different matter.

The minimum combat power of a normal person in his world was only one hundred. This world was really dangerous just like Yeon-woo had warned him. before coming to this place

Although he was a little worried But those feelings of anxiety were less than excitement. Lin Long's now

He was sure, if it was this world, He will surely become stronger.

But he still hadn't thought of anything else. As if he had forgotten some things.

"food? food?”

The chieftain spoke with saliva
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