The Prince's Revenge: SYSTEM

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The Prince's Revenge: SYSTEM

By: GODBLESS E OngoingSystem

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In a world filled with levels and mythical beasts, a prince thrives to reclaim the kingdom that was once his own and avenge the death of his father no matter what. The prince is faced with all kinds of enemies and monsters but through the help of a peasant maiden, he fights with zeal and the skills of a Japanese swordsman, he never lost his spirit and even after his kingdom was taken from him and he was left with nothing but his sword he still kept his royalty and held his head high in the face of danger and in the face of the evil king, his name is Prince Elliot Alexander the only son of Ivan Alexander the third.

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  • Kid Rock


    Interesting plot, I like the story development

    2023-05-20 23:35:22
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THE TRUCEIn a time where witches and wizards roamed around the face of the earth without any fear or anxiety of being burnt alive, a time where mythical beasts were not just myths but real monsters, a time where vampires and werewolves existed, there was a great war between the two strongest kingdoms in all the land and the war led to the destruction of many small towns and little villages, the war raged on because both kingdoms were evenly matched and their military capabilities was overrun with high level monsters that fought for their kings.The king of Mytigon which was the weaker kingdom out of the two was beginning to panic because his military force was reducing day after day and he was afraid because of the life of his son who was no more than two years old, the king of Mytigon managed to seek audience with the king of the opposing kingdom which was called Briggs and they talked at length because of the gravity of the matter at hand, how to stop the war that had claimed thous
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THE SPECIAL ONEPrince Elliot Alexander had always been called “Special” ever since he was just a young lad but he was not aware of the reason behind the name, sometimes the boy thought the reason to be his eye colors which was a combination of brown and black {brown left eye, black on the right} but he knew the reason behind his queer eye colors but what puzzled him was the way his father bragged about the prowess of his kingdom and how the kingdom was going to rule over all the others, his father always put Elliot in front of everything and that was understandable because the king lost his wife on the day Elliot was born so it was only fair that the only son should receive showers of spoiling and blessings. Growing up in a royal palace would make anyone lazy because they had servants that would do anything that they wanted within a snap of their fingers but Elliot was a remarkable exception, he was in love with hard work and he loved working in the barns with the stable keepers wher
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MAN OR BEAST?Elliot’s sword was made of a kind of steel that could slay any creature, demon or spirit, the sword was given to him by his guardian who was directed to get him the best of the best weapons, Elliot knew how to fight with daggers, knives and even his bare fists, the sword contained magical essence that made it never rust or age, it dries up any liquid that is stained on it within seconds so there was no need for Elliot to clean his sword by himself. Elliot was a cold hearted warrior that was trained by his guardian to never spare the enemy or even pity the weak but Elliot still had a soft heart to women and children so he swore to never kill any of the aforementioned without a proper reason or resolve, his sword could never be broken by brute force or by any spell, it was pure just like the heart of its wielder.Elliot was never one to let other people do his work for him so whenever there was a report about any monster or irregular murder report; Elliot was quick to pick
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CRYBABY PRINCESSEmperor Constantine never had good luck in his life when it came to choosing a soulmate, he had married different women and even witches but none of them seem to stay with him, it was always one mayhem to another and if it wasn’t the bride running away from the palace then it would be death by an unnatural cause. The only time that he was able to find a real partner that loved him regardless of all his flaws was the day that he met a woman who was part demon and half human, the woman loved Constantine and he loved her too with all his heart but tragedy doesn’t live far from the household of the emperor.The woman became pregnant not long after she got married to the emperor, the news broke out and the whole kingdom of Briggs was excited to hear about the arrival of a new member into the royal family to the point that they even threw a party to celebrate the news, Constantine was very happy but at the same time he was being cautious because he was aware of the bad luck
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NUMBERSGood name travels far and that was the case of Elliot because the stories about his bravery had travelled from mouth to mouth until his name had been known by the people all over the region, they called him different names and some even called him a demon but Elliot would laugh at these side comments because they did him no harm, being on a higher power level than everyone in his kingdom would give anybody pride but Elliot was humble and upright in all his ways, he greeted everyone with a smile and it was accustomed for him to always be the first to extend his hand of courtesy.During his childhood; Elliot was part of a training expedition for grooming high ranked warriors and soldiers, his father signed him up for the training under the disguise of a simple commoner and that was how Elliot’s strength was tested to the extreme at such a very young age, he went through a series of training that built up his strength and due to his sword fighting skills he was able to survive th
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NUMBERS (cont’d)Elliot had taken up the task without knowing or even thinking about the risks, he just took the sword of the fallen soldier and he took some equipment with him that he might need which included potions, knives and a retractable shield that was in the form of a ring. Elliot had no fear in his heart and his bravery was very admirable to the rest soldiers that were too scared to go the accursed village, one of the soldiers walked up to Elliot to warn the prince about the dangers that lurked within the village that he is about to plunge into without any assistance.“Your majesty, I truly admire your courage but I must try to dissuade you from such a suicide task, you are only going to get yourself killed or even worse… get corrupted by the reaper’s curse” the soldier warned the prince but Elliot had already made his mind up and he was not going back on his resolve.“Thank you for your warning but I am already aware of the dangers and the capabilities of my enemy, I am not
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INHUMAN HUMAN“Now, DIE!!” one of the corrupted lunged at Elliot but with a swift movement; Elliot decapitated the corrupted, the only way to kill them was by beheading or by stabbing their hearts otherwise they will just keep coming back from the dead with fresh limbs and rejuvenated power. The first thing that Elliot did was to jump out the center of the corrupted humans, he needed to see the enemies that he was facing so with an easy leap he flew to the top of the roof and he landed like a feather, there was no corrupted on the roof yet so Elliot used his limited time to scan the area for the possible location of the reaper because he needed to end things fast before they outnumbered him.The corrupted were climbing on top of each other to get to the top of the roof, Elliot waited for them to get within good aiming distance then he started to throw his knives at them, the knives exploded on contact so he was able to take out a good number of them without much stress but he did not
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HEADLESS REAPERThe reaper was an eight foot skeleton dressed in a shadow black cloak that was alive and could clutch at an enemy and even turn into big wings, the skull was covered with a black aura and the aura was over the blade of the scythe that the reaper wielded, Elliot had seen reapers from the books about demons but he was not expecting it to be so big and tall, it could split Elliot into two with that scythe but he was not still afraid, he stared the reaper down and for a quick moment the reaper lost his cool because Elliot was so overpowering, he noticed the reaper twitch his scythe a little bit and a sense of awareness came over him.“Sometimes you don’t have to even start the fight to win it, all you have to do is to have a strong and confident aura, say ‘I am strong and I am aware of the full potential of my abilities so I know that I am going to defeat you’… with that kind of mindset, you can even scare your enemy about attacking and h might reconsider his bad decision
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WISTFUL DESPERATIONThe message of Constantine was passed to the king of Mytigon and it put the poor king under pressure, little did he know that his adversary was facing even more pressure than him. Elliot had returned with the head of the reaper and it was hung on the wall of the council room, he was proud that his father had congratulated him on his return but there was something that Elliot needed to clear out with his father.“Father, I thank you for putting your faith in me and letting me going on this quest but there is something that happened during my fight with the reaper’s minions” Elliot watched his father closely, he wanted to know if his father would lie to him.“What happened, my son?” Ivan asked with a calm expression, he probably already knew where the talk was headed but he stayed cool.“When I was fighting with the two mutated corrupted, one of them just fell to the ground with blood gushing out of its chest… I didn’t slay that beast with my sword or magic powers” E
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A SMALL FAVOR“Life is filled with opportunities, different opportunities that can take your life to the next level and all you have to do is to grab it, seize it by the horns, your whole life depends on you choosing how to seize the moment… this moment in front of me is one that I so desired to live in, one that I have been dreaming about since I was a little girl, being the princess of a kingdom, the wife of a prince then eventually turns king and I eventually turn into a queen, it was a life that I dreamed about but I never lived it… It was hard to live your dreams when you are stuck in a town like Borcher that is beyond dilapidated and poor, there was barely any clothed children running through the streets, bandits lurked every alley and homeless people slept on the floors of the street”.“There was no money but if there was any money, it was collated and spent by the corrupt council of elders that have been ruling for years and they still had supreme rule over the whole town whic
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