Class of Oddities
Class of Oddities
Author: JJ Dizz

As a cool autumn breeze swept by, a car pulled up in front of a school. A tall, slender man stepped outside of the car, taking a deep breath.

"Play it cool, Wulf, don't let your nerves get the best of you..." The man whispered to himself, brushing his hair back.

The man turned to face the school and gulped.

"You've got this..." He whispered, clenching his hand.

As he walked up the steps towards the school, he paused in front of the entrance.

"Excuse me?" A finger tapped him on the shoulder.

Startled, Wulf jumped.

As he spun around, he was met by a woman giving him a confused look.

"You wouldn't happen to be Wulf, right...?" She paused, frowning.

"I am. Is there something wrong?" Wulf frowned.

"Well, it's just," she chuckled.

"I envisioned you to be a werewolf, at least judging by your name!" She giggled.

"A-ah...!" Wulf cried.

"At a school like this, I wouldn't necessarily blame you..." He laughed nervously.

"Still," the woman looked down, smiling.

"It's kind of nice to have another human staff member working here now..." She whispered.

Wulf blushed.

"A-ah..." He nodded, sheepishly rubbing the back of his head.


As he walked down the hallway, he heard giggling coming from the staff room, searching for his classroom.

"I heard the new guy isn't a werewolf; what a shame...!" One woman roared with laughter.

"A mere human, how long do you think this one will last?" Another scoffed.

Wulf cleared his throat.

Startled, the women jumped.

"Mr. Wulf...!" One of the women, visibly, not human, cried.

"We are so sorry!" The other exclaimed.

Wulf gave an understanding nod as he turned to continue down the halls.

After he was out of earshot, Wulf let out a deep sigh.

This isn't going to be easy... He thought to himself.

"Where the heck is my classroom anyway...?" He mumbled.

Just as he said that, he got to the end of the hallway; the lights were flickering and were dimmer than the rest of the hall. On the right was a door that had a sign reading 'Mr. Wulf.'

"I see..." His eye twitched.

"Maybe they just ran out of room...!" He reassured himself.

"Pull yourself together, Wulf!" He cried to himself.

Suddenly, there was a tap on his shoulder.

Startled, Wulf jumped.

"You sure like to talk to yourself a lot, huh?" A girl giggled.

"A-ah..." Wulf blushed.

"And you are...?"

"Sunny!" The girl beamed.

Wulf studied the girl for a minute.

The girl had light pink skin, energetic yellow eyes, and hot pink hair tied up in a ponytail.

"Mr. Wulf...?" The girl questioned.

"Oh, my apologies!" Wulf cried.

"I-I just haven't had my coffee yet..." He chuckled.

"Oh, okay!" Sunny giggled.

"Here, why don't you go pick out a seat..." Wulf said, unlocking and opening the classroom door.

"'Kay!" Sunny smiled, strolling into the classroom.

She seems like a good kid... Wulf thought to himself with a smile.

He then turned his attention back to the hallway.

The others should be here soon... He thought, narrowing his eyes.

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