The dark guardian

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The dark guardian

By: Jay C OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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James was a normal boy until, on such a dark and silent night, a vigilante appeared with the bad news that he had hidden powers. With a very big responsibility he had to fight with the inner spirits of him.

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The shadows of the underworld advanced rapidly covering everything that was crossed in their path, the demons positioned themselves from the bottom of the underworld to the top. A new battle was approaching.•"Do you want to die, fucking stupid?" Anyone who gets involved with my classmates will be paid dearly - I was bragging a guy with a very bad facade, with a black hat, with torn shorts and a shirt with certain holes, apparently he was drugged."Yes, of course..." I got off my way."Son of a bitch, is that all you have to say?" he pounced on me raising his fist, on it he carried a knife heading to my chest with great speed.When I saw him, I instantly dodged him to kick him in his hand, throwing him to the ground. I immediately hit him repeatedly on his back while he was writhing in pain."You have to help him or he will finish killing him!" shouted his friends from the same facade."Are you crazy?" I don't dare fight with th
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"James?" they hit the door.I turned into bed ignoring the call."James Brixt!" they hit harder."What happened, Mom?" I'm still sleepy, let me sleep a little more—place the pillow in my ears."Get up or you'll be late for college," he retired.I opened my eyes completely, I stretched my body a little. Immediately I got the memories of what I had experienced last night. Maybe in the end it was a bad nightmare.I decided to go down for breakfast. My sisters were ready to go to their high school."What a face you have, James, it looks like you've seen a dead man." Katrina poured milk into her cereal."Yes, how funny, I'm sure my face is like this just seeing you very early in the morning," I took the plate to serve myself."At least take a bath before going to college, lest a girl is frightened by your bad smell," Katrana laught."We'll see what they say with your smell of milk," I deliberately poured a little
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"James, I want to tell you something," Katsuro was sitting on the floor. "A few moments ago I have been feeling activity from the underworld around here, the spirits are coming more and more and not only that, I feel that behind them there is a spirit manipulating them, this must be even stronger than their subjects. In addition, that girl you like, Astrid, when we saw her I felt something different about her that I didn't pay attention to her, but for some reason I think she is in danger as well."What are you saying?" I got out of bed quickly."That's right, the spirits have not only come for your soul, I think they are thirsty for other souls and inside them I think there is that of that girl.""Let's get out of here immediately!" I took my shirt and left my room.While we ran at high speed in search of Astrid, I just thought nothing had happened to him, I didn't want to be late.There was a room, apparently it was like meditation, in it was Ast
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Things continued to happen in the underworld, the shadows advanced more and more consuming all the light of hope, the spirits went even further through the barrier of the living. Stalking all the souls on earth."We have to continue with our plan, now that boy appeared we have a greater reason to travel to that dimension, we cannot fail our master, the one who wants to raise his hand against him, will die." We will devour your soul completely until we leave a trace, I promise you that our lord will reward us for that—Unknown.•The next day I woke up, it was time to go to university, after all I also had to take care of my daily life. It wasn't the big thing we said, they were always repetitive things, but that was my life."But what are you doing sitting there watching me?" Katsuro watched me sitting in front of me. "Did you know it feels a little strange to wake up and the first thing I see is you?" You look like one of those perverted guys.<
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Loki cast a spell at Mike, a rag doll came out of his backpack. Mike's body was inserted into the doll in an incredible way."What have you done with him?" I tried to attack him with a lot of anger."I told you that this would be my business," he intervened, he threw fire back in his face, but apparently it was in vain. I hadn't even scratched him."You are a weak vigilante, your spell doesn't work," Loki suffocated Katsuro by putting him against the wall. "If you're really a vigilante, why don't you really fight and stop playing?" I thought you were of a higher rank, but I was wrong. "I kept tightening his neck even harder so that Katsuro gasped." Anyway, you will die, whatever you do in the end you will die like a leech.I jumped towards Loki, placing my fist on her face, shuddered her letting Katsuro go."Wow, until you have finally shut up, damn miserable, you had me fed up with so many stupidities that you were talking about." I will kill you
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The dark and cold night had been planted in the city with a dense fog that almost completely covered the buildings, something malevolent was camouflaged in it, because on that day something out of the ordinary would happen, something that even James himself would take by surprise.•The next day in the morning I woke up very early, according to Mom the day before she had said that it would be my turn to make breakfast, which I hated since I was bad with those things and that if I didn't, my sisters would inform her if I disobeyed. In the fridge there were eggs, milk and a box full of flour."Perfect, this will be enough for me to make pancakes," I took a glass pot placing the ingredients and started beating them. I instantly turned on the TV and started singing. It all started well.•"Having, wake up sleepers," I knocked on the door of my sisters' room. "I have brought them a breakfast that they could never eat in their lives." Come on,
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The battle was getting very difficult, this guy's speed was impressive, but I had to react or else he would kill me. It was too early for that."Try this, you son of a bitch!" A fist engulfed in fire approached, I immediately dodged it. -What did you think? What couldn't be at your pace? You're wrong if you thought that, that's why I'm the chosen one—my power increased much more every second that passed. His kicks were very good, but I could see his movements with great pressure, I took his leg throwing him very long, but the guy took a turn slowing down the speed falling into a good posture. "I don't know how you'll be dodging my attacks, but I don't think you can be at my level for a long time... no!" He complained of the pain, "please don't!" He clutched his head desperately. Leave me alone, damn you!"What is that?" I pointed to the body of the spirit, what I was witnessing was a bit macabre."I don't know, it seems he is struggling with something internal that is tormenting hi
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Among the mountains of the most remote of the underworld new spirits appeared preparing for an attack, a leader was thirsty for revenge. "We have to go ." Unknown. The next day the little birds sang happily near the window waking me up. -It's really hot! Although we are in the winter season, this heat is not normal, I will end up roasted.— I took off my shirt. Today I would have to go to the supermarket with my sisters and that was annoying, they always bothered me, besides they never obeyed.— I rolled my eyes."Katrina, Katrana !" It's time to wake up—I took a glass of water, went into her room and began to wet them. "What do you think you're doing, James?" They shook the water from their faces. "Mom! James is wetting us. —they whimpered—get the hell out of here. "Stop whining and hurry up, we're leaving ." He shook their bodies from side to side."So already?" Katrina stirred on the bed very lazily. -Yeah I know. I don't want to be back late.” I left the room, slamming the do
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—I was looking for you, my chosen one, but I can't find you alone, these other vermin will also die.— the malevolent spirit had arrived. —But how scary you are—I looked at him from head to toe, he was a monster with two heads, one was bigger than the other, he had a human body, his feet were similar to the claws of a falcon and his arms were covered with hair like the fur of a wolf. "It's the spirit of fraud," Katsuro pointed out , "he remains invisible and disguises himself in the shadows, he transforms his body into that of a child , making himself look vulnerable, just at that moment he waits for someone to fall for his dirty tricks and then devours his soul. He is one of the most disgusting spirits in the underworld, just seeing him makes me nauseous. —Impressive—he mocked—I didn't know he had such fame in the underworld, but your friend is right, I love devouring the souls of the unprotected, especially children, it's so sweet and so easy to convince. —You're a cursed— Katsur
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The first day was the most boring of all, starting another week of classes was terribly stressful, it was the day and I had never adapted to this routine. Actually , I did it for my future, but since I was little I was not a lover of everything related to studies."Hello, Astrid," I smiled when I saw her, she was with her friend Mell in the hallway, this girl always stayed with her, she seemed like her escort or something. "Hello, James," he greeted with his smile that hypnotized me, "you have a face like you don't want to take classes ." Mell analyzed me from head to toe, it was uncomfortable the way she acted every time I approached them, you could tell she didn't like me. She hated that, she was different from Astrid, I don't know why Astrid, being different, had a friend like her? I should give him a little advice, but better not. I wouldn't want to get in trouble. Mell —my coldness was noticeable. I hope you have noticed. "Hello," he didn't even meet my eyes, "can we go, Ast
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