Class of Oddities

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Class of Oddities

By: JJ Dizz CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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A human man named Wulf is a first-year teacher at an all-girls middle school full of monsters. When he is assigned to teach the school's 'oddities,' will he manage to help these odd children make it to graduation and perhaps find a little love along the way?

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32 chapters
As a cool autumn breeze swept by, a car pulled up in front of a school. A tall, slender man stepped outside of the car, taking a deep breath."Play it cool, Wulf, don't let your nerves get the best of you..." The man whispered to himself, brushing his hair back.The man turned to face the school and gulped."You've got this..." He whispered, clenching his hand.As he walked up the steps towards the school, he paused in front of the entrance."Excuse me?" A finger tapped him on the shoulder.Startled, Wulf jumped.As he spun around, he was met by a woman giving him a confused look."You wouldn't happen to be Wulf, right...?" She paused, frowning."I am. Is there something wrong?" Wulf frowned."Well, it's just," she chuckled."I envisioned you to be a werewolf, at least judging by your name!" She giggled."A-ah...!" Wulf cried."At a school like this, I wouldn't necessarily blame you..." He lau
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As Wulf took a seat at his desk, another student walked into the classroom.Wulf quickly looked up from his computer."Ah, welcome." He smiled."Hello." The girl said, placing an apple on his desk."Oh, thank you very much." He chuckled."No problem." The girl mumbled, taking a seat in the front row.*Before long, the classroom was filled with lively chatter, gossip, and laughter.Wulf nervously tapped his fingers on his desk, waiting for the right time to announce that class was starting.Before he knew it, all eyes were suddenly on him."A-ah, thank you for your attention…" Wulf smiled.He then turned around to write his name on the board."He's awkward…" One girl whispered to another.The other girl giggled."Duh, aren't all humans?" She sneered.Wulf cleared his throat."Before we get started with the curriculum, why don't we try a class icebreaker?" He
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Upon arriving at the auditorium, Wulf did a headcount."Alright, it seems like everybody's here." He said.Suddenly, he heard giggling and sneering from the row ahead of him.Not this again... Wulf thought to himself."Well, if it isn't the loser class!" One girl called out."I thought they would have gotten kicked out by now..." Another whispered.Wulf spun around, noticing the girls from his class with their heads down."Ladies," a voice called out."Ms. Rouge...!" One of the girls cried, quickly turning around."My my..." A woman said, stepping out from behind Wulf."If it isn't the class of oddities..." She smirked."H-hold on..." Wulf began."Oh?" The woman narrowed her eyes."You must be the newbie, Wulf, isn't it?" She questioned."Yes, but-""Girls," Ms. Rouge began, turning toward her students."How long do we give this man?" She asked."Whoever gu
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The Apple
Wulf took a seat at his desk."Madison, you can sit if you want to," he said."Very well then," Madison said, taking a seat at her desk."To put it simply," she began."We are referred to as the 'class of oddities' due to our poor grades, as well as our social skills." She said, looking down steadily.Wulf looked at her."I see..." He whispered, closing his eyes."And the reason why Ms. Rouge made those remarks about you not being here for long is because every time we get a new teacher, they give up on us within the first couple, or if we're lucky, the first few months."Wulf looked at his desk, staring particularly at the apple Madison had given him earlier."Well," he began."That won't happen here." He reassured.Madison looked up."With all due respect, Mr. Wulf, one of the others, has said the same thing..." She mumbled."Actually, I believe it was the last one...""Not me," he sa
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After School – The Café
"Wulf?" A voice called out."W-Wulf...?" The voice repeated.Wulf slowly opened his eyes. Upon opening them, he was greeted by the other human teacher he had spoken to earlier in the day hovering over him.Wulf jolted up in alarm."Oh!" The woman cried."I'm sorry if I scared you...!" She said."W-what time is it?" Wulf asked, rubbing his eyes."Five o'clock." The woman smiled."By the way..." Wulf began, sitting up."I apologize, but I didn't quite catch your name earlier," he said."Ah!" The woman smiled."My name is Caitlin!" She beamed."Caitlin..." Wulf repeated."Well, Caitlin, I appreciate the wake-up call." He smiled."Anytime!" Caitlin giggled."Say, if you have nothing better to do," Caitlin began."There's a really nice café down the road if you maybe wanted to grab a bite to eat...?" She asked curiously."Well, that doesn't sound too bad," Wulf sa
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As Wulf was walking up the steps of Elk Grove middle school, he took a bite out of a granola bar.Suddenly breezing past him were Goo and Kiara."You're too fast!" Kiara exclaimed with a giggle."No, you're just too slow!" Goo cried.Wulf smiled as he watched his students fool around."Morning, girls." He waved.Goo and Kiara quickly looked up."Good morning, Mr. Wulf!" Goo greeted."Good morning!" Kiara laughed."Hurry up; we need to beat him!" Goo exclaimed, dragging Kiara along."Ha!" Kiara chuckled, making a face at Wulf.Wulf's eyes widened.He then smirked."Oh yeah?" He asked."Is that a challenge?" He grinned.Clutching tightly to his bag, Wulf began to run up the steps, quickly surpassing the duo."Eh?!" Goo cried."He's fast...!" Kiara gasped."Not if we have anything to say about it!" Goo exclaimed, grabbing Kiara's hand as the two began to pick up
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"Have a seat. The principal will be with you shortly." A woman said as a girl took a seat."I'll take it from here, thank you, Barbara." The principal said, walking into her office."Miss Yu," the principal began as the girl took a seat in front of her desk."You do know why I called you here today, yes?""I don't..." The girl whispered."Due to your academic negligence, I'm afraid I have no other choice but to send you to the failing class." The principal narrowed her eyes."As you may or may not be aware since, after all, you seemed unconscious during the entirety of the class, I was requested by your concerned parents to at least monitor you to determine your placement," she paused for a moment."But, as I said before, we have decided it would be best so as not to distract your classmates if we placed you in the class with all of the other low-grade students.""I know it is only the beginning of the academic year; however, s
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New Student
As Wulf was writing on the board, the phone in his classroom rang."Teach, the phone," Nono called out."Ah, thanks, Nono!" Wulf said, quickly placing the chalk down and running towards the phone."Hello?" Wulf answered." want me to send her down?" He questioned."Wait, really?" He continued."Okay, I'll send her then," he said, placing the phone back onto its mount."Sunny!" Wulf began."Do you mind heading towards the principal's office to run an errand for us, please?"The class suddenly shifted their attention to Sunny."Oh, sure!" Sunny said, quickly standing up."I'll be back!" She cried, closing the door behind her."Now, back to our fun little lesson!" Wulf grinned.*As she reached the principal's office, Sunny peaked her head in."Ms. Principal, an oddity is here," the secretary called out."Hmph!" Sunny puffed her cheeks."Perfect, send her in."
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As Bebe was walking home from class, she heard someone running. She turned her head to see Nono."Hey, I told you to wait!" Nono cried."Well, I didn't hear you..." Bebe grumbled."It's so warm out for the fall, isn't it?" Nono grinned."What's with you? Why are you in such a good mood today?" Bebe questioned, raising an eyebrow."I don't know; I guess because it's just so peaceful here..." Nono smiled sheepishly."Anyway," she began."I wanted to talk to you about-""Whatever it is, I don't have time." Bebe huffed."Well, if you let me talk,""I don't want to hear it..." Bebe warned."Bebe-""Listen!" Bebe cried, startling Nono."We're almost in high school now, and it's time for a change..." She narrowed her eyes."I..." She looked down steadily."I don't want to be a loser anymore...!" She cried.Nono's eyes widened. She opened her mouth then quickly shut it."Do
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By the time Nono finally arrived home, it was already dark out. Unlocking the door to her house, she was greeted by no one, an only child with her father still at work who wouldn't be home for at least another couple of hours. Climbing the stairs, she went to her bedroom. Sitting on her bed, she looked around the room. "Mama..." She whispered. "What do I do...?" She bit her lip. "My best friend suddenly hates me; I have no friends at school..." "Plus, I'm in the class of oddities, automatically deeming me a freak..." Her voice began to shake. "Mama..." Tears began to well up in her eyes. "Tell me, what am I still doing here...?" She gulped as the lump in her throat swelled. "Please, mama, I miss you every single day..." She sniffled. "I promised you I'd stay strong, but..." "Was I ever really even strong in the first place...?" She smiled as tears began to run down her face.
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