As Wulf was walking up the steps of Elk Grove middle school, he took a bite out of a granola bar.

Suddenly breezing past him were Goo and Kiara.

"You're too fast!" Kiara exclaimed with a giggle.

"No, you're just too slow!" Goo cried.

Wulf smiled as he watched his students fool around.

"Morning, girls." He waved.

Goo and Kiara quickly looked up.

"Good morning, Mr. Wulf!" Goo greeted.

"Good morning!" Kiara laughed.

"Hurry up; we need to beat him!" Goo exclaimed, dragging Kiara along.

"Ha!" Kiara chuckled, making a face at Wulf.

Wulf's eyes widened.

He then smirked.

"Oh yeah?" He asked.

"Is that a challenge?" He grinned.

Clutching tightly to his bag, Wulf began to run up the steps, quickly surpassing the duo.

"Eh?!" Goo cried.

"He's fast...!" Kiara gasped.

"Not if we have anything to say about it!" Goo exclaimed, grabbing Kiara's hand as the two began to pick up speed.

Wulf quickly turned his head to ensure they weren't catching up as he continued running, bursting through the school doors.

As he was running down the hall, a hand suddenly grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.

"Mr. Wulf..." A chilling voice began.

"I can only assume that you've been inside a school setting before..."

Wulf gulped.


He then hesitantly turned his head around, met by the principal.

"M-mm..." He muttered.

"Now then,"

"Where did he go?!" Kiara cried.

"Crap, maybe he's already made it to the room!" Goo exclaimed.

Suddenly, two other arms grabbed the pair.

"Eh...?" Goo looked up, noticing the principal and Mr. Wulf.

"AH!" Goo shrieked.

"This is a warning," the principal slowly began.

"Next time, there will be consequences, young ones; do you understand me?" She glared.

"Y-yes, miss principal...!" The trio exclaimed as she swiftly dropped them to the floor.

After she left, Wulf stood up, helping the other two to their feet.

"More than two arms, eh...?" Wulf wondered aloud.

"Anyway," Wulf cleared his throat.

"Let's head to the room, shall we?" He said with a smirk.

"Why are you smirking..." Kiara asked, frowning.

"Oh, you know, maybe because I won..." He grinned.

"Hmph!" Goo cried, puffing her cheeks.


As they reached the end of the hallway, they noticed Sunny and Maci waiting at the door.

"Finally," Maci sighed.

"Ah, we were waiting for you!" Sunny waved.

Wulf's eye twitched.

"Girls, let me teach you a valuable lesson right here and now..." He began, placing a hand on Goo and Kiara's shoulders.

"In life, there are no winners; in fact, we're all losers in our own special ways." He said as he proceeded to unlock the door.

"That's just adult talk for not being able to admit that you lost!" Goo shrieked.

"Yeah!" Kiara echoed.

The other two girls looked at each other in confusion.

Wulf let out a hardy laugh.

"Perhaps maybe you're right..." He chuckled.

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