Henry was held captive in the depths of a concealed bunker. Surrounded by darkness, Henry couldn't see the place around him but heard voices echoing through the desolate void.

"You made a grave mistake, Henry. Eavesdropping on my plans was a foolish gambit. You think I'll let it slip when you did it twice?" Mr. Wolf dictated.

Henry's mind raced as he strained to identify his captor but he knew the voice belongs to Mr. Wolf, one of the Chronos Weavers scientists.

"Also, you aren't who you claim to be. You're not Thompson's son." he continued and made Henry shiver.

"I'm not his son, I'm just a stranger and he helped me stay in his house because I'm lost. And about your plan, I don't have anything to do with it. I don't even understand anything. " Henry protested.

"Really? But I think you do. I know you've been playing a dangerous game. We know you're not just an ordinary thief." Mr. Wolf retorted.

Henry gulped as he didn't expect that even in year 3000, somebody will still call him
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