Dark Secrets of Time
Dark Secrets of Time
Author: Izzy Bee Mak


A bright light shone from the background, illuminating a set for an interview; in view was a person who seems to be seated,


Through the camera in the background, we see for sure that the young man seated on a white couch, which was placed on a kind of stage, set for a show. He was putting on gray long-sleeved shirt and blue jean trouser, accompanied by thick brown shoes.

On another chair next to him, was a man in black suit, and white shirt, with sheets of papers in his hand. This must be the interviewer asking him questions, or about to.

“ACTION!”, the voice yells from background, as their faces were now clearly seen, while the recording began.

The young man looked like a European-American, and he had a cleanly shaved beard, he smiles, while the man opposite him said as he stared at the camera,

“Hello viewers! My name is Collins Ambrose, and you all know me… but unfortunately, I have to introduce myself over and over…”, he chuckles, “well, today, we have a very important guest as always, but an unusual one. He’s here to discuss the unusual… allow me to introduce our guest for the night… Mr. Victor Shaw!”,

Victor smiles while waving at the camera, “Thank you for giving me an opportunity to be here”,

“No… thanks for giving us a chance to talk to you,” the man said, and both laughed.

Victor sighs while the man continues to speak,

“Alright, now to discuss why we’re here… you wrote a Fantasy Fiction Book, ‘Dark Secrets of Time’ which has been demanded by so many people because they loved it… and people keep buying this story of yours..”

He clears his throat, “… can you tell me… us, cause the people would love to know… can you tell us what inspired you to write that story?”, Mr. Collins demanded.

“First of… I’d like to thank everyone who has been supporting the spread of the book…”, he sighs, while Mr. Collins replied, “I like that… you’re a really cool guy… I should learn from you”, both chuckled softly, while Victor continues,

“… well, I’m a writer, and I haven’t written much stories, but I decided to write this when I remembered things that happened in the past… about events no one knew about. Some secrets that had been kept in the very dark itself, cause it could cause havoc if it were open to the world to see what happened in the dark. Events no one knew about, except few, and many have died, but the story is still alive in me, and I thought It would be best if I wrote it and make it known to the world… the book might seem like fiction to many, but it’s the dark secrets of things which occurred. So, this book isn’t entirely fiction”

The man looked surprised, and replies, “I’m finding it quite hard to grasp what you’re trying to say, Mr. Victor… but, something tells me you’re trying to convey to us that the story is based on the truth, but fictionalized? How?”

“Yes, and that’s because I have seen it… I have seen it all”.

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