Dark Secrets of Time

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Dark Secrets of Time

By: Izzy Bee Mak CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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The untold story of Brughton Kingdom is finally told by a writer; revealing the dark and magical secrets that have been kept hidden for centuries. Sets during a peaceful-dreadful era and covering the lives of notable figures during the age of magic/sorcery. The secret council of mages has to defend their kingdom while keeping their identities a secret and it is nigh impossible, as their enemies have taken to the darker and evil ways for power. With the kingdom split apart, mages of the secret council begin to bring together themselves, piece by piece. Eventually, they fight for what's theirs and the result was not the end; but just the beginning. Their greatest enemy isn't the attackers, but themselves.

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  • Izzy Bee Mak


    the concept of viewing different timelines and events is quite interesting. it's like a compilation of dark secrets in one file

    2023-02-16 20:52:47
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98 chapters
“LIGHT…”,A bright light shone from the background, illuminating a set for an interview; in view was a person who seems to be seated, “CAMERA…”, Through the camera in the background, we see for sure that the young man seated on a white couch, which was placed on a kind of stage, set for a show. He was putting on gray long-sleeved shirt and blue jean trouser, accompanied by thick brown shoes. On another chair next to him, was a man in black suit, and white shirt, with sheets of papers in his hand. This must be the interviewer asking him questions, or about to. “ACTION!”, the voice yells from background, as their faces were now clearly seen, while the recording began.The young man looked like a European-American, and he had a cleanly shaved beard, he smiles, while the man opposite him said as he stared at the camera, “Hello viewers! My name is Collins Ambrose, and you all know me… but unfortunately, I have to introduce myself over and over…”, he chuckles, “well, t
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Chapter 1
(MANY YEARS AGO – UNSPECIFIED YEAR) (BRUGTHON KINGDOM)In a city with beautiful walls, crowded markets, and small village-like constructions, as well as the beautiful palace ahead, while it had a large portion of land around it. There seems to be peace here as it could be seen that everyone minded their various businesses. Though the market points were noisy. A figure is seen walking amongst the crowd, it was a person who covered themselves in a deep blue garment with a cloak, and a hood which covered the head and even partially the face. The dressing was ridiculous to the point that they even had blue gloves on, and no portion of the skin was revealed.The unknown had his or her head bent, while walking amongst the people, and was heading towards the palace premises which was ahead..On arriving at the gate of the palace, four guards stopped the stranger, and asked briskly, “Who are you? Show your face…”, Another guard from the inside came out quickly, he was put
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Chapter 2
(BRUGTHON KINGDOM)Around the village-like parts of the kingdom; crowded as always, a guy, about 26 years is seen running; he was being chased by three other guys who were obviously older than him.He turns sharply to a corner, but they didn’t relent; instead, they came at him faster, clearing people off their path by pushing them.The guy being chased after suddenly missed a step and fell to the ground, while the three others immediately caught up to him “Hey you!”, one of them yelled, while the guy was on the floor, seated on his butt. He looked scared of them; people had gathered all around them, as they wondered what he did. “Please leave me alone”, he begged, as he clasped his hands But they turned deaf ears to his word, and hit him hard; they began to beat him up, while he was helpless, until they heard a voice yell out of nowhere, “STOP!”It was the voice of a lady, and behold, it turns out to be a young noble lady, she was 22 years; and it was Emily, one of t
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Chapter 3
“WELCOME!”, the others chorused. And both of them sat on the two vacant chairs..They sat, and were revealed to be; a dark-skinned guy on a long noble garment; his names was Tom, and a lady putting on black cloak, which had a hood to cover her head; she took off the cloak, and shows her face; she had black lipsticks, and was fair skinned; her name was Cerci. Tom was in his mid-30s, while Cerci; late 20s.It was like Olivia, Judith, and Cerci had something in common that triggers their style of dressing and choosing of colors. Olivia uses red, Judith uses blue, and Cerci uses black. “We’re sorry for breaking the rule by not attending three meetings,” Cerci apologized, while Tom added, “we travelled far east, but we’re back now” “it’s good to have you back”, Eleanor said with a slight smile on her face. “But sadly, we have a common issue to attend to; an urgent one”, Jack said. King Hudson sighs; he knew he would be the topic of the night, so he spoke quickly, “I
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Chapter 4
(BRUGHTON KINGDOM - MORNING)Soldiers were on training grounds; getting ready for battle, while weapons were being prepared as well. The Guard who knew about the secret organization; David was beside two other Generals; General Arnold and General Shaw. General Arnold was putting on a battle armor, designed with black colored metals, and silver lines were on it, while Shaw’s had no silver design; he was of lower rank compared to Arnold.Their helmets were dropped, and David was speaking, “Hudderham has taken some villages in the far north… and they will strike anytime; the King says this war will be quite different, and he has also called in tacticians to help… so, he asked me to invite both of you for a meeting with him”Arnold sighs deeply, “Okay… we’ll be there”, she replied. .******************************** .General Arnold, Shaw and David came into a library room, where the King was seated. The three bowed on getting in; they were about to speak when the King sta
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Chapter 5
(QUEEN’S PALACE)Queen Alice was in her room alone; her cheek resting on her palm, while she was obviously lost in thoughts. A voice came from outside, “Queen Alice, you have a guest”She didn’t hear this, as her mind was elsewhere; thinking about the fact that her memory would be altered. The voice kept repeating the same thing, and finally, the door slammed open, and she came back to reality, seeing her sister; Eleanor coming in and she hurried towards her.Alice sighs and stood up to welcome her with a hug, her eyes red and filled with tears already. As she pulled away, she held Eleanor’s hands and both of them sat, while the door was closed by the guards from outside.Alice started, “Eleanor, I’m glad you came”, she heaved a sigh of relief.Eleanor replies sharply, “I’m… I’m really sorry. I never told you about the secret organization…”, she was yet to complete her statement when Alice cuts in, “It’s fine… you did it to keep me safe; I know it’s for t
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Chapter 6
Harry tries to attack, but Blake moved to the side, and grabbed Harry’s hand, but the latter smartly kicks Blake’s hand to be free of his grip.He jumps, and tried to kick Blake, but Blake slide and then stood up speedily before Harry could land; also kicking the latter while he was still mid-air. Harry fell, but stood up almost immediately and began to swing his sword trying to attack, but Blake was only walking backwards and moving sideways to dodge his attack. This seemed to frustrate Harry, as Blake hadn’t even attacked with his sword. Harry jumps at Blake, but Blake only moved a step to the side, and Harry almost fell to the ground, but Blake caught him in a tight grip, then pulled him backwards throwing him to the ground.Harry clenched his fist tightly, and gnashed his teeth; he was surprised and frustrated at the same time. He stood up, and began to attack faster than before, but Blake avoided the sword; bending, jumping, walking, moving sideways, but Harry kept coming a
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Chapter 7
(BRUGHTON KINGDOM)Still that same night, in the palace. Clouds had covered the moon, and it would be uneasy to notice Olivia who was sneaking in. She was clad in her red fitted outfit, and a red mask that covered her lower face, her hair also weaved at the ends. She was holding something in her right hand, as well as a short sword in her left. There were guards watching the night, but they didn’t see her.She leaped over a wall like it was nothing, then began to move briskly on a straight line alongside the wall.When she sighted the queen’s chambers, she also noticed many guards who were outside, even at the back of the house.There are ways of going in unnoticed, but it wouldn’t be easy.Olivia mutters some words, then she transformed into some kind of red tornado; levitating off the ground and moving above the guards who didn’t see her.She passed through a space now like a red smoke, till she arrived at the queen’s roomOlivia suddenly took back to her normal form, and t
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Chapter 8
(BRUGHTON KINGDOM)On a morning, a sunny morning; bright and quiet; the markets were not as crowdy as always, the people had gathered to see off the soldiers who were heading out for war. Some were in the palace, and some outside; staying on the left and right.Soldiers in large numbers had gathered; merchants, businessmen, and even maids were also gonna accompany them to the battlefield. The queen watched from the window of a room she was in; she watched as the king got into a carriage. He was in his battle armor; and with him were generals and few ministers, who were all on horses, as soldiers trooped alongside them. Baron was one of the leading merchants for this, and Alcott was one of the ministers. Blake had dressed up like a regular soldier, but he stayed close to the King’s carriage.As they left, the people bowed and waved at the soldiers; while some were in tears; they knew this war would be bloody.Eleanor was beside Alice now, and both of them watched as they left f
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(BRUGHTON KINGDOM)Queen Alice was seated in her chambers with her sister; Eleanor, staring at the skies through the window, “I'm very lucky to be alive”, she saidEleanor sighs and replies, “it's right you remain alive; and we'll protect you, majority of us will”Alice nods and added, “you… Emily, Judith, Lois, and…” “Wayne”, Eleanor answered, “while Olivia and Jack are trying to make sure it happens… I'm not sure about Cerci… meanwhile the king, Baron, Blake, Alcott have left for the battle and 'm not sure about Tom, he and Cerci are always on same decisions”The Queen smiles and said, “you didn’t mention the guy I saw with Emily and Judith” “he's not one of us”, she answered, “he's just a guy who was prophesied to have a great future” “I see”.*********************** .(BRUGHTON ARMY CAMP)Soldiers were in troops, and In large numbers, while the king was having a meeting with his generals and officialsBaron and Blake were walking together close to a bus
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