We Are Taking Down the Goddess

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We Are Taking Down the Goddess

By: Maya Shopkovska OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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From a slave to a hero - Aiko is destined to save the world. She must defeat the goddess and fulfill an ancient prophecy. But, the moment she awakens her magic, the entire world wants her head. Now, she must learn to master powers of epic proportions, while struggling to stay alive. This journey will lead her all across the elven kingdom. Together with Ren, her adorable beast, and Kana, the strongest adventurer, they must deal with all the bumps along the way. Deadly monster attacks, ruined cities, assassinations, and romantic encounters are just a fraction of what can happen. Little did Aiko know that every step she takes will be a bloody one.

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60 chapters
The Mines
Somewhere in the universe, between the earthen plane and its neighboring planets lies a hidden world...a mystical land of magic, enchanting creatures, and unearthly mysticism.Elidy, the goddess of time, the one responsible for weaving the threads of fate, created the ultimate playing field for herself to enjoy. But not the utopian paradise one might expect. Between those enchanted forests and crystal clear waters, creeps a more menacing world.It's the world of Elidy, home to the elves, fairies, and all kinds of magical creatures. Some of them are kind, with nurturing and gentle souls, others not so much. They would open up to their primitive instincts, the sudden impulse to cause harm.To save their people from the clutches of monstrosities and creatures living in the deepest corners of the earth, the races of Elidy have agreed to summon humans from Earth, adventurers charged with protecting the land.Here, only the fittest shall survive. &
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The Breach
Everyone at Wolfmore kept their eyes locked to the sky. The bizarre crack in the heavens stole all the attention away. The black fog darkened the land, turning the early afternoon into the middle of the night. Yet, for some odd reason, the clouds had all but evaporated, while the sun became completely consumed by innumerable stars. In a matter of seconds, the crack spread so wide it covered the entire sky above the village.- "By Elidy's grace, what is that?"- one of the soldiers cried.- "Awesome!!!" – yelled the warrior.- "Could it be?" – another soldier mumbled.- "Is that what I think it is?"- "It must be a Breach!"- "Impossible! Wolfmore has never had one of those! We are weeks away from the Capital! It doesn't make any sense! Why would they attack here?" – one of the soldiers yelled as he started shaking.- "He is right! We have nothing to offer them! It couldn't be a Breach."- "What are we going to
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Under the chill of the black fog, the battle at Wolfmore was in full swing. The acrid smell of burnt monsters enveloped the senses. It was difficult to filter the air from the decaying monstrosities, let alone stand and fight. But, without a shred of doubt, the elves kept fighting valiantly to defend the village. They maintained their formation slicing their way through the wave of beasts. The first row of spear wielders thrust their blade forward in a devastating slash, opening a path for the second row. Then, the warriors with two blades in each hand emerged from the crowd and swept their weapons into a mighty attack, killing every creature that would block the way. The adventurers did their best to support them. The wizard forced a powerful lava column to spew forth from the ground and burnt the monsters' feet. The warrior charged directly in the face of danger brimming with energy. - "This one is mine!!!" He focused all his strength in his
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The Wolfmore mining village lay in ruins. The roads and toppled houses were completely deserted. Only the piles and piles of elven bones covered the empty place. But, deep in the canyons, a battle was brewing.  The silence caressed Kana's skin like a cool summer breeze. The impenetrable water shield she conjured enveloped her completely, not letting even a single pebble pass through it. Her glare was unwavering. She didn't blink as she gazed at the terrifying beast she would have to face. There was no softness in her eyes. Just the sheer determination to win.  Her hands were steady stretched with confidence and leveled perfectly with the nose. From the look of it, she was ready. The creature, however, was not as timid. From losing its army, it boiled up inside, like a pool of hot lava. - "You will pay for that, human!" Kana didn't say anything, which made the beast even angrier. - "You will beg for mercy! You will scream and grovel.
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New Dawn
Aiko curled her fingers around Ren’s paws. Every muscle in her body was shaking, and tears streamed down her cheeks from her half-closed eyes. She held her breath behind the pursed lips as she struggled to stay still. The moment her fingers touched him, happiness flowed through her, warming her skin like the rays of the warm sun. -        “I can’t believe you are alive.” – her face lit up as she continued to cry. -        “What happened, Aiko? I thought I was dead.” – uttered Ren, while checking his body for any open wounds. But, there was nothing he could find. His body was as good as new. -        “Welcome to the world of adventurers, Aiko. You are now a full-fledged caster – a cleric.” Kana approached the girl and greeted her with respect. She bowed with grace without the unnecessary flattery. In her eyes, Aiko was someone worthy,
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One Step Ahead
Plums of dust erupted the moment Aiko stood on solid ground. When her view cleared, the girl shaded her eyes and peered away across the vast desert. The sun was shining bright, the land was untouched, and the lizards roamed free. It was a completely different scenery from that of the Wolfmore mining village. -        “Where are we?” – she mumbled. -        “I’ve teleported us to the closest village. Glanaram, I suppose?” -        “Glanaram?! But, that’s weeks away!” – Aiko yelled in surprise. At that moment, Kana’s legs started to shake. Her perception of time distorted. Everything slowed down a little, as the ground seemed to swallow her whole. The sorceress was losing balance. Aiko immediately noticed and hurried to her side. She grabbed her by the waist, barely holding onto her weak body. -     &nb
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The torched sand twinkled under the intense sun. Although one day has passed since the battle at Wolfmore, it is too early for the sun to set. It was impossible to find shelter in the desert. The only thing to do was to enter the village. After a long nap under magical watery blankets, Aiko, Kana, and Ren passed through the village gates with ease. Glanaram was not as heavily guarded as Wolfmore once was. But, the two places had buildings made quite similar to one another. They were constructed of sturdy stones that can handle the desert heat. However, Glanaram was a lot more sophisticated than Aiko’s hometown. After all, it wasn’t a mining village meant for slaves, but a merchant town booming with business. The houses here were like heaven on these sand dunes. Each stone was stacked neatly to create a wall with dignity. The wood on the windows was enchanted with magical energy so they won’t burn, and the roofs were properly taken care of to prevent any leaks. <
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The Demon Apple
The door opened to a narrow wooden corridor. The dust and wind from outside banged some of the pictures on the wall, creating a loud noise that announced their arrival. Aiko, Kana, and Ren dusted off the sand from their shoulders and made their way into the building. What started out as a simple hallway paved the way to a much bigger room, larger than anything Aiko has ever seen. The young girl was taken aback by the unusual harp music that echoed around the room, and the sharp smell of cigars and drinks. She pushed her tattered hood off her face and raised her head. At that moment, her jaw dropped and her cheeks flushed bright red. -        “Welcome, my lady. Care for a drink?” A stunning woman with horns pointing from her head and wings tucked behind her back greeted Aiko with a smile. Aiko gazed upon her perfectly shaped body, that glistening dark skin with a hint of sensual sweat. She barely wore any clothes, except
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The First Challenge
The Demon Apple laid silent. Everyone stood there, like some lifeless statues waiting for one to make a move. Aiko’s large breaths and rapid beating heart broke the silence. From the look of it, she and Ren were the only ones who were terrified in the entire room. As she raised her head to look at the assassins that stood not far from her, one of the enemies recognized her.-     “Target located. Move in for extraction.”Every assassin was dressed the same. Dark leather clothes, masks that cover everything but the eyes, and black gloves that shield them from leaving any fingerprints. The only difference was in the necklace. Each warrior wore a pendant drenched in gold. While the man who issued the order had an iron necklace wrapped around his neck.Suddenly, the thieves in the room vanished into thin air. They disappeared right before their eyes. Aiko just stood there, speechless.-     &
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Meeting Fate
Amid massive green landscapes, countless roots that stretched far and wide, vibrant flowers, and delicate petals that kept falling endlessly from the bright blue sky, Aiko woke up to the sound of dancing birds. She listened to those calming screeches that flew above her head. The whole area felt like liquid magic washing her sanity away. The girl stood up to take a better look at her surroundings, only to realize there was no end in sight. The trees lined perfectly with the lawn stretched across the entire horizon. While the fields were almost completely covered in those bright and mesmerizing flowers. -     “What is this place?” For a moment there, the garden looked and smelled like heaven. As if the entire place was woven into the very fabric of nature. When she tried to reach for one of the flowers nearby, the girl felt a strong divine force forming in front of her. Rays of light danced in the sky, before creating a woman-like figu
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