Chapter 2

When they finally fell silent, silence fell over the bathroom and we cried together. They were in tears and I was softly. My body was frozen and the shame of having been hiding for all this time punished me. Still, I couldn’t feel the slightest urge to get out of that cabin.

One of the girls asked the other if they should go out. I heard a denial, and silence prevailed again. That summed up the hours that followed. Sometimes one of the two would cry and the other would give some kind of comfort. They would try to have a conversation, sketch plans to get out of there, but soon the subject would die on their lips. Like me, they feared the inevitable moment when they would be forced to leave that bathroom. At one point they tried to force open the door of the cabin I was hiding in, which almost led to a heart attack, but they soon gave up.

When the monotony finally broke, it was only to start our nightmares.

A new sound reached my ears, unlike all the others. A sort of deep, throaty grow
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