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By: D.twister OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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A group of people are forced to take shelter in Scarville, a city never found years ago after the Second World War. Sean Barnabas is led to an old abandoned house by the ghost of a child and tries to uncover the truth about Scarville's past. Sean finds himself at the orphanage with no door or window to exit. He fights off creatures until he encounters the illusion of a young girl being harassed by security guards. Sean learns the shocking truth about the mayor's connection to the children's deaths and decides to reveal the truth. Will Sean be able to reveal the truth to everyone? Will SCARVILLE be free from their curse after realizing the truth? or Sean will have to sacrifice his life in the process of finding the truth?

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  • Malik Lawal


    I was kinda surprised when my bud told me to check out this book... told me it good enough I went through it and truly it was...keep it up author ......I wish u luck

    2022-12-10 00:35:27
  • Obsessed teen


    Good book it is... ......... I'm waiting for more

    2022-12-07 02:37:09
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110 chapters
The whole building where lighted by flames with screams of children being consumed inside. Suddenly he was awakened by the nightmare, seeing nothing but darkness around him with the screams still echoing in his ears. It took a few minutes for Sean to regain consciousness. Once calm enough he noticed he was still inside his bus, he sighs in relief looking out the window of the moving vehicle and sighting a young boy with pale skin staring at him meters away by the roadside. After Sean watched the familiar face of the young lad who after, vanishes into thin air. Sean felt something odd about the other as if something bad happened to him recently, yet why is he here now? Sean shakes the thought off his head, telling himself it would be no good trying to find out why he is suddenly appearing to him. Meanwhile, at the front, a female kept on taking pics of everything going on while talking on the phone to another colleague on the way to their destination. The woman was wearin
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“Nice artwork right,” Jennifer says while smiling at the picture“Yeah, very nice, very disturbing” Sean answers her in a low voice.“This is so weird, at least I got to look for a good place with a good signal,” she says while she left him once more. “Sir, are you going to book a room or not?” a fat old woman asked him when she approached.“Oh, yeah” Sean replies nodding as he took out his wallet and paid for one room at the hotel. Minutes later, Sean could be seen walking in the hallway while passing various rooms with different numbers and rooms written on them. After passing through many rooms, Sean eventually reached a corridor that looked quiet, absence of noise. “Burn them!” he heard a voice whisper from inside, followed by the sound of bones cracking and metal scraping against wood.“No!” he hears someone shouting before hearing two gunshots.Sean stopped in front of the door and tried to open it through the knob. “What are you doing?” a voice asks him
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“What is happening?” he asked as the entire town starts to transform slowly.“This is not good,” he thinks as he watches in horror as everything changes drastically.The clouds above are coming closer and closer, it's like they wanted to swallow the whole town Eric starts running inside his hotel to lock it up. He rushed into his room before all the lights in the whole town died off, one by one. Soon all the windows shut themselves as the lights turn off completely, plunging the whole town into darkness. At that moment, Eric hears a loud footstep echo through the town. He turns to see, the room is filled with white mist which made him dizzy as it surrounds the room and covers his vision. He looks out the window as his breath hitches, a shadow was standing in the middle of the street. MEANWHILE— In a room, two couples were partying with their music fully loud, making noise. One woman was wearing red lingerie and the other wore a black dress. She had on a black wig that was
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Chapter 3 - Sacrifice
Suddenly a hand breaks through the door grabbing Sean by the throat as its arm reaches for his neck. Sean begins struggling to free himself from his grip. He tries to push the person away from him with strength as hard as he can but the guy is way too strong. In the middle of the struggle, he got hold of a lamp close by. He grabs the lamp and throws it at the man who releases him from his grip. The lamp hits his forehead with a loud thud, dropping him to the floor. Sean falls to his knees breathing heavily as the adrenaline rushes away from his body. When he recovers from his attack he looks at the unconscious man. The lamp shattered in pieces when it hit the man's head.“Shit" he mutters quietly as he kneels in front of the man. He was able to get a better view of his attacker, he was shocked to see a man with half rotten face with locusts feeding on his flesh inside the eyes socket. Blood was oozing out of the wounds and blood ran freely down his cheek and mouth. The man's clothe
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Chapter 4- The orphanage
Suddenly she heard sean “ want me? come and get me!” he yelled loudly.Jennifer opened her eyes slightly surprised to hear the sound of sean’s voice. Then she slowly turned around to face his direction.Sean stood there panting heavily, but he was still standing and determined. The locust rushed towards seen who already sprint towards the car with a pocket knife he held and a lighter in his hands.As he approached the car, Jennifer could see sean smiling, as he threw the knife toward a gasoline tank close by before hurling the lighter at the tank. The explosion created a huge fireball and instantly engulfed the area.Before the fireball consumed everything, Jennifer saw several locusts fall dead to the ground, dead and burned to a crisp. Sean stands to his feet while dusting his body, he turned towards Jennifer who kept on smiling at his actions. Suddenly an Axe beheaded Jennifer, cutting her head completely off her body, then later fell lifelessly on the spot.Sean
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Chapter 5- AWAKEN
Suddenly from the darkness, a rocking chair was thrown at him with full force sending him flying backward. When he hit the floor, he immediately rolled to a door and stood up. Looking up he saw a figure with grey skin with slimes dropping from its body approaching him with its arm outstretched. The figure had its throat already slit open, with a huge mouth stache and its eyes missing from its sockets. The creature roared angrily at Sean while the two arms grab him making him unable to escape the creature's grip. Sean kicked the creature in the stomach and pushed it away before he tries to run from the creature. The creature caught up with him, grabbed his leg tightly, and threw him against the wall, the impact created a big indent on the wall. The thing raised its hands and started pulling Sean towards it like a puppet. Sean struggles to release himself but he felt his entire body wasn't in control anymore. suddenly he was being pulled into the darkness as the creature kept wait
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Chapter 6- Puzzled Unto the Darkness 1
Later in the evening Eric and some other survivors were all busy constructing a plank used to cover up the windows of the hotel. “Do you think this would keep whatever is out there away?” Eric asked with skepticism to Devian after building the plank. Devian was leaning against the side of the wooden board with his arms crossed over his chest. He shrugged before replying, “I don't know, but we should try. There has to be another way. Besides, what choice do we have?" Eric shifted his gaze to the receptionist holding a little cross while whispering and praying. A couple of police officers were watching over him.“I will be back,” he said as he approached one of the receptionists, who stops working when Eric approaches. “Hello miss," he said on his arrival before the receptionist answered him.“Sir, can I help you?” the woman asked, smiling at him while holding up her sign.“Do you have a place I can charge my phone?” “Huh? yes ” she answered after rolling her eyes.“Great, I would
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Chapter 7- Puzzled unto the darkness 2
Suddenly Eric is drawn back by an unseen force appearing before a cemetery gate with the all-sky dark with twinkling stars and a moon. Everyone was starting to look like a hallucination, as he stared at the gate.The gate opens by itself, and Eric walks inside looking at the gravestones and the names carved on the tombstone. Then he noticed a leaf blown unto a tombstone.He picks it up and reads the name on it ‘Sandra’His heart starts beating faster because the name Sandra meant something very important to him. But he doesn’t want to let anyone know that it means anything. Suddenly he looks back to see a figure dressed in white cloth with her eyes gone and blood spilled across her swollen tummy. She reaches her hands out towards him and smiles showing the same bloody teeth she always did before. Her lips move while she speaks with an angry tone.“You told me you will be with me forever,” She asks him, “You need to stay here,” she points towards a grave next to hersEric turns ar
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Chapter 8 - House of the truth
Sean runs out of the place while looking back and hears Goldberg scream followed by the roar of the creature. He runs through the forest trying to get away from it.He finally makes it to a lonely road, turning to see the creature rushing towards him. He turns around and starts to run. His clothes are torn and wet, and his hair sticks to his forehead. He runs as fast as he can. The creature behind him is gaining speed.Sean looks behind and sees nothing.he thinks as he continues running until he stops when suddenly there is a sharp pain in the center of his chest. He gasps, feeling as if someone is tearing out his lungs. He falls to the ground, screaming in pain. The pain goes away for a second and his vision clears. His eyes widen in horror as he realizes that he is lying in a pool of blood. He doesn't even know where the blood came from or how much has been lost by the creature. Blood covers both him and the road he is lying on.Slowly he lifts himself and sees another pool of bloo
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Chapter 9- Reality or Illusion
He continues to walk until he feels a cold breeze hit his skin. He looks ahead. There is nothing.“Stop!” a voice shouts from the darkness.Sean turns around. There is nobody. Just emptiness surrounding him. A sudden rush of wind hits him causing him to stumble to the floor. He quickly stands up and looks at where the wind came from. He hears shuffling, moving, and something else. He turns around. There is a silhouette in the darkness just a few feet away. Its arms and legs are shaking. It seems to be struggling. Sean's mouth drops open as he recognizes what it is. He runs back over to the door, slamming it shut behind him just in time as he watches the creature jump through the opening. It lands with a thud, scratching the floor before it quickly gets up and runs toward him.Sean grabs the handle, preparing himself to open it once more, as the monster reaches for him.However, before the monster could grab him, he hears a crash from above. He looks back to see the monster being pus
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