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By: Alova OngoingMystery/Thriller

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Imagination is life. Your power is what you think of your self. Who are you....? You'll only know that when it all ends. But if your reality changes into something else or someone else...... What can you do.........?

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  • Lord_Ryzel


    it's a great story keep it up

    2022-05-31 01:04:55
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15 chapters
In the begining there is always dark .It needs to be lighted by someone or something !Think what if your reality is not set ! What if it changes....? What will you do....?What can you do....?The fight was terrifying. They were fighting in a void where there is no planet or life . Actually there was not even a universe. Two were fighting and one was watching.They choose that place, so the fight won't affect any other creations. But their fight was too intense and the shockwave of their collision started shake every world. First people thought it's just a storm then they thought its an earthquake. Then suddenly one of the collision was so strong, it's power destroyed the closest universe like it never existed. That one insident made one of the fighters angry and the fight became more intense. They made 276 collisions and that much universes destroyed. Then suddenly the watching one stopped both the fighters. They talked about something then they all agreed in one point. And they d
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Blessed - 1
Reality is not what you see or what you think. Reality is something that you believe you saw.A girl was sleeping In the cabin of a trian. She was so tired, She didn't even move from the position she sit. She was alone in the cabin and felt like someone or something was watching her. In the dark there was an unclear image of two purple glowing eyes. It's watching her closely. Then slowly a wind appeared. It was more like a white smoke . And it erased the eyes like the waves of the ocean...!Hima woke up with a shock. The sound was verry loud. Then she was relieved by realising it's just another train passing in the opposite direction. She don't even remember when she fall asleep.The train was moving slowly. She was kept looking in the watch. The time runs faster than usual. Her heart beats more faster so she can't even breath properly.She's already late. The train was late for almost three hours. There was an accident which couse the train to run late. Yet her train moved slowly. In
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The recreated world was without pain, Sadness or loneliness . People loved and cared for each other. But there is this forgotten world which even Elin the creator had forgot. It was his first try to create a world. And he himself thought it was a failure.after he left it, the life started settle down on there. That was a place where all the evils played their hands on. Indra was walking very fast. he's late. he carried a bag with him. he was supposed to clean the marriage hall and the rooms of bride and groom by yesterday. but the enjoyment of yesterday made him forget his job. it was an unforgettable day. He thought about yesterday day and he smiled in excitement. he wake up at four in the morning to finish his work before the decoration tram arrives. Today there is going to be a marriage function. And he supposed to clean the place yesterday because another party was there yesterday. he didn't even get time to eat. he thought - how can i eat at this early in the morning. it's just t
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Creation first began from imagination. Sometimes imagination creates more world's than the existed.Hima jumped out of the train she almost fell down. She bumped into someone while she's getting off train. She apologized to that person and moved away. Then she suddenly realised its not the station she suppose to get off. She slept through the station and now it's next station which is a long way from her city. She looked around. the station was almost empty. There was only a women with her boy, a beggar who sleeps on the bench and that guy she just bumped. Otherwise the station was empty. And it's almost midnight. She asked in the enquiry for any taxi or bus available at that time. They said there is no taxy available right now to get to her town and they suggested her to stay the night in any motel or something. She said thanks and then she walked out. She was thinking about saving the money. If she finds a way to get home then the rent of room she have to afford will be saved so she
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Retribution-2 the change
Before Elin the creator succeeded in creating the universes, he first tested his powers. There was two universes without life, and even Elin thought they might stay lifeless. But after a long time he came back and did something to the World. Then that universes started their real journy. Leya woke up with a scream . it's early in the morning. She didn't get a good sleep. She saw the dream over and over. It's more like a nightmare. She saw Mira. She was with a little girl. First the little girls head turned to back like an owl or a ghost. Then Mira's head turned just like that but, Mira's face was the same as the little girls face. The same dream repeated and woke her up more than four times that night. What the heaven was that. She couldn't understand. but it's just a dream. I must focus on reality. Today is Mira's wedding. I have a lot of work to do. Leya tried to calm her self down.Leya is the sister of Maya. Leya is the mother of Mira . More over Leya is the one who raised Mira. l
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The recreated world is so beautiful and piece full. Everyone in that world respected and loved each other. Everyone was equal there. But the forgotten world's are full of twisted people. They believe in devil. Actually it was not their fault. They thought devil is good and god is bad. Also hell is a beautiful place with happy life and heaven is the place of danger and darkness. They believe the demons and monsters are send by god to test and punish them. At the same time devil send angels to protect them. Roy was confused. He’s More than confused. Because! it's impossible. How can a man become a woman and how can I get in a train. This is not the place or time moreover, not the same body. He was trying to believe it's just a dream. He even tried to convince himself. Then he started try to wake up. But it's not working. He tried not to get panic. Then he looked around. It's a train going to Tansaku city. This girl well i am supposed to get off in the station called Amura town. He has
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Retribution -3
In the new universe. A darkness was always watching over everything. Not even Elin, nova or ryzel known about it. The darkness thought it's an advantage to strike an ambush. The darkness waiting for the right moment and he collected more dark concious mind's and negative energy to use against the strongest opponents.Arun is just a normal kid. He had dirt alergy and asthma . Because of that he was visiting so many hospitals. At that time someone suggested Arun's father to send him to the meditation center. From that month he started studying yoga. His master jay was his family friend . Jay was doing something special. He was focused on human soul's , ghosts and exorcism. It was a Sunday. Mostly arun hates Sunday’s because in Sundays he has to go to marriages and other functions. He woke up early in the morning. He has to go to yoga class six in the morning. So he was getting ready when the call came to his mother’s phone. It was her brother he said arun’s grandmother is sick. And he
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Cursed -2
Imagination is a power. From the imagination- the first creation born. Every person is a creator. What they create is their own creation. The train was off track. Everything flipped over. Roy fell down. Suddenly he woke up it was just a dream. That time he woke up he realized the train is moving from the station. He grabbed all the bags he saw and run towards the door. He opened the door and jumped off from the train. At the he jumped he bumped in to a guy and he said – “watch it looser” That guy didn’t say anything he just passed through.He suddenly remembered something. This girl hima was bumped into me just like this yesterday. He tried to clear the hair from his face. He thought - how these girls adjust with these long hairs it’s getting on my nerves. He tried to tie his hair with a head band from her bag. Then he takes the bags and walked towards the bench. He sits there and thought. I think it’s the same story. This girl gets off on a wrong station walks home. Finds some stre
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The creator, created the new world because the old one was filled with chaos. What will he do if he realises the chaos followed him from there to here. They both shocked by seeing that. Arun never seen anything like this before. He was controlling himself from screaming in front of the crowd. Leya was also scared. She looked into it over and over. Arun looked at leya and saw she also scared. He asked-" aunty...! What the heaven is this....? Leya looked at Arun. She realised he's afraid. She controlled herself because she didn't want to scare him. She tried to put a happy face and asked back- "what happened arun....?" Arun became amazed. He asked her- "what do you mean what happened. Look at the camera. Don't you see anything...? Leya looked at the camera. Still she's seeing the floating dark figure instead of mira. But she can't say that because if she do, then arun will be scared. She was trying to find a lie to tell him. At that time some random guy came and asked- "what happene
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Cursed- 3
Roy woke up. He is still tired of yesterday's hangover. He was naked but didn't seem to care about it. He suddenly remembered something and get up. He looked in the mirror and saw he's still looks like hima. He realised it's not a dream but he is stuck as a girl. He must find out a way to turn everything back normal. Thinking about it won't help me. First i have to get to a safe place. This girl's home will be the best place right now. I have her memories so no one will feel any difference. Still I'm getting angry about what happened yesterday. I'm i did enjoyed it. Maybe because I'm in a girl's body i have the feeling of a girl. Come to think of it i never thought a girl gets more pleasure in it more than men. I had a lot of girlfriends they all must felt like this. But if i know about this much pleasure i should have been let the man do sex with me. But he didn't even ask me anything. He barged in and forced me. What a useless guy, but it was good though. As long as this body is so
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