Mortal & Malignant

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Mortal & Malignant

By: Grace Hupalo OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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In all of history, there has always been a record of our most malicious moments; where you can find what the human mind is capable of. Mortal and Malignant is a fiction story based on a simple, teen girl who became entangled in the aftermath of a mass murder. With a threat around every corner, she must fight to stay hidden and stay alive. A mix of romance, horror, thriller, mystery and more! be prepared to become entangled yourself, as you tag along with Serenity Baker in my novel- MORTAL & MALIGNANT

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Isn't it ironic?I thought i was the incisive one to believe it was all going to change, everything was going to fix itself. To see such an intolerable look on my companion's face when I asked if he had anything to say about his undying love for the girl I once was.After the mass murder, or the massacre as we all say, I lost my mind. They say I was once sane, but to say the least I never really was. Being the single survivor of a thing like this never made it easy to heal. The brutality of the situation was like a curse cast on me. Sometimes I have the aid of equanimity, yet that's in manageable situations like when you've lost your way, once again.I wish I could've felt a calm breathe carrying on, but you just can't do it when people's throats are being sliced open in front of your eyes. Not when you've been tied down and tortured, with the harrowing feeling of death hovering over you. For many, it is lurid to hear my story.For me, it was and still is an ordeal, a living ni
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Something felt eerily wrong.The musty smell surrounding the corroded walls, you could almost see them about to crumble, yet it only made it more fascinating. Before I had much time to think about my fascination, it was too late.I felt a sharp sting in my neck, the sharp point of a needle filled with a drug concoction.It was all a blur up to when we were tied up and tormented.The least desirable part of the experience after the indescribable pain and fear was hearing that man's grisly laugh as he displayed a toothy, rotten grin. To show his prey how much he was enjoying himself as he ripped us to shreds.He carved through my skin and muscle to unveil my paste white bones, yet I still had the slightest feeling of a desirable emotion, it was hope.Seeing the petrified looks on the other victims faces, I knew they wanted to die even if it just saved them the deformities.They would've done anything to die, yet 20 minutes before they would've wanted to live.I never lost hope, I was
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"Hurry up Serenity, we don't want to be late. I want to make it on time for once," Adrian said through a mouthful of Brownie that he had found in my stash, hidden in the back of the pantry."Give a girl a minute, won't you," I struggled to find a preference of shoes, yet rushed myself and grabbed the first red pair I saw for the sake of Adrian. I opened up my cupboard and pulled out the most ecstatic red dress off its hanger. "Alright, just give me 5 now," I said. I knew I was wasting time but I couldn't help admiring myself for a moment.I never felt grateful for what I was left with, the skin never healed over naturally so the discoloration and indentations were hard to conceal, but I finally took a breathe and appreciated myself. Maybe I can still be the girl that stands out in a crowd. "Time to go, I'm not waiting any longer," Adrian said."I'm coming, just start the car," I began to dart left and right grabbing items that I thought I may need. While I rushed around, I could
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"Do you feel like some vodka?" Adrian gripped a bottle of Smirnoff in his hands and began pouring the alcohol into a new set of shot glasses."I guess I should have a few since that's how a normal party goes. Pour it to the rim," Adrian gave me a smirk as he continued to fill up empty shot glasses."Our good night begins at this one," he pointed at the fifth one in the line up. I reached over to the glass he was pointing at and snatched it from his reach before I threw my head back, downing it so quick that I knew I might choke."Nothing can change that now," i said through a few minor coughs.I kept my head tilted back as I felt a burning sensation still running down my throat."Well, I know one person who could ruin it and I think he just spotted you," I looked up at Adrian in confusion."What are you talking about?" I turned to look in the same direction as him and I saw Jake, sauntering through the crowd. I looked back at Adrian and saw him grimace at Jake as he looked me up and
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I finally caught up to the peculiar man as he continued to march in the opposite direction.I could see the anger flowing through his veins, yet there was only hope in mine.A hope for a better future, I want to be emancipated.I want evidence, and justice.I want to show virtue, and see an immense number of the nation standing behind me.I wanted the world to know my pain, and I know my thoughts will be racing until then.I finally let my mind rest and began to look around at how far we had gotten.As I continued keeping my pace, I realised I was slowly falling behind.I looked around could still only see a large area of green grass that stopped at the trebling further in."What's your name? I feel like that's the least you could tell me," the man swivelled around with such speed and grabbed me by the arm. "You'll stop asking me all the fucking questions and you'll listen to me. I'm not getting killed because of you. I told you were not safe and I meant it," the vexation on his face
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I turned my attention away from Harvey and looked down at the remnants of my phone.As tears filled my eyes, reality began to set in.I felt my hands begin to shake and my stomach started to churn.As I slowly walked back towards the couch, I heard the crunch of plastic fragments underneath my feet.My life was taking a turn for the worst, and I hadn't even contemplated that yet.I laid my head down on the bare couch and crawled up into a ball.It had been a long time since I felt so awake, yet my eyes felt so worn out from all the tears. I turned away from the light coming through the window and repositioned my head on the pillow.I still somehow closed my eyes and let my weary body take control.In the morning when I awoke I heard Harvey in the kitchen, cooking something on the stove. I raised my head above the top of the couch and saw Harvey's hand on the handle of a frying pan.He arose from his tired state as he began to hear me shuffling behind him. I watched his head turned t
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I finally reached my street and once again picked up the pace as I came closer to my home.I ran towards the door but felt a rush of wind hit my face as i realised that Adrian was in my home. "He threw his body at me and held me tight, I smelt sweat and bodily fluids on him as he pulled me closer.The smell was off-putting, but i knew it was because he had been up all night worrying about me."What the fuck were you doing Serenity! You just left and couldn't even tell me where you were going? I thought you had been murdered the way you ignored my 50 calls!" He said in determination.His grip slowly loosened as he began to slant his whole body towards the ground.Tears began to form in my eyes as I thought about having to dissapear for good.I looked from left to right at my home, coloured with a pale grey paint that had began peeling over the years. I had set up a beautiful birdbath out the front as well, having the birds around always made home feel more welcoming.So many feelings
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"John, I think Serenity is at the door. Did she tell you she was coming?" I heard my mother's voice through the door."No, i didn't know, Let me get it," I heard the heavy thumps of my father's footsteps, and the sound of the doorknob turning.I put on a smile, a facade as I saw my father's face emerge from behind the door.I watched as he began to beam as he saw me standing on the front porch."Honey, what are you doing here at this time? It's getting late, but come in! Your mother would love to see you," I leaned forward and latched onto my father, holding him tight."I'm sorry, I just missed you guys already," I muttered as I spoke, with my face in his chest.The warmth radiating off of him was comforting, I felt the goosebumps on my arms fade away momentarily."Well, come inside sweetie, it's too chilly out here," he released himself from the hug and lightly wrapped his arm around my back to push me inside the door."Serenity, how are you hunny! We didn't expect to see you here,"
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I sprung out of the car abruptly and in a flash, made it to the door before Adrian could. "I'm the one with the keys, you know," I heard him yell out as his swift footsteps came closer towards me.I moved to the side to get out of the way, as I knew I would be blocking the door.Moments after he opened it, I pushed past to get to the kitchen because I had heard my stomach rumbling only minutes before."I didn't think danger could make you so hungry," I opened the fridge and began to search the top two shelves for food. "Just don't put me out of home after i have to replace everything," he snickered quietly to himself, but I knew he wouldn't be laughing long after I ate his dinner.Roast and potato leftovers wrapped up in gladwrap, sitting on the third shelf. I heard Adrian slouch his body onto the couch as I grabbed the film off the roast and put it in the microwave."You know, I still can't believe this is happening. I just feel like I haven't processed this properly. To think tha
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Adrian put his arm on my stomach and pushed me behind him.Suddenly, the sound of shattering glass filled the air, and we flinched at the unnerving noise. My body began to shiver, almost as if the cold air had only just affected me.I looked up to the door and saw that it had been violently shattered into pieces that had now spread across the patio."There's someone fucking in there!" I heard Adrian's petrified voice next to me.He raised his finger and pointed into the void of darkness inside, as what looked like a shadow slowly appeared.A tall man in black walked out through the broken door and down the small set of steps, the boards of the patio sounded like they could barley hold his body weight.His fists were clenched, and his head was lowered towards the ground, but his parlous eyes were pointed towards me.Suddenly he reached inside his pocket and pulled out something that looked almost invisible in the dark, a gun.He raised it towards my head as he walked to me, grimacing
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