Rising Phoenix

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Rising Phoenix

By: Anshi Hind OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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"Mark my words, Mr. Rout, I will bring you on your knees for marrying me under false pretense." she roared. The corners of my lips lift in amusement as I replied, "I will gladly go down on my knees but only for the thoughts I have in my mind for our first night together, my phoenix.And don't always challenge me otherwise I will make you regret it." "I will bring you on your knees and make you bow in front of me out of respect towards me and that's an oath," She cut both of our palms at the same time, reuniting our hands with blood. A fierce battle erupts when a girl finds her life falsely accused of murder and spends her 5 years of imprisonment, but now she is out for revenge. A story about betrayal from her closed one, revenge for her wrongful imprisonment, and ultimately finding unexpected love along the way.

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Prologue; Reawakening of Demon
The massive iron prison doors creaked open, unveiling a sight that would leave a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to witness it. A young woman emerged, her determination palpable as she stepped out into the world, ready to reclaim her life and seek justice for the grave injustice done to her. In her eyes, which had once overflowed with helpless tears, now gleamed a fierce resolve and newfound courage. The memories of her time behind bars lingered, a haunting reminder of the entrapment, abuse, and torture she endured. Though concerns still gnawed at her, she found herself propelled forward by the burning desire to clear her name, prove her innocence, and satiate her thirst for revenge.In that instant, as the sun bathed her face in its radiant warmth, a surge of empowerment coursed through her veins. The years of suffering under a veil of injustice would no longer be tolerated. She made a solemn vow to hold those who had wronged her accountable, ensuring they faced the consequ
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Chapter 1; Veiled Intrigue
4 Years LaterReyansh's Perspective:Life has a knack for throwing unexpected twists our way, leaving us adrift in a sea of uncertainty. It can be a roller-coaster ride, taking us from cloud nine to rock bottom in the blink of an eye. Such was the case for me after the devastating loss of my only family. I became a hollow shell, struggling to piece myself together and forge a new path forward. With the passing of my parents, I found myself cast into a world of solitude and loneliness, where the absence of their presence was keenly felt.Lost in my thoughts, the blaring horn of a car jolted me back to reality. An impatient driver gestured brusquely, urging me to move my car as the traffic light turned green. I took a deep breath, shaking off the fog in my mind, and refocused on the road ahead.As I made a turn, something caught my eye—a figure I never expected to see so soon. She was supposed to remain imprisoned for another year. Although I had never caught a clear glimpse of her face
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Chapter 2; Shadows of Intrigue
Reyansh's Perspective:After a long pause, Mr. Miller's voice erupted from the other end of the line, "Four years ago.""Mr. Miller, as I have already warned you, raising your voice towards me will not be tolerated. Please remember who I am. Do not underestimate my strength. I am more than capable of wiping out the entire Miller crew," I responded calmly yet firmly, before hanging up the call.I had no intention of tolerating Mr. Miller's rudeness and haughtiness towards me, simply because we had shared a common goal during the trial of his daughter. Regardless of someone's background or status, I strive to maintain my authority and respect in every situation. I am a man of my word and do not tolerate any form of disrespect or disobedience.At that time, I had no interest in delving into Mr. Miller's motivations for imprisoning his daughter. When I discovered his involvement in her incarceration, I didn't concern myself with their family matters. The satisfaction of knowing that she w
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Chapter 3; Shadows of Deception
Reyansh's Perspective:The revelation of William's true identity shook the very foundation of his relationship with Gitanjali. His father's strong disapproval only added fuel to the already blazing fire, causing a deep and irreparable rift between them that ultimately led to their separation. Gitanjali, torn apart by the emotional upheaval and pain in her heart, made a difficult decision to move away. Although it was not an easy choice for her, she knew it would be better for both of them.As for William, he felt lost and alone without Gitanjali by his side. The emotional burden was overwhelming him from within; every moment felt like an endless struggle against despair, which left him no option but to leave everything behind and start anew somewhere far away from all these painful memories that constantly haunt him. Thus began his journey... alone yet determined... William chose India as his new home, seeking solace in its rich cultural heritage, spirituality, and warmth midst strang
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Chapter 4; Unveiling the Enigma
Reyansh’s Perspective:After our previous meeting, I never anticipated encountering this person so soon. Little did I know that her presence would leave a lasting impression on me, one that demanded my attention. As I stood before her, I couldn't help but feel a sense of curiosity mingled with awe.Her face, once a fleeting image in the distance during her trials, now stood in front of me. The mere fact that she was the same Aanya I had glimpsed before seemed unfathomable. There was an air of mystery surrounding her, and I regretted not taking the opportunity to know her better.Observing her closely, I couldn't help but notice her undeniable confidence. It radiated from her every movement, leaving an indelible mark on those who crossed her path. It was as if she possessed an inner strength that demanded respect, and I found myself in admiration of her.However, my subconscious couldn't shake the feeling that there was more to her than met the eye. It was an inexplicable sensation, a
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Chapter 5; The Alpha Challenge
Reyansh’s Perspective:After our previous encounter, I never anticipated seeing Aanya Miller again so soon. If I hadn't found myself lost in the contemplation of her features, I might not have recognized her at all. As I stood before her, her distant aura caught my attention despite our proximity. It was as if her mind and soul were elsewhere, engrossed in thoughts or perhaps anticipating something entirely different. Though outwardly composed, her intensity focused on Mr. Miller was palpable—a resolute fixation that went beyond mere professionalism or courtesy. It was as if he held a captivating sway over her, drawing her in completely.I couldn't help but notice the unwavering confidence that emanated from Aanya as I observed her. She carried herself with a certain air of strength that demanded respect. But the fact that this was the same woman I had seen from afar during her trials was difficult to grasp. Back then, I had been unaware of her true nature, and now, I found myself adm
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Chapter 6; Unveiling the Past
Reyansh's Perspective:Since that fateful incident, many years have passed, yet the weight of guilt and the burden of unspoken words have never left me. Hridhan, my closest friend, has always been there, offering support and understanding, even though I kept him in the dark about that night. But he deserved to know the truth, and today, I summoned the courage to bring up the subject that had haunted both of us.As the words left my lips, the smile vanished from Hridhan's face, replaced by a solemn expression. I could sense the sadness in his eyes, the unspoken pain he carried within him. It was difficult for me to proceed with my story, knowing the hurt I had caused him by keeping him in the dark for so long. Guilt gnawed at my conscience, but I knew it was time for the truth to be revealed.Hridhan's voice was gentle and laden with sadness as he asked why I had finally decided to discuss that night. He understood the weight of silence that had burdened our friendship for years, and h
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Chapter 7; Whispers of Betrayal
Reyansh’s Perspective:The room fell into a heavy silence as I mustered the strength to reveal the painful truth. The weight of my words hung in the air, and I gritted my teeth, my fists clenched, my anger radiating through every fiber of my being. The knowledge that Aanya, Mia's best friend, was the one who had taken her life filled me with a mix of fury and disbelief. However, midst my conviction, a small voice within me whispered doubts—could Aanya be innocent, falsely accused?As the words spilled from my lips, my voice heavy with emotions, I couldn't bring myself to look at Hridhan. To meet his gaze would mean facing the raw pain etched on his face, and I feared it would break whatever composure I had left."I received a call in the middle of the night, while I was inspecting the shipment at the warehouse," I began, my voice trembling with grief and anger. "It was the worst news one could ever receive. Mia was found dead at the party. My heart shattered into a million pieces as I
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Chapter 8; Eternal Whispers Of Love
Hridhan’s Perspective:I never thought love could be such a torment. It's a feeling that creeps into your heart, wrapping its tendrils around every inch of your being, leaving you vulnerable and exposed. And yet, I couldn't help but fall, hopelessly and recklessly, for a love that would never be returned. Unrequited love is a futile pining for a relationship with another person. Even though unrequited love is an incredibly painful experience, still I fell for her way harder than I will ever fall for anyone again.It all started when I first saw Mia, the sister of my best friend, Reyansh. I spotted her chasing the gorgeous butterflies on a warm summer day when she came to the Sunshine orphanage where I resided. She was the first to approach me and become my friend. Later, I befriended her brother Reyansh, and our friendship has grown stronger over time. We were only kids, running across the fields chasing each other and giggling till our sides hurt.After our first meeting, both siblin
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Chapter 9; Demons in Darkness
Aanya POVI found myself again in that familiar cell. The cold, damp walls surrounded me as a constant reminder of my confinement.I can't see anything in this complete blackness, and there was silence throughout the gloom. My eyes were strained, but it was ineffective. The only sound that was present was the faint echo of my breathing. My hands were tightly bound when I attempted to move them to feel around. My legs were tightly bound as well, just as I remembered. My breathing becomes erratic. I don't want to be here again. I don't want to be here after what I've been through. My eyes began to tear up in the corners. I want to scream my lungs out to release the pent-up frustration and fear that have consumed me.As my panic intensified, I desperately tried to gather my thoughts and find a way to calm myself down.All I can do is sit, wait, and hope that someone will help me. Someone will find me and help me through this terrifying ordeal. But never once did anyone come to my rescue;
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