Display of Strength
Bahukatsu Dojo, Sheng Mountain, Cheena, Earth


“I am the leader of Bahukatsu clan. The ancient ninja clan. Your friends here said that you need to train the ninja way fighting style. Is it correct?” The old man said with no hint of disdain in his face.

‘Is this the guy who would train me? He seems weak.’ Dreygo thought. The man had a friendly expression and his ninja skills were hidden within the unhostile and comfortable tunic he wore.

“That's right. I believe the Zi Lok clan leader trained here with you.” Dreygo said. He was still adjusting to the tranquilizer’s residual effects that course through his veins.

“Yes. My question to you is why? Why train here, Dreygo?” The old man’s face somewhat tested him. His expression was somewhat joyful and full of humor but with a certainty that this man did not want to waste time.

“I want to kill the Zi Lok leader and stop their menace,” Dreygo responded blatantly. He was confident that the teachings of the Ninja way must be used toward
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