The Death Match

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The Death Match

By: Ellie OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Delaney Huang is about to embark on her greatest journey yet. Her mother has died and her uncle can no longer take care of her anymore, forcing her to leave and find her own path in life after seventeen years of depending on others. But her new life is more than she asked for… Thrown into the kingdom of the Faeries, Delaney learns that her missing father was once a friend to the king of these magical lands. Keeping his promise to his friend, Lucian Xanthias, keeps Delaney in his lands and away from the Half Blood hunters. But his heart is not all too pure when accepting Delaney into his court. Breaking Delaney’s lost father’s promise, Lucian places her in a match of death to prove to him and his court that she has what it takes to join the Crown. Will Delaney be able to conquer all the mind twists, betrayals, forbidden romances, walking nightmares, and trials set before her? Or will she crumble in the hands of a forgotten promise?

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6 chapters
Rain splattered in the mud as the Seelie Courts army marched forward towards the Faery Peak. Hadleigh Anwyll, King to the Fae-folk, marched in the front lines with his men. His armor was no different from theirs and his stride never faltered. He was marching into a war that would be the turning point for all beings of magic. His court, the asylum for all creatures of magic, was being challenged by a new reign of power: The Crown.A group of Faeries that fractioned themselves from the Seelie Court, called themselves the Crown. They considered themselves a new way of governing the creatures of magic and their land by ripping peace and prosperity into ideals of war and discrimination. A once whole and beautiful land was now being plagued by the Crown—and it was happening faster than Hadleigh Anwyll had anticipated.Hadleigh Anwyll felt his heart heave as he knew what was about to come of this war. His court would be taken over, and he had to some how be okay with that for now. Him and hi
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Prologue - Part 2
Aziel held his hands up in defense and I almost pitied the older man. “They’ll pay me and I’ll be able to get a job and build a new house for you to live in and then you can come—”“I’m never coming back here. Especially not to see you.” I said through the tumbling tears that scorched my cool cheeks. How could this have happened? How could my mother’s own brother sell her dead body to the bottom feeders of our world? The Reapers are cruel and will dehumanize my mother if they lay a hand on her…“I’m not letting you give her to them,” I said suddenly.Aziel had the audacity to crack a smile at me. “I’m the owner of this house now Delaney, it doesn’t fall to you and I can do what I want to with what’s in this house now.”And if I ever thought I couldn’t open my mouth any further, I did. “How dare you!” I hissed.The gleam in his eyes was new to me. It scared me and when he took a step forward, I stumbled backwards. Tripping over my own feet, I cried out as my heel caught on a loose nail
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Prologue - Last Part
I wondered why I hadn’t come along a single home during my run…I knew the answer to that right away. I’d been running blindly, led by fear. But why come here?I stopped and stretched my neck to fully look up at the sky. The sun filtered in like glowing stars that were shooting downwards to bless me with their light warmth. I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply. At last I was calm…A twig snapped behind me and I jumped, shaking in my spot and I whirled around to face the incoming person.My eyes widened and then blinked in surprise. “What are you doing here?” I asked the Reaper that had been from my house. He stood there between the trees, tall and daring with his chin upturned slightly as he peered down at me from the slight incline.“I followed you.” His voice was so strong, I had to take a step back to get out its blast.“H—how?” I stuttered and he tilted his head to the side.Pointing down at my feet he said, “Your blood.”I looked down at my feet and then had to smile. “You mus
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Chapter 1
My feet dragged behind me as my fatigued body hunched forward. My eyes dropped slightly as I forced my head up. I was sure I looked like a troll still gowned in my torn night clothes, hair knotted, and a day’s worth of grease slicking several strands. Dirt spots covered portions of my exposed skin, and I had to hobble for fear of my wound getting infected.“Don’t worry about them.” He assured me but the fist in my gut told me otherwise. They were cunning and wicked at the same time. Not to mention their blood was purely liquid fire that they could use to malign anyone who got in their way. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t ever the one to get in their way.I nodded my head as my heavy tongue moved to roll across my teeth. I clicked my tongue before asking: “Do you think we could pause and have a drink?”The Reaper stood up from his bent stance. I hadn’t even noticed that he had moved to place his eyes level with mine until he did so. The man had honor and pride, but he also had kindness.
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Chapter 2
“I’ll go search for her after we get you healed and dressed.” He told me as he faced me once again and led me into the shadows with his torch stretched wide into the darkness.“Is the forest always this…eerie?” I shivered and my hands went to close on either arm across my body.The Reaper set my pack down on the ground once he found a spot behind a tree. “Yes. That’s why I told you earlier to come with me.”“I’m sorry I didn’t trust you.” I picked my way carefully through the fallen leaves, twigs, fungus, and small patches of moss. The Reaper sat down across from the tree where a large rock was. “But I guess I trust you now.” I added as I noticed the small fallen tree trunk that was hidden next to the covering tree. I sat down from across the Reaper and his eyes looked at me with a strong gaze.“I wouldn’t trust anyone, especially me.” He laid out an open faced hand on his knee and I slowly raised my foot to drop it into his hand.“Why not you?” I hissed as his finger accidentally gra
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Chapter 3
Almost too peaceful to believe, but I did anyways. The hazy surroundings and the closed off distances kept my mind ignorant, letting me see only what I understood.There was a warmth to this place. Wherever I was…My head turned to either side, in search of something other than the constant yellow-orange glow that took over the earth. I thought I sensed a breeze riffling over my skin, but when I sniffed the air through a long drag of breath, there was nothing. My heart barely beat—making my body sluggish and overbearing—and my hands twitched anxiously at my sides.I could feel something. It felt so real and familiar it was almost as if its presence consumed me. My eyes narrowed through the haze as my mouth opened to call out…but nothing escaped. Throat getting tight and eyes puckering, I reached up to wipe away my tears. But my hands weren’t tangible. Nothing was tangible and so my tears just fell.“Mom!” My head cried, echoing through the unseen lands. Then, all at once, colors began
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