Hell Cat II
Skullgorn, Manuheim, Heaven


It climbed down the pillar, head first. Its claws were buried against the stonework. His head with whiskers like spears, and his forearms were the first to reveal from the mantle of darkness from above, then its torsos with stripes like tiger but skin like a snake, then its tail was long and strong. Its eyes, yellow and luminous, locked on them like they were helpless prey. Its size was gargantuan like they were a little mouse.

“What the…” Dreygo reacted first. “The same but a different kind of breed, I guess.”

“Why do you say so? It’s the same ugliness, I suppose.” Zudkiel said.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” Dreygo said, his sword ready.

Hell beasts were pure ugly and rotten as if they all came from one creator. But this Hellcat, it’s not the same anymore. First, he had ever seen, seemingly modified, or experimented to become hybrids of several kinds.

“Elaine, hide!” The words came almost involuntarily. Elaine scuttled immediately behind the
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