Hell Cat
Three Angel Guards, believed to be Skullgorn scouts had different armor in them, camouflaging along the forest with their grey armor and green regalias. Their black wings were kept folded for further obscurity. They have spears instead of swords.

“Clever as you are, Blacksmith. But you are the one who is trapped.” The one in front said with a hint of mockery on his expression.

“Such tone, scout, is insulting your senior,” Zudkiel said. “I have rarely met with an attitude like yours in this realm. All of them met their embarrassing deaths.”

“Well, there is no escape for you now, Blacksmith. All we have to do is attack you at your back. You can’t turn with both feet on the ground.”

“Seems that you do not know my powers, scout,” Zudkiel replied.

“There is no need.” The scout gripped his spear strongly and danced it deftly turning with both hands. Such speed calls upon the sound of the wind as the blade slice through the mist. The mist dance along with it. Then stopped, the blade poin
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