Master Jade
Bahukatsu Dojo


He hauled himself from a restful slumber. It was the first hour of sunrise and everyone was busy as always. The warriors had been disciplined to do labor not only in honing their skills but also in maintaining the Dojo’s upkeep.

Dreygo and Sho had participated as well, such as hauling pails of water from the artisan wells, helping in the construction of perimeter defenses, and even plowing the fields for the new batch of crops. Two days of waiting for his next training had made him less idle for the said period. He and Sho had wonderful marvels at how the training of young ninja assassins took place inside the Dojo.

They had not much time to see Elaine together with his rest as she had undertaken another training journey for herself. She was supervised by Jade and Master Yamoto as well. She did not disclose much of the objectives of her training but to her comrades, she looked like hell every time she rested in between her training.

However, today marked the beg
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