Pride Knocking
Somewhere in Buratia, Earth


‘Chaos! Chaos!’ This word had been uttered by the Hell god and his Lieutenants many times. It had no meaning for him before, or the magnitude of the word had not yet imbibed in its definition until his long stay on Earth. It was always connected to the destruction of the world. Dreygo cursed under his breath for he had let the construction of chaos come into play.

‘He is a god. And I am a lowly demon.’ He convinced himself though to relieve himself from the obligation bestowed upon him. He felt powerless, hopeless, and demotivated.

He hauled himself up from slumber and went out to the entrance of the Cabin. He grunted in anger as he gained steps outside the wooden door. He was angry at himself. He could not catch up with such power, one of the rulers of realms, a god who had lived since the beginning of time.

He lowered himself in between the steps. Birds chirping, breeze dancing, and the cold weather of Buratia that was borne with death had embrace
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