Rising up of Loris: the Legendary Gunner

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Rising up of Loris: the Legendary Gunner

By: Lorisian OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Loris Federico is a person who has high Mana and is a genius. But because of the disability in his hand, he couldn't shoot well anymore. The genius is considered a shameful figure. And for the sake of the dignity of his family and himself, Loris tried to restore that honor. Will he be able to restore that honor? Is it as long as he becomes a procrastinator or a legend?

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132 chapters
Chapter 1
A young man with a scowl on his forehead stared around, cold sweat pouring out relentlessly. A disappointed-sounding cheer pierced his chest. Again, the cheer was due to his failure to master the shot."Magic power level E 56%!" a loud voice sounded as if mocking. "Shooting score, missed the target," added the voice flatly.The monitor voice of the person in charge of the test blared, announcing Loris' score to all the Famu citizens on the field.That young man known as Loris, had once again received a disappointing shooting test score.Although his magic level score far exceeded all the youngsters in the extended family, it all seemed in vain as every shot he fired from his trembling hand kept missing.Loris endured the heartbeat that wouldn't stop thundering, the people around him loudly laughed."What the hell, still a loser showing off his stupidity!" chided one of the young man's youngest uncles.The man lightly invited some of the other extended family to laugh at Loris's suffer
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Chapter 2
On the floor of the room and study table in the crowded room full of ancient medical books, Loris sat with one last medical book in his hand. He crumpled the paper with trembling hands.His face looked very tired after reading so many books only to end up with a 'useless' scribble that he pinned on each page in sloppy writing."It's all for nothing," Loris said in a stifled voice. He covered his face with both hands, swallowing the bitter frustration.The half-annoyed Loris stood up, pushing the chair violently. He froze momentarily, then threw the book before his eyes towards the back.The book hit the wall, and the paper scattered everywhere in the cramped room. Loris sighed heavily at what had just happened before her eyes. But Loris chose to lie on the bed with some papers as her bedding.Amid the silent atmosphere, Loris remembered the beginning of him being in her world.It was the first time Loris realised he had entered a world that shouldn't be. His soul was not from this wor
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Chapter 3
Today, as usual, in front of Loris' study table was a potion brought by his father from a doctor.It was Loris' morning routine to start soaking his hands in Federico's potion bought for him. Every morning, Federico brought a different potion from another doctor's treatment method."What is this?" Loris frowned.For half an hour, Loris tried to soak his hands in the potion without feeling any magic power."Did they trick you again?" Loris murmured a little doubtfully.As Loris dried her hands, there was a knock on the door of her room. The housekeeper of the Federico family looked at Loris with cold eyes."Young master Loris, you are invited to the hall. The meeting will begin shortly," the housekeeper said in a low voice.Loris just said yes quietly. He chose to go alone rather than being led by the caretaker. It would make him even more pathetic in front of everyone.But when Loris came out, the caretaker stood outside waiting for hi,."You're still here?" asked Loris in surprise.L
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Chapter 4
Loris quietly listened to the faint conversation at the long table between her father and the guests whose identities she did not know. Without knowing their identities, Loris relied on his keen eyesight. He saw the insignia they wore and instantly recognized it from the first moment he noticed it. "What do the representatives of Morne City College want from the Federico family?" thought Loris as he wrinkled his temples slightly. With Loris's knowledge from reading many books, he knew the city of Morne was called the city of Gunslingers. While Morne City College was a very famous shooting college in Nimgefu.Loris realized that this meeting might be crucial, considering they were not ordinary people, "It might be," Loris thought. Loris began to frequently use eye contact to stare at the expressions of some of Morne's guests, including a familiar person in her sight. He could not guess the compelling reason why the people from Morne City's Gunners Academy came and held a meeting wi
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Chapter 5
The academic teacher of Gunners town Morne, who seemed to have finished arguing with Loris' father, had a slightly scowling face. He pushed back his chair and stood up slowly, at which point all gazes began to fall on the professor with a puzzled expression."I thought this was all about the marriage annulment, didn't you?" accused Loris' father with an angry expression. "If it is! Stop it now!" he ordered.Loris' father pounded the table a little hard, causing some elders to startle. They tried to calm Loris' father down regardless of the man's position.Likewise, Loris realized that no one respected his father like before. He felt frozen to the spot in a state of panic."Er, this reunion has already been held. Shouldn't it be continued to the end? I ask for your help, Mr. Federic," replied the teacher hesitantly. He tried to convince Loris' father that his actions were the truth.Things were getting tense as everyone began to realize the intent of the Gunners academy teacher and Lor
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Chapter 6
At the moment when things were tense, Master showed his palm in front of Loris' father."Please, Mr. Federic, the weapon was a gift from my student Remuel. The Dean hopes that this compensation is sufficient for any losses due to his sudden decision," explained Master Gunners with a friendly smile in front of all the Federico family in the hall.Hearing that, the silence of Loris' father was finally tempted by the uniquely patterned box with wood that was rare to even see in their city.He opened the box and found a rare metal single-shot percussion pistol. Inside was a class E magic firearm."This..." Loris' father made a small murmur that only he could hear.His eyes fell on a metal object lying in a carved box. His hand unconsciously moved to touch the object's surface, which was unique, with curves carved along with the direction of the bullet design.As if fascinated, Loris' father touched it and could feel the power in the design of the magic firearm."This thing will raise my s
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Chapter 7
The room in the hall became a little noisy. They were all looking at each other and talking about Loris in whispers. Even so, their voices reached his father's ears. Loris clenched his fists, but the sharp look in his eyes could only make them pause. He then looked at the elders, "I stand my ground. I refuse this compensation." Loris' firm voice echoed in the hall."He must be crazy," Leon chimed in calmly. Everyone agreed with Loris' attitude, which they considered to be humiliating the Federico family in front of Academic teacher Morne. "Loris! Get your head out of your ass." one of the most respected elders reprimanded Loris with widened eyes. He even pointed at Loris and signaled the young man to return to his seat immediately.He did not care about anything other than Federico's reputation in the eyes of Academic teacher Gunner Morne. He was a very strict elder and always maintained the good name of the extended family."After this meeting, you must repent for the family's sa
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8There was a lot of excitement throughout the arena, especially when Loris took the stage with his strapping body. They began whispering to each other about Loris in mockery.They stared at each other and then openly laughed at Loris, who still did not react to their taunts, "That loser will be finished today for challenging the genius Remuel!" said the green-haired man from the audience.But Loris chose to remain silent. He just stared intently in the direction of his steps. Loris went up to the stage and went to the organizer's table and signed his name on a duel agreement paper. When Loris was about to sign his name, a paper was pulled from before him. He paused and looked into the committee's eyes. "Are you sure?" asked a half-white and half-red-haired committee woman with a cold gaze.Loris was silent for a moment. He turned his head to look at his father with confidence, then turned to the committee and nodded.The red and white-haired committee woman then returned th
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Chapter 9
The sound of cheers and applause instantly increased, and all the spectators felt a rush of emotions. Some couldn't wait to see Loris lose. Some couldn't wait for Loris to make a name for himself and make Federico proud.That's on a small scale.But right now, what was eagerly awaited was Remuel's magic bullet being released, "Release!" one of the voices cheered and was right on Remuel's countdown.Although Loris had always disappointed the audience and Federico's supporters, those who had long loved magic duels were looking forward to improving the skills of one of Federico's successors.There was a desire to roll back the disgrace of the Federico family, and there was a little light of hope in their eyes.Remuel sighed, "Ruined!" he muttered hatefully.Amidst the cheers, Loris' eyes were fixed sharp and straight on Remuel. "Yeah, let's get it all out!" Loris muttered to himself as he set his jaw.He was wary.At that moment, Loris was trying to strengthen the magic power he was tryi
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10Remuel stared at Loris with a sharp gaze. She couldn't believe that in such a thrilling situation, Loris could still stand up even though he could see in his eyes that the young man's legs were wobbly. "What the hell was that?" Remuel's whispered voice caught in her throat.Remuel gritted her jaw, but she still did not throw her sharp gaze straight at Loris. Her other hand began to reach into her pocket for another bullet. Out came an elongated pointed object with a solid gold-coloured metal plating."You think you'll survive this time?" Remuel said. She then inserted the magic bullet that she had enveloped in magic into the lopak. Remuel then gave a small grin just as a single bullet entered the lopak from her magic firearm. Loris returned the woman's gaze and flinched. She was still raising her hands, trying to balance the energy in her body after it had been released due to the previous duel.Seeing Loris' cold reaction, Remuel chuckled in annoyance. "If this had been
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