Chapter 9 Dragon made green water for Aka

Third POV-

Rion hysterically waited for his darling to accumulate blood somewhere. He took his responsibility as her hubby, however his mind craved to test if Aka might have admired his life living above the blood. His mirror predicted the status of Aka who had madly held Ela's hair. ( I feel attracted to you girl, indeed you're bountifully living in my heart.)

Above the darkness, the dragon continued riding his whole body," will I see the beautiful girl in my eyes?" After a second." dragon, come back to my balcony, the vampire is crumpling my stomach." He just attempted to ignore her, what he longed to hear was the awesome voice of Aka.

A mad vocal," don't touch me, Ela! You're my genuine friend," her hands were holding the metal to smack the vampire.

Noisily "are you dependent on that stuff? hahaha, sorry for declining your wish," Aka said. Her bloody mouth attempted to slash her meat, alongside her," go on honey, I'm waiting for your blood. You will receive more rewards if you could do that," Rion demanded of her.

Beside the window, the king monster dragged out the body of the dragon to the terrace," where should I go? Why did I fall down to the house?" He automatically sat on the chair near Aka and Ela, when he turned to his eyes. He anxiously saw the blood run below his feet, "dragon, please save my life." His ears automatically casted back what he heeded earlier. So, he ran fast to save the life of Ela, what his mind expected that Rion had done to it.

A brave shadow," run away, I won't allow you to save her," she pretended to exhibit her anger to him. In fact, she got attracted to his alluring lips and face, though the dragon was literally ugly to the folk's hearts.

"No, I won't do that even if she is my best friend, but I can't allow my hands to look at her worse situation," dragon  said.

"Why do you argue with me, dragon?" Her hands ceased to drink the blood from Ela's stomach.

"I'm arguing with you, I'm expressing my genuine concern to Ela," dragon said. His left eye saw Rion who wished to come to the balcony," will I abduct her right away?"  His right hand pulled Ela's shoulder to her room for a second. Then, he came back to hold Aka; to bring her in the hidden forest. Beside his ears," don't block, obstruct my way, dragon, allow me to follow my mission tonight."

Cool sound," never to go back to your house, soon you will know my purpose why I exert my effort to bring you in my arms," he showed his smile to Aka, though some blood was falling down into his face.

"If I can't go back to Rion's hands, I will be forever insane, since he is holding my tongue, whatever he tasted, I will look forward to it," Aka informed. Her mouth vomited the blood from the dragon again till she heard him," Aka, why are you too late? You must slipped back my condition to you.``

"Do you hear it, dragon?" Aka roughly thought about her future with the dragon. Her eyes were looking at the hidden stars beside the mountain," I'm not satisfied to imagine that celestial object without the blood."

The dragon revealed to the beautiful girl," take your sleepover the leaves," then, the dragon aggressively moved forward to the lighthouse; to get the medicine for Aka's abnormality.

It's already lit wherever Rion may go," where are you now, Aka?" He travelled beside the clouds to visit Ela's house for three minutes. He successfully saw Ela's blood on the terrace. So, he knocked on the door three times, then he uttered his name," Ela, please allow me to investigate you."

On the bed," Ela" her ears forced opening the door, anyway her injury filled with awesome blood. A slight door pulled out, then a spine-chilling guy crossed out his tongue, which got anxiety to gaze at him," don't visit my room," she meanwhile madly closed the door.

"Ela, where is Aka? I know, you are connected to her," the male vampire asked. His voice seemingly touched the black girl, which jumped down her feet though she was just sitting on the smooth floor.

A pellucid," don't ask me about her life, she's also a vampire like you," her hand pushed the window when Rion flew his feather to that area," do you love me, Ela?'

Ela evaluated his words that she recently heeded. Her heart genuinely liked him, but she still got anxiety listening to Rion.

"It's up to you Ela, if you won't accept me. I'd let Pedro's spirit open the door tonight. You were the reason why his house burned out," Rion said. After his statement, Ela looked back to the shadow that tightly held her. In fact, it was just the presence of a dragon in the hidden forest.

In the hidden forest, Aka abnormally pulled her head to the trees," I urgently needed blood to reach my tongue," she called Rion's spirit, the dragon ironically came back to the forest with the green water.

An active eye," where did you get that, dragon?" Her eyes were blindly seeing the green water as blood.

"I bring this water for you," he instructed Aka to drink it.  Aka rapidly opened her mouth upon heeding  him. However, her tongue was not convinced to drink the blood anymore.

"I don't like that, don't allow me to process that water inside my stomach," Aka said. That moment, Rion thought positively that water might change Aka's life.

Will Aka be tempted to drink it beside the blood?

Aka smartly stared at the green water, she uncertainty judged the water, unless Rion might expound the deep meaning of it, while Rion came back to the habitat; to check if his honey had come back. On the other hand, Ela was regretful when she could not smell the body of Rion.

(Am I still in love with him? Why can't I express my feelings to him?) She confidently opened the window, just to see his image.

Will Rion come back to the balcony again?

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