Dragon Abnormally Attracted His Heart for Her

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Dragon Abnormally Attracted His Heart for Her

By: EngMan OngoingFantasy

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The people bullied his ugly appearance and personality, among them there was a flawless girl who presently lived his heart. He abruptly transformed into dragon facing the woman who bravely discriminated him. His intention just to court for her. Will he express his love explicitly for her?

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17 chapters
Chapter- 1 New world
Elmer left the unblemished world with unexplainable reasons. He lived dependently with the monster who was visible to his eyes when the folks would bully and disrespect him. The monster would definitely cover him over their discrimination. He perfectly longed to fight them after a few hours he intentionally altered his decision because the world still valued his footstep. This might change his mindset in pursuing his dream to have a family who will care and love his soul in the future. Such a thing would be opposite to the monster's aspiration for him. Indeed, the monster swore to kill his foes before he would seek his family. So Elmer sighted the silhouette above his arms who will definitely pass his criteria when it comes to choosing his wife. When the sunlight reflected to his face, in between him. Unexpectedly, that vestige would be his enemy who never appreciated his life, yet to reject him because he did not have a family. So, he took his sleep in the terrace reflected by the
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Chapter 2 Rion forced Aka eating the skull
A mythical beast jumped up suddenly alongside the broken mirror. His mouth articulately spoke out the words," hahaha, you were stronger than me, you may slice my body again!" His voice trembled the whole soil. Indeed, Aka shook her bloody mouth to the wind, and then the ghost attempted pulling his scary hands to the dragon. Her hand quickly clenched the needle, then the ghost pushed it to the dragon's neck. It was secretly attached to his solid neck, while she said," you are the strongest animal in the world, perhaps you can reveal the cause of my parent's death. I already accepted their loss, however I urgently needed to write it in my brain," harsh sounds came out. Interrupted voice "what are you doing with your drama? Where is the ghost now? She will confidently answer your question. What I still remembered, you bullied my personality before." Cool voice "Aka, don't waste the time, let the light rays attach to him." (The ghost disappeared beside his friend.) A dragon moved for
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Chapter 3- Aka addicted drinking bloods
The ghost cheerfully harkened the ironic statements, even though he didn't play the noodle to reveal the reality. He longed to stay with her until tonight, but he epiphany to stop sharing the blood for her. His silhouette was beyond the sea; to protect if the monster will visit the world tonight. He fell in love with her, especially when Aka was touching the fresh blood from her mouth," mommy/daddy, help me seek the fresh bloods, my tongue feels sore without that kind of water." In short, she could not live without tasting the fresh blood. Too pellucid "hahaha, do it more, Aka, I advocate you seeking such bloods." He clenched the fresh blood on his hand to Aka's mouth. However, Aka was quickly flying to the crowd with a scary voice," I need fresh blood 3x," her brain absolutely affected the absence of blood anymore. So, she came to the house where the kids bellowed. Her mouth yelled noisily upon glimpsing the baby's stomach. She immediately opened it using her sharp nails, then her
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Chapter- 4 Dragon dauntlessly punished the folks
The monster still shuddered his cells and veins imagining the ghost who had cut some parts of his body," stop the war, I want to live peacefully." He did not know the exact place where the ghost fell down. His king gave time his power, enjoying the earth. Of course, seeking the people who had bullied him before, while Aliya, Aka's mother had also sought her daughter, even though she acted as a spirit. When the monster rounded his eyebrow to the west. He pellucidly heard the people who yelled, glancing at his ugly face. He forgot the worst experience that he had experienced with their harsh heart yet the king monster kept on pulling his horny; to punish the people. In contradict, Aka was also avoiding him, punishing the folks, however the dragon's veins kept on quaking. Instead of seeking the ghost, he ran quickly to the people who had rejected his life before. He didn't totally pluck their eyes and remove their breath. He was just giving a lesson to them. With his rash body, some
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Chapter 5- Dragon truthfully courted Aka
A dragon returned back to his vestige where his eyes marked up the black soil. He jumped down, securing out the large intestine, however his body felt a whispered voice like the bird. He intentionally ran away, but his body was flying at the extreme part of the world," come on dragon and guard this woman." He expected his sweet girl, however he saw Aliya's lips which looked old like the carabao." "It's time to meet your admired woman," someone asked. "Admire women? she is not existing inside my heaven, I don't know where I should meet her." His king monster hurried to the earth together with him. In the lighthouse, Aliya's spirit still moved forward to go back to her hubby who had waited for her diamond heart. Her skin still recognized the entire part of the land where Pedro's spirit dropped her. Rion is still spending his time; to seek Aka's body, even though the diverse shadow discouraged him from finding the gorgeous woman. Meanwhile, two strong objects were flashing strongly
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Chapter 6- Aka was foolishly looking for blood
A male vampire hadn't removed his eyesight to the box movement, which always slipped back his words," I'm ready to marry you, Aka," though it's just the raindrops attractively clutched to his ears. The king monster ultimately whiffed Aliya, who had ridden the lion's backbone together with the air, which served as the vehicle to drag her body on the earth. He aptly targeted his pierce weapon that could throw the lion's body to the fire together with the solid chains. His dragon had insanely sought the box; despite the fog moderately covering the lighthouse. His fearless body rapidly upgraded upon perceiving Rion's love for the cloudy girl. In the house, Pedro unexpectedly found the black box that carried his spirit to the sweet mountain. His indiscernible teeth craved clipping the grasses into the mouth, especially when he whiffed how sugar coated it was! He trolled slightly above the wind, which lovely clutched him like his daughter's hands. Unexpectedly, the box had been raised up
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Chapter -7 Ela burned Aka's house
King monster merrily glanced at the dragon who began to court Aka's flawless heart. He never anticipated the pessimistic outcome, while Aliya saw over her dreams that Pedro's spirit had been dying due to too much time that he had spent to look for her. Aka never looked at the dragon, she unintentionally felt green envy, when Rion clutched Ela's shoulder. So, she was flying to the brown tree with the strong wind attached to the vampire's feather. Furious voice," is she your girlfriend?" Ela seriously gazed at Aka who seemingly looked like a dragon, especially to her face. Rion longed to reveal that he loved Aka, but he had already appreciated how many years Ela waited for him. So, he dragged out the feather of Aka beside the black wood. Without knowing, the dragon held Aka's feather with many bloods from his mouth. A rapid foot climbed up above the wind," never ride the dragon because he would kill your spirit, Aka." That time, the dragon longed to carry her into the lighthouse tog
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Chapter 8- Dragon coordinated with Ela
Pedro's spirit ultimately broke up his body under the soil, even though the fire had ultimately faded, while the ashes were still covering the ground, where nobody could see the unpleasant situation. This could be located under the old house that was largely burning. Beside the balcony, Aliya reflected her life to the earth, her eyes were literally centered on the old house where the ashes had covered it. Her feet aptly trolled the terrace," hey monster, can I go back to the earth?" A fearless man answered,`` Yes Aliya, why do you want to go back to your past?" His voice aptly centered to the old house, yet Pedro was unable to call his wife. Slightly voice trudge above the small ashes, "allow me to go back to the earth," Aliya sincerely asked the monster, however the king dragon pulled Aliya's body to the room," Aliya, I never let you see the earth, while taking our honeymoon at the lighthouse." He gave his sweet attraction to the old girl which turned Aliya to be young like him. T
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Chapter 9 Dragon made green water for Aka
Third POV- Rion hysterically waited for his darling to accumulate blood somewhere. He took his responsibility as her hubby, however his mind craved to test if Aka might have admired his life living above the blood. His mirror predicted the status of Aka who had madly held Ela's hair. ( I feel attracted to you girl, indeed you're bountifully living in my heart.) Above the darkness, the dragon continued riding his whole body," will I see the beautiful girl in my eyes?" After a second." dragon, come back to my balcony, the vampire is crumpling my stomach." He just attempted to ignore her, what he longed to hear was the awesome voice of Aka. A mad vocal," don't touch me, Ela! You're my genuine friend," her hands were holding the metal to smack the vampire. Noisily "are you dependent on that stuff? hahaha, sorry for declining your wish," Aka said. Her bloody mouth attempted to slash her meat, alongside her," go on honey, I'm waiting for your blood. You will receive more rewards if you c
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Chapter 10 Dragon forced Aka to drink the green water
First POV I might never allow her to decline the green water, but Aka did not value it. What if I put another color inside the bottle, would she like to drink it? I am not enough effulgent but my tongue disregards chewing over the water. I never disregard it if Rion will answer my question regarding the connection to my life. (Beside her, a heavy object approached her.) I did not stare at the dragon but I perceived the shadow; then the water placed above its head. May I call that as Rion's image? Then," what's that? I am interested in drinking that water," she said. I pulled out the water to the dragon. Mad face," it's over, drink it, Aka," I pushed back the green water to her mouth when my sweetheart looked down the bloody house. If my mind was not mistaken, the blood sought my presence," dragon, if your feeling would be genuine, kindly get that blood." An awesome reaction," sure, but allow me to kiss you," I declined my lips but I strongly struck the green water on her lips," h
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