Live, Die or Do Both

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Live, Die or Do Both

By: Richard Boniface OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Filled with hatred, anger, and lack of love, Solomon, a former high school student in South Korea, embarks on a mission to punish those who made him feel worthless, miserable, and hated himself when he was a human. After Mr. Chan, his father had tried to cure his illusions that the doctors said had no cure due to the auto accident he had that claimed the life of his mother and left him with brain damage, the side effects of the cure Mr. Chan created for Solomon had accidentally turned him into a unique zombie called "Zone." Solomon (Zone) had created an army of zombies in Seoul, Korea. The faith of humanity rests on the shoulders of the survivors of the apocalypse (Yihyun, Lichad, Iris, Park and the Elites), who then try to do everything possible to slay Zone and his army of zombies.

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I Must Find an Antidote
"Don't let go, don't you dare let go, Yihyun!" Lichad screamed while holding onto Yihyun from the rescue chopper and expressing sadness and anger on his face."Tell Iris I love her and I will always be with her." "Yihyun said to Lichad in a depressing tone as her hands slipped from his slowly."No no no no no.... You tell her that yourself. I love you. We all love you, Yihyun. Please just hang on to my hand. Don't leave us! " With tears streaming down his cheeks, Lichad stated."Remember what you said? That everything was going to be OK as long as we stay together... Stay with us, YIHYUN! " Lichad screamed in tears once more.When Yihyun was touched, she burst into tears, realising that there was no way she could be with them anymore. Lichad had loved her all this time. While in sadness, she was glad that Lichad had confessed his feelings to her. This way, she can die knowing this in her heart."Take care of them, OK," Yihyun said as she let go of Lichad's hands and fell from the sky
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I Don't Want to Eat My Dad
(At Mr. Chan's home)"It wasn't me, I swear. It was as if a voice in my head was telling me to bite, not eat him." Solomon said, in a desperate tone.Mr. Chan turned to him with a confused facial expression on his face and said, "What? A voice instructs you to eat your classmate. How is that even possible?”"I suddenly became hungry, and Yong smelt tasty to me, and I couldn't control it. It was as if I was a slave to the voice in my head Dad," Solomon said while rubbing both his hands on his head and holding his desperate facial expression."You really mean it, son?" Mr. Chan suddenly asked with shock in his eyes, and Solomon nodded to his father. "It's alright son, go upstairs and change. We will talk about this later." Mr. Chan instructed Solomon to put both his hands on his waist.Later that night, Solomon had gone to bed, and he himself couldn't understand what was happening and how he ended up biting Yong. He couldn't even hurt a fly, much less stand up to the biggest jerk in his
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What Have I Done to My Son?
(The Next Day)Mr. Chan put his ears on the door to hear if Solomon was still shouting, but there was no noise. He opened the door slowly and saw Solomon asleep. Mr. Chan stepped inside slowly and saw his son back to normal on the bed. Solomon woke up slowly at that moment and saw his dad. He looked around to see himself tied to his bed."What is happening, Dad? What are my doing here and why am I being tied? " Solomon had blanked out on the rest of what happened last night when he started attacking his dad.Mr. Chan immediately became shocked as a thought came through his mind as he stood there."Oh No," Mr. Chan said in fear.At this point, he recalled the cure he gave to Solomon two days ago and immediately knew that was when this problem started. ‘Could this problem be because of the cure?’Mr. Chan questions himself in his mind while staring at Solomon. ‘No it can't be, he stopped seeing his illusions already and I made sure it was a hundred percent safe’ He said once more in h
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When I Get My Revenge on Solomon
(somewhere in the hospital)Yong, the senator's son, had been bitten the previous day by Solomon in school. It was quite a deep cut on his right shoulder that he was bleeding seriously and was rushed to the hospital by the school authorities. Yong spent the night in the hospital bed, with his mother sleeping in a chair by his right side. He wakes up to see her still there, waiting for his recovery as his dad, the senator, was out of town.Yong regains consciousness in the hospital bed as he slowly opens his eyes. He turned to his left to see the drip connected to his left hand. He could somehow hear the drop of the drip every 2 seconds.Yong then turned to his right to see his mother resting her head on the bed while sitting on a chair and suddenly she wakes up too after sensing movements from him."Son, oh son, you are awake. Thank goodness. How are you feeling? " She asked, while reaching out to Young's forehead, checking if he was feeling hot. "(Exhales) I'm fine mom," Yong said,
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A Purpose
(At the hospital)What is this? Never have I felt so alive. I've spent my entire life as a living dead, and now...."I can finally live!"Yong screamed in the hospital room after successfully eating the nurse. Somehow, Yong was able to speak out now. He looked at his hands and it was all he had ever wanted all his life. Yong smiled as he gazed upon his hands, filled with blood and immense strength. At that moment, he had found what he called "a purpose."Yong was the only child of his parents and so received love, affection, and favour from his mother since he was a child. His father, on the other hand, the senator, had not so much liked the way he was spoiled by his mother. He saw this weakness in Yong and wanted him to be manly so as to take over his place in some of his big companies when he died. At age 10, he took Yong hunting and gave him a gun to shoot down an antelope. Yong missed five times and his dad grounded him for five days. Such was the way of yong’s life. His father had
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The Awakening of Zone
"Go out into the world and cause carnage, my followers." Yong commanded the zombies he had bitten in the hospital as they forced their way outside."I have unfinished business with Solomon," Yong grins as he walks outside the hospital.Solomon was still tied to the chair in his father's lab, and he was struggling to get free from it. Mr. Chan, on the other hand, was working hard to find an antidote before hearing the doorbell ring, "Ding Dong."‘Who could that be now?’Mr. Chan said to himself while taking off his lab coat to go answer the door.(Door opens)"Hello Mr. Chan, I'm a classmate of Solomon's. Could you kindly tell him I want to see him? " Yong said with an uneven smile. Mr. Chan looked back inside his house before answering."He isn't around now; he went to see some friends." Mr. Chan responded nervously. "You and I know Solomon has no friends, so cut the bullshit and tell him Yong wants to see him." Yong responded harshly to Mr. Chan.Mr. Chan felt threatened. Due to the
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Live, Die or Do Both
(Dining in the Space Restaurant)"Bling," the door bell rang, as a middle-aged man opened the door of the restaurant, looking blurry. He walked to the nearby seat close to the side of the restaurant as if he was injured."Hey, a customer just stepped in. Go attend to him, Yihyun" Park said to her, pointing towards the strange man who looked uneasy in his seat."Hello sir, what would you like to have please?"The man gasped for breath and didn't respond to Yihyun. She noticed and asked "Are you okay sir?""Tea""What?""I want some tea" the strange man repeated."Oh sorry about that. I will get back to you in a minute." Yihyun walked away from the man to go prepare his order, but she couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong with him.(2 minutes later, Yihyun came back with the tea and saw the man resting his head)"Here you go, sir, would that be a..." Before she could finish the sentence, the man grabbed her by the wrist."Huh, let go of me!" Yihyun said this alarmed some
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Live, Die or Do Both (2)
They drove off and approached the Foreign Food Mart. "Ok, anyone wants anything?" Lichad asked them before heading down."Yeah, get me some potato chips," Park said. "I want chocolates" Iris said with a smile."You know that won't satisfy your hunger, right?" Lichad said to Iris, raising an eyebrow."Get it for me anyway," she responded. "Ok, ok, I hear you. What of you, Yihyun? " "Hmm... Just get me something soft to drink," Yihyun responded. "You got it...OK you guys stay put, I'll be back," Lichad says as he slams the door on his way out of the car. He puts his hands in his pockets as he approaches the supermarket. The door opened and the first thing he saw was the man on the counter watching the breaking news. He ignored it and went straight to shopping. He approached one end of the supermarket and saw another customer shopping as well, but what caught his eyes was how the man was dressed with a black cap, black jacket, and black trousers on a perfectly sunny day. Suddenly
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