Dreamer in the Apocalypse

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Dreamer in the Apocalypse

By: Silver72 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Welcome to Roshniar Roshniar is a seemingly ordinary world, with a bloody history... like all worlds that bear the fruit of life... Indeed it is ordinary save, for its one paculiarity... Roshniar is a world that has known the touch of the gods, or so all Roshnians would have you believe... Believe in their gods if you will, or not... it matters not... For the day of change has come, in a different way from the ancient rights... None could have been prepared for the day on which the Titanic God set his gaze upon their world... Welcome to Roshniar! A world in which the apocalypse has arrived... Great change awaits those who walk these lands where our journey begins... And perhaps even their views of the gods will change forever... But that's a thought for another day... --- A/N: To all who join this is a High-Fantasy so buckle up for a long journey filled with world building and locations across the land and stars... and many a place you cannot yet fathom, if you aren't a fan of world building than this probably isn't the place for you, , it's going to be a long road and I hope to guide many a reader along this path filled with many a twist and turn. And once more: Welcome to Roshniar!

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70 chapters
001 – The One with the Prologue (Part 1/5)
It was noon as the gate begun to spin, blue arcs of pulsing energy coursed through the lines – vein like structures – that connected the runes. The runes were gradually filled with the radiant blue light, the brighter the runes glowed the faster the gate spun. CRACKLE. A spark shot into the centre of the gate and from the centre ripples expanded out creating a swirling vortex, a gate connecting to another world. Bang. The gate suddenly snapped shut, with a small explosion. But in the sealed gates wake stood a tall and abnormally broad figure, the energy dissipated and the shimmering air calmed, to reveal a man. He looked like an ordinary man, two arms and two feet with a head of short blond hair, but there was one peculiar thing about him, the strange metallic structure that adorned his visage, kind of like an exoskeletal suit. --- Raylin strode forward with firm steps, his steps echoed upon the stone platforms as he looked around with a firm gaze. “Where is everyone?” he as
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002 – The One with the Prologue (Part 2/5)
A heavy silence filled the peaceful garden as the father and son stared at each-other. Ivick finally decided to drop the pretence’s and looked his son square in the eye, “What do you want to hear boy?” he spat. “Do you want to know why I cast you out?” he asked, “If that is the reason you’ve returned then you wasted your trip here, you already know the reason, you were a failure as a husband,” he said his tone cold. “Your marriage was meant to unite us with The Sunrise Church, but you let her die,” he pointed at Silica’s gravestone, “I would have rather had you die back then instead of her,” “While you scurried of playing as a mercenary and adventurer, I hunted down Silica’s killers,’ Ivick clenched his fist’s tightly, “And I gave them deaths the likes of which not even the gods could fathom,” his eyes glinted with fury, as if he could still remember the feeling he got when he wrapped his hands around their throats. Raylin clenched his fist so tightly they shook, and quickly turn
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003 – The One with the Prologue (Part 3/5)
The sun was starting to lower as Raylin rode in the back of the automobile.   In the Dynasty such vehicles were rarely used, they had far better technology, but all the same he was still surprised to see how far things had come, when he last lived here his father was one of the first people to ever own a steam engine for personal use.   Now he had over a dozen models that he designed himself.   “Sir, would you like to head straight to the lord’s manor, or would you like to take the scenic route?” the driver asked as he looked back at Raylin with a respectful expression.   Raylin considered for a moment, he was eager to meet his brother and sister again after so long, but he still had much on his mind, “The scenic route,” he answered.   “An excellent choice sir, the stronghold looks remarkable in the day, but it is equally brilliant when you look at it being lit up in the night,”
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004 – The One with the Prologue (Part 4/5)
BOOOOOM. CRASH.   The entire forest shuddered and the trees in Raylin’s immediate vicinity were blown to bits, splinters of bark rained down on the forest floor.   As he glanced around him, he dashed in the direction of one of his assailants, that attack wasn’t enough to kill them, but it did all he needed it to do, before the dust could settle he located the second swordsman who was currently lying flat on the ground with a bloodied face.   ‘Subclass ability: [Fury Unleashed]’   The red energy intensified around Raylin’s fist he jumped forward landing on top of his opponent and aimed to land a crippling blow.   Boom.   As his fist sunk down, a sudden interruption occurred, something strange occurred as Raylin’s fist continued to move, but it was no longer closing in on the swordsman.   The area around his fist stretched like an i
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005 – The One with the Prologue (Final)
The crystalline blue haired mage climbed up on shaking hands minutes after the explosion, she reached up to her bloodied mask and cast it to the ground, her two black eyes staring fixedly on the centre on the explosion.   All the while she gritted her teeth as she battled the red energy that was going wild inside her body, when the smoke cleared her eyes trembled as she saw a bubbling layer of red energy slowly dissipating and giving way to a standing figure. --- Raylin gasped with effort, his chest expanded and contracted rapidly with every breath, he didn’t even want to look at his body as he could already feel the steaming heat he radiated onto the surroundings that burned the air.   His two blue eyes locked onto the shaking mage, he lifted his head high as the last of his Nuclear Qi, returned inside his body and slowly extended his leg.   Thud. Thud. Thud.   His st
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006 – The One with the Other Protagonist (Part 1/4)*
Dalis blinked in the dark room, not that the darkness did much to hinder his vision... not like the darkness ever could be problem for an Equanoxian. As he tilted his body he felt a weight on his arm as well as a familiar warmth. He eyed the naked body of Marcela with appreciation and gently caressed her smooth ivory skin, it was but a simple touch, but he heard her soft breath increase pace. She slowly wiggled her body back into his embrace and used her plump and juicy ass to grind against his crotch, causing an immediate change. Dalis used his free hand to move aside her curly locks of hair and brought his lips to her neck where he planted a series of steamy and passionate kisses. “You want too… mmmh… aaah… go again Dreamer?” Marcela asked between soft moans, as she raised her arm and pressed his head tightly to her neck. “Do I!” Dalis replied with rhetorical fervour and sunk his teeth into her skin. “Awww,” she released a loud cry and pressed his head down with greater stren
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007 – The One with the Other Protagonist (Part 2/4)
When Cabear’s next jab came he cushioned it with the soft pillow. “Four days Dreamer!” Cabear shouted in annoyance, “Fours days in a row, after you promised me that you wouldn’t disturb be me for our last night here,” Cabear continued without letting up with his hooks, each one meant to send Dalis into a daylong sleep. “My bad,” Dalis gave him a sheepish grin, after all the fun he had he couldn’t bring himself to feel too bad about disturbing Cabear. “This isn’t a joke Dreamer, we get deployed to the other side today,” he complained, his fists finally started to slow down. “Well you just made my point,” Dalis replied “We leave today, we’ll be lucky if we can see each-other again in 5 years, but for all we know we could die on the other side,” he said trying to rationalise his actions. “I know I said that we wouldn’t do anything on our last night, but Marcela and I got to talking and you know how it goes, one thing led to another and we decided to make every moment count,” Dalis e
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008 – The One with the Other Protagonist (Part 3/4)
The door to the bathroom swung open, and Marcela came walking out in full uniform, full black pants and a buttoned up shirt. The shirt was black as well it just had a set of ethereal speckled dots on it that glowed lightly, it was the uniform that all Equanoxian’s wore, their superiors said that the dots were to give them an idea of what the stars looked like. Dalis’s eyes were fixed tightly on the starry pattern as well as the round globes that were underneath, “Gotta get em,’ he muttered again with a light twitch of his eye. Marcela blushed and sat down next to him, “Stop it, we have company,” she said placing a hand on his arm and cast a nervous smile at Cabear. “Yeah, cause that can stop you two,” he retorted sarcastically, which only caused her to blush even more. She cleared her throat and grabbed her bowl, her eyes widened when she saw it, “There’s so much,” she said looking at the colourless goop with gusto. “I ran out of real food two weeks ago, I’ve been stuck on just
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009 – The One with the Other Protagonist (Final)
A short while later Dalis left the corridor and reached the tunnels and a minute later he walked out onto the surface. His footsteps echoed against the ground on the empty surface. It was a barren field of lightless dust with barely any structures in sight, everyone lived in the underground base and the only reason to come to the surface was to go to the terminal. It wasn’t like the surface was any prize, the sky was a clear dome that only highlighted the infinite darkness they lived in, a sky with no stars, not even a nearby sun. It was a hellscape, the soil was healthy but barren, with no sun nothing could survive, save for the Equanox. That was why they had to use the terminals to travel to the other side, to gather food, so that the race could survive. But there were some serious problem with that. Everything that transferred would denature, seeds would never be able grow even with methods like hydroponics, and any living creatures that originated from the other side and we
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010 – The One with General Mirijha (R-18)
The floor of the terminal wasn’t much different from the wall or the surrounding structure, the same vein like structures extended through out every part of the building.   Dalis felt strange walking on it, as if at any moment as his boots pressed down on it and it would go squish releasing its violet contents, but every time he took a step he was surprised by the firmness of the floor.   “It took you long enough to get here, little Dreamer,” a familiar voice greeted him.   Dalis turned around the corner and saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, she was the woman by which he standardised all others.   If Marcela was an ivory skin goddess than, the woman before him was a fair skinned supreme goddess of beauty, her blue hair cascaded down her back leaving a train on the floor and she looked at him with two equally blue eye’s that reflected the violet light.   “G-general Mi
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