Chapter 110: The Spearman

“That was heart-warming and sweet… I never thought that the chosen one was this pathetic.”

Just after, I decided to continue. An unfamiliar man arrived on the scene. In his hand was a long shiny spear. On its handle, I could see multiple magic stones. Plus, the spear is a Relic. The golden color I’m seeing from my gleaming eye proves it.

His aura is calm and reserved. His way of talking sharply and his eyes. I could see that he was someone who looked down on others casually.

Falfa takes out the magic wand onto her side and goes into combat mode. I drew my sword from my waist. The wound on my stomach ached with a little movement.

I’m still not in a great mood to fight.

“That looks painful, the sword relic, Shingu. It can create permanent wounds which cannot be healed or closed. But there is an exception.”


“I don’t feel like continuing… Let's settle this with a battle. The two of you versus myself. If you wi


110th chapter already... I didn't think that the story will reach this milestone. 1000+ view. It might be small for others but I'm very happy reaching 1000 views. It makes me want to write more. Thank you very much again for reading. Stay tuned many action pack battle is about to unfold.

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