Chapter 16: The promise is broken

“So sweet… She smells so nice…”

Ron sniff Elaina’s neck while her arm warped around her neck. The strength of Ron’s was making Elaina have trouble breathing. One wrong move for Elaina will be her death.

While the sword points on Elaina. Glenn and I need to be cautious in our actions.

“You both seem to be worried… I will feel the same way if my fuck toy will be taken away from me. Do you fuck her? Did the two of you fuck her at the same time? I bet you did. You’re not a  man if you endure sleeping with a  beautiful woman without doing anything to her. Someone as beautiful as her will sell lots of money despite being used many times.”

Elaina trembles in fear. It looks like she got trauma in men touching her body after the incident with Zeno.

I didn’t notice it till now. She is a high-ranking adventurer, but it doesn’t mean she’s strong enough to face her fear. She is still a fragile woman after all. Physically and mentally.



Sadly, Retto is doing his best for nothing. The girl he love the most became a slut and just another tool to the demon king to fuck. Yunis already loved the demon king. I feel bad for Retto, but this misfortune will make sense in the next part of the story. For Glenn, being the real demon king is a shock, or maybe not. Let see in the future. Many secrets will unfold. Please support the novel by subscribing. It's free to be informed of when the novel was updated.

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