Honorable Knight: Life after Death

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Honorable Knight: Life after Death

By: Teen Aquarius OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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An honorable knight had just died on the battlefield, but his lost soul entered an empty body in another world. Living as the underdog Alexander, he surprises everyone with his prowess in wielding the sword relying on his combat skills from his past life. Not only his father, Baron Leville and almost everyone else in his family, but until King William VIII was impressed by Alexander. Getting so much attention in such a short and unexpected time, will definitely give some people jealousy. In fact, there are no exceptions for people who are blood relatives!

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Death of Honorable Knight
The vast grasslands, it is usually a beautiful sight with some wildlife living there. Now, this is not as usual. The sound of metal clashing against each other, the deafening cries of war, to the sorrowful screams, all of it come together to vibrate the air along the stretch of grass. The green grass was stained with bloodstains splattered from the bodies that had been separated from life. There have been so many soldiers who have fallen from one side, but that doesn't stop them from being discouraged to keep fighting against the opposing forces that have not seen a lot of declines. From one point, a person seems to be surrounded by many corpses. The corpses those are in the same uniform as the one worn by the opposing forces have been knocked down by a sword in his hand. With a slightly heavy breath, the man calls out to his troops “My honorable warriors, let us fight together to the end!” “YAAA!!!” cry all his remaining troops with still burning enthusiasm. Facing the next wa
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Live as Alexander
Behind the yard, you can see a puff of smoke. There, a young man is grilling seasoned meat. He seems to be enjoying his activities without noticing that there are beads of sweat on his temples from the wildly smoldering fireplace.Observing the roasted meat for a moment, he immediately put the meat back on the fire. Apparently, the meat is still not cooked. The scent smelled so good that it has time to deceive him.A few days pass, and he lives as Alexander. It is really difficult to be in a different body, especially the since current body is too weak to control.Just only eating it should really be considered.Alexander is one of the descendants of the exiled Baron Leville. Even so, in fact, he is still cared for. Once a week, the waiter will come to bring ingredients to use for the next week.His residence is in the countryside which is still in Baron Leville's territory. It may seem alienated from other people's eyes, but this Alexader with a different soul knows one thing after a
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True Knight Life Habits
The letter contained a party invitation for Duke Kinston's engagement event, all family members are required to come to enliven the event.There is still a week to go until that day arrives.If it was Alexander in the past, maybe he would panic to get an invitation like this. Because in the crowd, he will feel tortured. However, he is now not the real Alexander's soul. Attending a party is something he used to attend before, so the rough idea is that he knows what to prepare for the party.When he opens the closet, that's when the thing he feared in his memory happened.“Alexander is the saddest human being I have ever known. Just in choosing clothes alone, he can not afford them. Or, could it be that his tastes are like this?” Alexander grumbles to himself.In the closet, none of the clothes that are suitable for use in attending a party can be seen.Everything is casual attire, too ordinary for a noble. It doesn't matter that he is only a descendant of a noble, keeping appearances i
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The City Behind The Magnificent Wall
As you can imagine, the city behind this tall and strong fortress is actually very far from the city in Alexander's previous life.Everyone who enters the view, almost all of them are carrying weapons. The city guards are no longer surprised, but even ordinary citizens carry personal weapons. In addition to the city guards, those who carry personal weapons have various types of weapons. Not only sharp weapons but some carry blunt and long-range weapons. Such as mace, big hammer, crossbow, whip, and many more.Alexander wonders where he woke up. He is quite knowledgeable about the names of places across the mainland and some of the islands off the mainland that had been touched. However, none of them have the same name as the place in his life now. Like the name of this city that he doesn't know at all, Ympilia City.People who can't keep up with the times like the real Alexander, won't be able to survive. A small example is himself which is most likely indeed because that is the reaso
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A Heart that is No Longer Shackeld
"What is he doing? Does he really like old Mama?” someone grumbles in a depressed voice, feeling annoyed at herself for watching herself lose to the charm of Azura, the mother of the owner of the Zura Clothing Store. So annoyed, she forgets that the small pillar supporting her hand seems to be starting to wobble. In wooden piles that are close to the connection or pile foundation, small cracks can be seen along with the pile tilting slightly to follow the direction of the thrust of her hand. She really doesn't feel that way, until... CTAK! Unprepared to balance her body, she helplessly falls. And, she who was hiding got the attention of Alexander as well as Azura. “Lumina!?” Azura, who is shocked, rushed to the young woman who had previously interacted with Alexander whose name turned out to be Lumina, her favorite child who is the only one she has. Alexander immediately follows Azura. "Honey, why did you fall like this?" Azura holds Lumina's face, she looks at her with so much
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How to Get Rid of Bad Memories
"HEA!!!" Dealing with someone's anger is very easy to deal with. The chaotic movement exposed cracks everywhere. With just one or two dodges, Alexander strikes back by hitting the ribs of the young man who has just attacked. "Ugh! What are you waiting for? Hurry up and help me, damn it!” he cries to his friends who are even gawking at watching him attack alone. “A-aah… Yes!” Surrounded by them, Alexander feels neither panic nor fear at all. With trained fighting instincts and rich experience against multiple enemies at once, making him who is currently facing the same thing doesn't feel like he is being surrounded and he doesn't even feel threatened. "Hmph!" snorts Alexander. Fights are inevitable. People just watching around can't believe what they see. There are those who rub their eyes, ask the person beside them to pinch them, and others to make them believe that now they are not dreaming. A shocking spectacle, where an Alexander who is known to be weak and cowardly is no
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Sweet Fruit Grows Slowly
The day that has been awaited, the day where the party according to the schedule stated in the invitation letter has arrived. The day before, a fairly luxurious horse-drawn carriage and its coachman who would take him to the party venue had been dispatched to the Alexander Mansion on behalf of Baron Leville, who is now ready to depart. As for the letter that was mandated to the Charioteer for Alexander, he has brought its contents. At a party to celebrate Duke Kinston's fiancé with the daughter of the Viscount Libourne, Ariana von Libourne, all invited parties are expected to bring their spouses. There, later there will be a dance party, just like how the nobles hold a party. This is not required, but it is better for all invitees who are present to bring someone who will be an escort when the dance begins. Otherwise, Duke Kinston as the host party will feel uncomfortable. What is obtained later, of course, the relationship between the invitees and the one who invites will be a li
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Warmth and Pressure
In the town square, there are three horse-drawn carriages neatly lined up that catch everyone's attention. There, several people seem to be waiting for something. A man whose face is still warm remembering a week ago visited the Alexander Residence was grumbling incoherently, annoyed that Alexander is late. “That might be Third Brother!” cries a man beside George waving at the carriage they are waiting for. He is Thomas, Alexander's older brother, and George's younger brother. “Tsk! You slug ..." George grumbles, staring intently at the horse-drawn carriage. A middle-aged man standing next to a beautiful woman with a few wrinkles on her face starting to show, Baron Leville, he only glances at George who continues with a long sigh after that. "Be patient, my dear. One day, they will definitely get along…” the woman beside him, Eliza who is the wife of Baron Leville, she held her husband's hand with her head resting on his shoulder before she says so in a voice so soft. Yes, Eliza'
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Attending A Party
"Looks like you're pretty sure, huh..."Alexander nods firmly in response to Leville's words."Let him as what he wants, Father. As long as later, he endures all the embarrassment at the party!” said George curtly before he leaves to take his partner into his chariot.Alexander knew very well how nobles thought. The pride is so high, they seem to think that they are special humans. To the extent, most of the nobles consider the common people are just a stepping stone for them to achieve their dreams.Memories of Baron Leville, Alexander has a pretty good impression of him.There are indeed one or two nobles who don't really care about the thought of themselves being considered special or chosen people.'But well, one or two people will definitely have a different mindset...' Alexander smiled a little, before he walks away followed by Azura who is still holding Alexander's hand towards his horse carriage to start the journey to Duke Kinston Residence.The trip will take a long time, ar
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Dancing Without Melody
One by one the invited guests come. Slowly, the living room in the Duke Kinston Mansion begins to fill with invited guests as the sun has set.Just by watching how the nobles are proud of each other, Azura’s feeling her heart beat so fast. She is so nervous, even though no one is paying attention to her except Alexander."Want to dance?" asks Alexander who suddenly stands up from his chair and extends his hand towards Azura.Having lived for more than half a century, Alexander knows how to deal with situations. In the case what Azura’s facing, he knew how to make Azura less nervous. Only by standing out from the rest will the feeling of nervousness slowly dissipate. And of course, it’ll need a bravery to begin.Azura looks hesitantly at the hand that is being stretched out to her, then she sees Alexander seems to be smiling so sincerely. She wants to refuse the invitation, but her heart pushes her hand to accept Alexander's outstretched hand.With just one gentle pull, Azura is immedi
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