Chapter 196: Barrier investigation

Night arrives and the appointed men are all in their position on guard. They walk around the town with a lantern and some sort of blade on the other. The town was always silent every night loud voices were easily heard if something happened.

Sneaking out wasn’t very hard at all. I took the path from the backyard straight to the forest. The forest is in a deep pitch-black hue. Together with my black robe I easily camouflage.

I dashed around the forest and find several sleeping monsters. There are dangerous monsters too, but as long as they’re not being dangerous. I don’t get the feeling of needing to cut them down.

I leaped up to the giant tree branch and hop off the other. I continuously use this technique to further explore the forest. If I’m high above the ground. It would be difficult for the monsters awake at night to sense my presence.

I made a pause and turned my head toward the group of a red-horned bears. The bears are currently facing a pack of wolves. Their sharp fangs gritt
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