Fury Of The World

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Fury Of The World

By: IF OngoingFantasy

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In a world ravaged by the malevolent touch of the God of Demons, Mazoku, a planet teeters on the precipice of annihilation. The once-solid barriers between the human realm and the dreaded demon realm lie shattered, plunging the world into chaos. Nature's laws have become twisted, and an unending war rages among the four kingdoms since time immemorial. The undeniable truth emerges— the world is hurtling towards its demise. Yet, amidst the relentless torment wrought by a colossal sword forged by the very hands of the God of Demons, a faint glimmer of hope persists. This formidable weapon, driven into the heart of the planet, paradoxically presents a solitary chance for salvation. Once every three millennia, the Night of Fate descends, shrouding the land in an otherworldly aura. Those who find themselves slumbering beside the accursed sword on this fateful night are transported to a realm unknown—the "World's Fury Realm." Within this enigmatic domain, these chosen souls are burdened with a profound quest: to undertake a series of arduous missions, each with the potential to mend the shattered world. Success bears a promise as poignant as it is uplifting—those hailing from the human realm will be whisked back, their planet’s wounds finally sutured. A glimmer of hope beckons, for a path to restoration is laid before them. However, the road to redemption is fraught with peril, as failure yields a fate far bleaker than one could fathom. Those unable to rise to the challenge find themselves imprisoned within the very realm they sought to conquer—the World’s Fury Realm. In this desolate expanse, destruction and agony reign supreme, unending torment that only death can bring respite from.

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49 chapters
0- Prologue
--The world of Nights' Fury has a unique magic system, where magic is powered by three different resources: Mana, Pure Power, and Demonic Energy. -Mana is the most commonly found magic resource and is represented by blue-colored magical energy. The amount of Mana an individual has varies, with a larger supply being more beneficial. When a person's Mana reaches 0, there can be negative consequences such as paralysis, a weakened magical stock, or even a permanent loss of magic. -Enhanced Mana is similar to Mana but is a smaller stronger amount of energy that enables the user to unlock top-tier abilities of his element. When used in combat, enhanced Mana overwhelms the battlefield, being sensed and feared by most of the fighters. -Pure Power is a highly condensed white-colored magical energy that is more powerful than Mana. Those who use Pure Power often have a limited supply, but the longer they fight and use their weapons, the more their Pure Power elevates. This resource enables t
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1- A wounded world
The world was a fragile balance, kept in check by the four kingdoms that each held dominion over one of the four elements: fire, frost, volcano, and water. For centuries, they coexisted in a tentative peace, each respecting the other's power and territory. But then, whispers of an ancient threat began to stir, a menace that could destroy the entire world if left unchecked. The kingdoms knew that they had to work together if they were to have any chance of defeating this enemy. Despite initial reservations, even the queen of the fire kingdom agreed to participate in the plan under the threat of chaos being brought upon her kingdom by the other three. And so, they joined forces, drawing upon their unique strengths to combat the danger. For a time, it seemed that they might succeed. The kingdoms fought side by side, each contributing to the battle in their way. But then, an unforeseen event disrupted the newfound harmony, and everything changed. The fire kingdom found itself betrayed
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2- Newbies
Nobu approaches the chocolate seller, his eyes scanning over the array of tempting treats on display. As he picks up the chocolate bar, he can't help but inhale its rich aroma. "How much will this cost, please?" he asks politely, holding out some money. "That will be 250 Chronopennies," replies the seller, with a smile. "This chocolate is one of a kind, made with only the finest ingredients." Nobu hands over the money and takes the chocolate bar, his taste buds already salivating in anticipation. He takes a bite and savors the explosion of flavor in his mouth. "Wow, this is amazing!" he exclaims, his eyes widening in delight. "Thank you!" As he turns to leave, he notices the seller counting the money again, looking visibly angry, "Those aren't even a 100 kid!" the man shouts aggressively, only to be surprised by the absence of Nobu, "Where the hell... Did he teleport or something?" Nobu, meanwhile, walks down the bustling street with a grin on his face, savoring the rich taste o
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3- Soul-Edge
As Reina concentrates, a sudden burst of energy surges through him, causing three symbols to materialize around his right eye in the form of glowing, triangle-shaped marks. With a flick of his wrist, Reina commands the symbols to rotate, tracing a perfect circle around his eye before vanishing in a flash of brilliant light. As the symbols fade away, Reina's once-green eye transforms into a mesmerizing shade of pink, revealing the full extent of his power. "Perfect Vision", is the name of this unique skill. Reina becomes attuned to the subtleties of people's auras - the type of magical energy they possess, and even their power level. With this newfound ability, he can locate individuals he had encountered before, effortlessly sensing their unique signature in the bustling crowds. "Nobu has no magical energy though", Thinks Reina, worried about his friend as he decides to embark on a quest to locate and help Nobu. As for Nobu, his heart is racing as he finally manages to free himself
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4- Cursed Child
Twelve years ago, a tragedy struck a Village, annihilating all those who lived peacefully there. he was just five years old at the time, and the village was known as Paradise. His father had disappeared in search of power and knowledge before the boy was even born, so he has never known his father. During his birth, a strange surge of energy emanated from his body. It wasn't mana or pure power. It wasn't even demonic energy. However, it was similar to the one witnessed during the entrance exam. This outburst of energy was beyond anyone's control and explanation. And it, unfortunately, resulted in the death of his mother. The force of the energy drained her magical energy and life essence, leaving her body as a mere shell of its former self. For three years after his birth, he had a terrible power that made him a source of fear and horror to the citizens of Paradise. Anything he touched withered and died, regardless of whether it was plant, animal, or human. Even though he had no magi
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5- Unexpected Apology
As Nobu and Reina finally cross the finish line, their friends are waiting eagerly for them. The group erupts into cheers and applause as they join the center of the battlefield, their Ash and the others running up to congratulate them with high-fives, hugs, and pats on the back. "Congratulations, you two! You did amazing!" Shouts Ash, beaming with pride as he claps Reina on the back. As the rest of their friends continue to celebrate, Satomi rushes toward Reina and Nobu, her face filled with concern. "It took you long enough," she says, her voice trembling with worry. "Satomi...", Reina tries to speak, but before he can say anything, Satomi throws herself at both of them, knocking them to the ground in a tight embrace. Tears stream down her face as she clings to her friends. "You made me worry, idiots!" she chokes out, her voice muffled by their bodies. "I even started thinking that some other participants will steal the last two spots, you know..." Reina and Nobu exchange a look
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6- The Exception
As they eagerly complete their selection forms, anticipation filled the air. With keys to their rooms in hand, the group separates, eager to explore their new surroundings. Sayuri and Satomi indulge in a luxurious shower, their voices carrying through the steamy mist as they chat and giggle. As the water cascades down their bodies, Satomi can't help but marvel at the fact that she's sharing a shower with a member of the prestigious Violra family. "Sayuri Violra," she says in awe, "I never thought I'd meet a royal so soon in our journey." Sayuri chuckles softly. "Being a royal isn't all it's cracked up to be," she replies, the water running down her face as she rinses out the suds. "But I can't deny that there are certain privileges that come with the title." Satomi can't help but laugh at her friend's modesty. "Are you kidding me?" she exclaims, her long dark hair splayed out behind her as she rinses it with shampoo. "Royals are not only wealthier, but their magical abilities are fa
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7- A Prodigy
Satomi stands in front of Nobu and Reina, her fists clenched and her face red with anger. Her friends look up at her sheepishly, knowing they've once again put themselves in danger. "You... Both of you..." She stammers, struggling to keep her temper in check. "Why do you always end up getting into these freaking deadly situations?" She screams, hitting their heads with her fists. "You could've gotten yourselves killed!" Nobu and Reina both flinch, hands over their heads as they feel the pain of the fresh blow, "We... We're sorry", They whisper in unison. "Um... Satomi?" Yagami interjects, his voice calm and soothing. He kneels beside Reina, his hands glowing with healing light. "Would you mind controlling your anger a little? I mean, no need to get their condition to worsen, right?" Satomi takes a deep breath, her anger slowly dissipating. She looks at her friends, concern etched on her face. "It's not my fault that they keep jumping into trouble!" She stammers, before taking anot
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8- All For One
After a much-needed break, the fresh soldiers gather once again in the training camp, eager to tackle the challenges that lay ahead. While most of them are beaming with enthusiasm, Nobu lets out a sigh and buries his face in a bar of chocolate. "Why do we need to go through all this training before heading to the capital?" He grumbles. "It's such a hassle. I don't want to train anymore!" Sayuri playfully drums on Nobu's head as she chimes in, "That's so unlike you!" She says, "I thought you're the one who trains the most, but it appears you're not into working hard!" "It's not that he just hates training," Clarifies Reina, summoning his katana, "He's also feeling a little down because he heard that he's the weakest in three different stats." "Oh, I see." Sayuri's face lights up with understanding. As her eyes shine after spying on the bar of chocolate in Nobu's hands. "Ooh, that looks delicious! Can I have a piece?" She grins. But before she can even reach for it, Nobu quickly pul
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9- Students VS Teachers!
"Nobu... Nobu... Where have you been all these years..." Kira mutters hollowly, his voice echoing through the dark void. Nobu stands frozen, his eyes are all black and his heart heavy with guilt. "I thought... I thought you died in my hands that day..." Nobu stammers, his voice barely audible. "You... You abandoned me!" Kira's voice is filled with anger and hurt as he moves closer to Nobu, his body beginning to decay. "You broke your promise! YOU... You destroyed our little garden and our Paradise." Nobu steps back in horror, only to find himself trapped by roots that have grown from the ground. He falls to the floor, his face twisted with sorrow as he watches Kira deteriorate in front of him. "It's because of you..." Kira's voice is barely a whisper now, as he holds out Nobu's necklace. "I died because of you! It's your fault!" Nobu looks around at the surrounding corpses, his heart sinking at the realization of what Kira is saying. "Look around you!" Kira shouts, his body crumb
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