Chapter 57: Raise of the fallen knight arc (Part 4)

When I noticed her. I immediately brush her arms around me and said:

“This is not a game… My journey is extremely dangerous. I can’t have you with my journey.”

“I know it's dangerous… I know that… I know that heroes always have the most dangerous job. But still, I wanted to come along with you. I don’t want to return to my town. Everyone there I hate them. My father when he doesn’t have money is selling my body to his friends. My mother is a weak-willed woman and can’t stand up for her daughter. That’s why I always go to the forest with the witch. Now that she is gone. There is no place for me to go and hide. There is no place for me.”

Jelian said.

Turning my glance to a direction where I ran off. I noticed that the knights of white wings are already closing. At the same time, I can’t let this girl go back to that town. Because her eyes are crying for help.

I can&rsquo

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