Chapter 6: Divine Relic

Incredible... I took that laser beam but I don't feel any pain. This is the power of the divine relic. The tools used by the heroes to take out the demon king.

The Spithead serpents around me turned their countless eyes on me. They turned their neck around the surrounding.

Seems like they didn't notice that I'm inside the armor. The full-body armor makes me unrecognizable.

I turned my glance on my arm. A black steel full body armor. It does resemble anything I wear when I was a knight. This armor looks extremely different and advance.

"What are you waiting for Retto? The divine relic already chose you. All you need to do is use the relic's power and destroy those creatures away from us."

I got lost in the excitement.

But Glenn was right, I have to defeat these monsters in front of me.

I kick the ground and charge at full speed. Toward the serpents. My body didn't react the way I wanted. Leading my body to fly at an extreme speed in an opposing direction.

From my speed, I made a heavy impact on the rock wall on the other side. The rock wall was destroyed upon my impact rocks came falling on me.

What the hell just happened?

I get up on the debris and stand up.

Astonished by my newly found strength. I continuously chased my breath.

"That divine relic can increase your strength a hundred times or more. The strength you just use earlier exceeds the street you usually used."

"That right, I kick the ground with all of my strength."

After Genn informed me of the divine relic ability.

I took the sword in and made a sword stance. To take control of this incredible strength. I can adjust my energy. By lower the energy used in my action. I might control this suit in no time.

But I do have the other choice.

I decided to take advantage of the overwhelming speed I can create with my suit.

I clenched the sword and kick the ground and charge toward one of the serpent's directions. I swing the sword on the serpent's head and cut it down.

The blade goes through easily on the extraterrestrial's flesh.

"I did it! Guahh!"

I stopped and crash on the other side of the rock wall again.

"It's working, but I have to learn how to brake before I crash."

I don't have any idea how am I going to do it. For now, I have to defeat this horrible creature.

I did the same technique to the remaining two Slipthead serpents. The Serpents are defeated and their flesh is laid down on the ground. Instead of red blood. It has blue liquid flowing on its body. Weirdly the scent it produces is not horrible. It released a sweet-scented aroma.

Making me drool out.

I wonder if these things are edible.

"Don't touch its body. The scent will stick to you. That sweet scent is going to attract the other extraterrestrials in this area. If we stay here for so long we're going to be in great trouble."

Glenn said.

His body regenerated as he said. The lower half of his body is completely restored. Glenn took out one pair of pants and new clothes from his bag and wear them.

"I don't want to go face to face with other extraterrestrials. I should have mastered this new power first..."

The armor disappeared in light particles.

"Looks like you have a time limit in using your power. Five minutes is your current limit. If you trained hard enough. The day you'll be able to use your power how much you like will come."

As I listen to Glenn. I felt sudden pain from my ankles and arms. The hurting sensation was seen by Glenn.

"Are you fine?"

"Well, the strength I just use made burden on my body. My arm and ankles are in pain."

"Can you still walk?"

"It's nothing... I can still walk. This pain is not as severe as the pain I felt before when I was working hard as a knight. Besides, this pain represented the power I used earlier. Being able to access such power. Also, have a catch."

"We're going to be a great friend. I'm glad that you're not very idiotic or shitty. You value people's safety and do you're best to struggle and live."

"Why does Glenn has a divine relic with him?"

I asked in curiousness.

"It's from a friend of mine from hundred years ago. He gives me his relic to find a new holder. After living for hundreds and hundreds of years. I didn't see anyone compatible with it. I'm happy that it chose a worthy person like you in the end. Probably, it remembers its master with you. You have a strong resemblance to the third hero after all."

"I resemble a hero? Maybe, I'm his reincarnation or something? Maybe a descendant."

"I don't believe in reincarnation? Descendant is impossible. His wife betrayed him and he never has a child. Let's get going before we got to another trouble."

Glenn said. He took out a compass from his pocket and look around. He then stated that were going in the direction where the arrow in the compass was pointing.

While we're walking.

"Where exactly are we going?"

"We're going to meet the second hero..."

"The second? Are you for real?"

"She also got sucked in this dungeon. She's living her slow life in the upper stratum of this dungeon."

"Also sucked... Does that mean there are many people inside this dungeon?"

"Yes... Many people including you and me, but only a few can get out of these places. I'm still researching a way to get out of this place. It's been five years already."

"You got it though."

"Same as you... We need to immediately get out of here. You wanted to save your lover from the demon king's hands right?"

"Of course, I won't forget that day. I have to save Yunis no matter what."

"What do you're girlfriend looks like?"

"Yunis is the prettiest girl in the whole world... She is kinder than anyone and diligent. She swings her sword a hundred times before she goes to sleep. She also knows how to cook and do many things... How about you?"

"Vell? Vell is the prettiest girl in I whole universe. She is quite cold sometimes and has melancholic eyes. The first time I met her. She is something that I don't understand. Why this woman is approaching me? Why she's not afraid of me?"

"Why would someone be afraid of you? Taking out your immortality and in the same magical powers. You look normal."

"I think that's true."

Just like Glenn. I'm glad that I'm able to find someone who will help me in this place. If it's not for Glenn I'm already dead by now.

I think I owe Glenn one right now. In the future, I will go to pay for his kindness.

Walking upward in the trail and climbing the rock wall.

I saw a glimmer of light above the hole. I place my hand on the rock and pulled my body upward. taking a glance at what's beyond me.

The majestic looking place was represented to me.

(Third stratum, Dungeon of Zero: Inverted sanctuary.)

The trees are growing from above going down. The falls and river are flowing inverted.

This place looks very interesting.

A dragon-like creature came flying around and landed on one of the giant trees. The drain fed its children with giant fish it caught from the wide inverted river.

"What the hell is this place?"

"This is the inverted sanctuary... The second hero is living in this location. She is living here more than I do. Maybe, I can ask her for some clues on how to get out of this place. The place looks inverted, but we're completely different from the environment. The gravity is still pulling us down."

We heard deep breathing.

Glenn immediately wheeled his head around and look for it. Following the breathing. We saw a white-haired girl laying on the ground.

"Delight Mushroom is so good! So good! So good! Heheheheheh... Hehehehehe..."

She said and breathed hard.

"This girl is high."

Glenn muttered with cold eyes.



Thank you so much for reading to this point. I'm happy that I'm able to create this exciting novel series. I'll continue to update three times a week. Many exciting and unpredictable things are going to happen in the dungeon. Once again thank you for reading.

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