Chapter 64: Raise of the fallen knight arc (Part 10)

After seeing Latina in my vision. I asked blacksmith Gonta about the players and the dungeon. He answered me sincerely in every question I asked him. Some of my questions are left unanswered.

But I think it is fine.

Me, getting some clue and information about my journey is good enough for me to make a significant step to my journey.

While we are having our conversation a heavy rain was cast from the black clouds. It’s raining cats and dogs. At the same time, the dark place gets darker and darker.

I’m lost in the thought and consumed by our conversation. I didn’t notice that the curtain of night is falling.

“By the way, what do you mean by your final act?”

“My final act as a blacksmith will be poured into your sword. I’ll forge it and make it more powerful… But still, it's always up to the wielder. The wielder has to manifest the true potential of the divine relic. Looking at you… I can

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