Chapter 65: Raise of the fallen knight (Part 11)

Morning already arrived. In my eyes, the night just passed by. I didn’t get much asleep and thought many things after I woke up from my dream. After seeing where exactly is Latina. I was extremely worried about her situation.

The revelation of the unknown entity.

Tears will be wiped away in their eyes and death shall be no more, neither shall be there morning, nor crying anymore, nor pain, for the former things has passed away.

I wonder what she meant by those words. It sounds like a warning. It sounds like a warning of something horrible about to happen.

While I’m continuously nagging my mind about it. The girl whose sleeping on the bed next to the bed I used has already woken up. She made a big yawn and stretched her arms upward.

Her pajamas are a little big for her. The shoulder slides down revealing her body naked. She still wasn’t on herself and rub her eyes.

“It's very cold last night…”

She turned her glance on me and gre

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