Chapter 74: Raise of the fallen knight arc (Part 20)

After the appearance of the blonde girl called princess and the maid girl. The demon king disappeared into nothingness. The dark clouds surrounding the Fiore continent disappeared together with the extraterrestrials making havoc outside.

Brendan and Falfa just come inside the demon king castle and meet up with Latina. When they saw Latina, Brendan can’t hold his emotion and run toward her. Hugging her tightly.


“Bren... I’m fine don’t hug me tightly, I can’t breathe.”

“I’m happy that nothing bad happened to you… Looks like Retto manage to defeat the demon king.”

Brendan released Latina from his embrace.

“Retto? Retto is here?”

“His here he saved me earlier in from the demons.”

“Don’t tell me he's the man wearing that armor…”

Latina was surprised as she thinks about it. Remembering correctly, the man inside the armor indeed calls her name.

She could not believe it, because she always thought the


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