Chapter 94: Journey to Eden city

The night ended and we were unable to save the whole town of Nell. To be called heroes by these people, I felt shame on my body.

In my perspective hero are people who can break through any odds. If the party of the fourth hero wasn’t here to aid us. There’s a possibility that I’m already dead.

Still, I have thanks to the fourth hero. They save us and the people. Added, they know the location of Eden city.

“You know the location of Eden city?”

“Of course, that’s our current base. Hundred years ago they said the other players build the city with the angel named Dia. Right now, the angel was suddenly gone missing and we the heroes party became responsible for it since they disappeared.”

“Are there people living there right now?”

“Only a few and some knights.”

“Is it possible to relocate these people who just lost their home to Eden city? These people don’

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