Chapter 95: Secrets to be told

The fourth hero, Ruti Lightcrest… I heard a lot about her in my knight days. She is the only chosen hero born with royal blood. Her story and portraits are all over the Fiore kingdom.

Having the name of Lightcrest within her. She is influential and charismatic in many ways. On top of that, was her melancholic eyes and peerless beauty. She’s cool and calm all the time. She is unpredictable and powerful. I admired her a lot together with the other heroes when I was still a child. Knights give her a prime example of what a knight should become.

But right now, I feel like I just found out about her, it is fun to know. I wouldn't say I’m having fun. But it was interesting… That the cool beauty Ruti, the fourth hero, doesn’t have a sense of direction.

“I know it's shocking, but that is the truth. We can’t tell these people that the legendary hero doesn’t have a sense of direction. It will tarnish her glorified image. I

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