Short story 6: Laura's journey (Part 5)

Before the morning shine.

I arrived at the town next to the Rum town called Heirbell town.

Unlike the peaceful and relaxing scenery of the Rum town.

Heirbell town is a town known as a trading site for many adventurers and merchants.

People often visit to shop here because of its cheap offers unlike other shops in other towns.

There are a crowd of people everywhere and it's very easy to lose in these place if you don’t have enough sense of direction.

Its earsplitting sound of the seller and buyers are heard every corner. They are selling many things from small items to bigger items. It includes adventuring stuff like weapons, support items, and adventuring gears.

While I was wandering around the busy streets. I notice a group of children walking in the lane. They all have a gloomy expression on their face. Their clothes are dull and tear up.

Looking closely at the children, I noticed that their feet are chain one each othe

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