Chapter 127 Unveils

He was just about to ask Queen Estella when suddenly a light flashed as the book suddenly entered his body, which frightened him.


"You don't have to worry, junior brother, that book is sentient. It has now merged with you.'

"It means it accepts you as its master. It will help you with the concoction. So, you do not have to worry about the medicine you make." 


The one who had replied to him was King Charles, as he amicably smiled at him.


"Thank you, King Charles. I will not forget your family favor!" Manasi bowed to them.


King Charles only nodded his head while being helped by Queen Estella.

As she continued to put some healing cream on her husband's injuries.


Just as Manasi was about to find some excuse to enter into the System's space.

Suddenly Vanessa came to him, staring intently into his dark eyes. 

As if she was looking into his soul. Then her expression to

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