Chapter 128 The Peak Of Earth

Two of them were men. One had a large build and the other looked average with his dark hair and black eyes.


Manasi felt they were coming close to him. He then frowned as he noticed they were really heading in his direction. 


Although he couldn't move or speak, he was sure they were looking at him and examining him. 


He was also focusing his attention on them. It wasn't long before he was flabbergasted. 


He couldn't see their faces! It was a complete black.'


Isn't that large guy, who looks like a sage, with that blue hair and body shape?'


He felt that his worldview was collapsing.


The man with dark hair was wearing a neat-looking lab coat with sunglasses on, "but I still couldn't see his face!"


No matter how he looked at the man, Manasi couldn't deny that he looked like a human, from head to toe, except for his blocked face.
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