Chapter 143

"Leave or die!"

Manasi's voice was like a clap of thunder as it kept ringing in their hearts.

No one knows when, but a soldier tossed down his weapon as he started running. It was like a single spark that ignited everything.

Almost all the soldiers start to flee, as they don't see any hope against an immortal being.

General Zen's expression turns green.

"Kill all those who flee!" 

He then started shooting at the retreating soldiers, bursting their heads while the hybrid soldiers that had the Nephilim blood started to transform into their giant forms. 

As they started killing the fleeing soldiers, blood trickled down, painting the muddy ground red.

The soldiers' only thought was to flee, as they were more terrified of Manasi than the Nephilims. 

On the other hand, Manasi was just coldly looking at the whole situation. 

It would be a lie if he wasn't affected by such a scene,

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