Battle OF Grammar: Word Fu!

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Battle OF Grammar: Word Fu!

By: AuthorsDread OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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In the beginning, there were Divine Letters. These Divine Letters gave birth to Superpower Words that created Vocabular and all living things therein. This is an adventurous-fantasy novel featuring the progressive development of a bizarre entity whose existence was purely manufactured by the sacrifice of a mighty Word Master. To find out the reason behind his existence, Dam Son will have to face overbearing obstacles along his perilous quest across this outlandish world of scripted aptitudes.

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Chapter 1 - A Beginner’s Guide To Vocabular
An uninhabited island located on the Sea of Verbs was getting destroyed beyond repair due to the overpowered Word Masters who were having an intense dispute there. Both foes were of equal calibre, thus the destructive battle kept on going for a while until a deciding winner was met.The Word Master who gained the advantage nearing the end of the heated battle was a formidable Demi-Human known as Inkling. She was a Compass Guardian of the northern region of Vocabular. She was considered to be the second strongest among her peers when compared to her eternal rival and Central Compass Guardian, Blue Almighty.Unlike Inkling who was an alluring Demi-Human, Blue Almighty was of the Dark-Human variety who excelled in Word Fu Martial Arts. The region that he presided over had the most powerful Word Masters, moreover, dangerous villains. Yet he brought them all together to work in harmony using his indomitable strength. Because of this, the other Compass Guardians were jealous of his influenc
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Chapter 2 - The Mystic Arena
“Wow! That over there is so cool. And what is that floaty thing? Amazing!” Whilst following Papyrus, Dam Son’s Wisdom Stone was over enlightened by the array of new discoveries he came across in town. His Dark-Human Avatar was laden with excitement.“Okay, cool it, newborn. You look like some genuine country bumpkin.” Papyrus had to slap Dam Son’s head with its folds to have him settle down his excitement. “We’re almost at the place. Let’s go over there.”“Huh, isn’t that a transport terminal?” From the prior knowledge he downloaded from Papyrus’ database, Dam Son recognized the fancy transport terminal nearby. “Why are we going there?”“To charter a taxi. The fees are cheap so don’t worry.” Papyrus led the way inside the transport terminal. A lot of basic scripts were floating around the interior. The vehicles which were neatly aligned by the stations were all variations of special books large enough to transport at least 4 persons. “We don’t need one with a lot of room since it is
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Chapter 3 - Grammar Admission Matches
“Yeah! The next match is about to begin! I’m looking forwards to this one. The Demi-Human chick who won the last round was on fire! Her fighting style is so lit!”“Damn right it is!”“Right! Right! She is the best of Block-C!”Many spectators who were gathered around the arena anticipated the match that was about to take place on the centre stage of Block-C. Dam Son was among the forefront of the participating audience who surrounded the stage.“From here I will get to see what a battle between Words Masters is like. Papyrus make sure that you record everything okay.”“Yes, you told me before. I’ve already started recording, though I’m not sure as to how much footage I can store.” Papyrus had a reflective page taking stock of the environmental proceedings, mostly the impactful events.“Applicant-562, Lonely Pussycat and Applicant-600, Cinder Burn! Please come up on stage!” The referee of Block-C called for the next participants to come up.From opposing ends, two young women walked o
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Chapter 4 - First Time In Combat
“Woo! Yeah, baby! Yah! Yah!” An exciting participant was making his voice heard on stage. His elation was brought about after dominating his 4th opponent.“We have a winner! Applicant-577 has won his 4th admission match. Thus he has earned the right to study at our academy. Here is your stamp of approval.” The referee stamped a special symbol on Applicant-577’s Papyrus. Please head over to the judges’ counter to collect your entrance package.”“Yes, I’m going there right away! Woo-hoo! I’m so fricking awesome! Raixom Academy here I come!”Now that the winner had left the stage the referee called for the remaining combatants to fight until their numbers dwindle. “For the next match, Applicant-620, Dam Son and Applicant-599, Xuan Li, please come up!”Hearing his name being called by the referee’s boisterous voice, Dam Son felt a shiver of nervousness trickle down his robust countenance. “It’s finally my turn to start.” Dam Son picked up his sapphire suitcase then motioned up the stage.
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Chapter 5 - Sapphire Suitcase In Action!
The Stage which Dam Son partially broke to chunky pieces had already been repaired sturdier by an expert Wordsmith. Many other battles took place before it was finally Dam Son’s time again to fight.“Applicant-620, Dam Son and Applicant-613, Balloona! Please come up!” The referee waited until both participants were on stage before starting the match. “Begin!”Dam Son’s opponent this time was a chubby Demi-Human girl who almost fitted perfectly when compared to a beach ball.“She is a Word Mage. This battle might be even more fun than the last one.” Dam Son was genuinely excited to face off against a powerful opponent. “Hey Papyrus, how many Martial Arts Powered Letters do I have left? I wonder if ‘Smash’ will even work against her.”“You have only 5 Martial Arts Powered Letters remaining. The Basic Word Fu Script, ‘Smash’ can only be utilized one last time.”“I see. Then I better conserve it until I desperately need to use it.”“I agree. Your body is strong enough to absorb a couple o
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Chapter 6 - Unexpectedly Quick Victory!
Dam Son sat on a participant’s bench near the stage to regain his depleted stamina. “Suit I’m thirsty.” As he spoke, a small Noun Script slipped out of the opening of Dam Son’s sapphire suitcase which transformed into a large bottle of fragrant water.“Ahh! That hit the spot.” Dam Son wiped away some trickling droplets from his lips then exuded a low belch. Glancing around, Dam Son realized something. “Hey, Papyrus there aren’t that many participants left in Block-C.”“Well, the administrators stop accepting new applicants a while back since it is getting closer to dusk. That’s why there are fewer people. Most of who you see here have already won more than one battle. Just one lost and all of their efforts will be wasted.”“I disagree with you Papyrus, I’ve learnt so much from these previous bouts.”“Of course, you would say that. You are a newborn after all.” As Dam Son continued conversing with his floating Papyrus, the referee hopped on stage then called out the next combatants. “
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Chapter 7 - Unpacking Entrance Package
Due to Dam Son’s swift victory over Cinder Burn, his next and final opponent didn’t show much promise. That Demi-Human was too intimidated to throw a punch. Hence Dam Son defeated him with ease, becoming the victor of his 4th match.“Winner! Applicant-620 has earned the right of enrolment!” The referee came over to Dam Son and stamped a unique symbol on his Papyrus. “Go to the judges’ counter to collect your entrance package. The stamp I gave you will validate your 4 victories and grant you access to Raixom Academy.”“Oh, thanks!” Dam Son hopped off the stage in elation with Papyrus following his shadow.“Congratulations, newborn. You weren’t so bad for your first time in combat.”“It was that Copy Script that helped me get accustomed to the feel of combat faster. Will I be able to use it again if I have more MAPL (Martial Arts Powered Letters)?”“Yes, but with some limitations.” Papyrus answered. “Each script that you currently have are Basic Immortals. This means you can reuse them
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Chapter 8 - Orientation Day
For 2 consecutive nights, Dam Son spent his time training in the forest. The nocturnal creatures had to vacate that specific clearing to avoid Dam Son’s destructive radius. During the daytime, he would go into town to get familiar with Vocabular’s construct. Each day was a brilliant learning experience for him.Now that the day had come for Raixom Academy’s admittance, Dam Son chartered a Book Vehicle to carry him there. It was located in the central region of the city where a massive milky globe was present. Surrounding that globe were multiple gigantic arcane scripts. Other lavish buildings and memorial landmarks were also near the area.“Wow, look at that rotating orb.” Dam Son arrived at the central transport terminal with mouth agape and excitement loose. The moment he stepped outside the building, he laid eyes on a globular splendour above. “So that right there is Raixom Academy?”“Technically the academy is inside there. You see those massive scripts oscillating the globe?” “Th
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Chapter 9 - Wandering Around Raixom Academy
Dam Son walked through the exit of Caromine Institute with his heavy sapphire suitcase dragging leisurely behind him. “Whew, that orientation was really helpful in getting me accustomed to things, but there is still so much I’ve yet to learn about this academy.”“Indeed.” Papyrus replied with a fold of his pages. “Remember what that sexy teacher said about the products being cheaper here? Why don’t we go to one of the marketplaces to check out their stuff? Who knows, you might be able to get me that Letters Ink that we talked about.”“That’s a brilliant idea, Papyrus. I can explore on my way there. This place is so vast and beautiful. I want to take all of it in.”Dam Son started running along the expansive streets of Raixom Academy. It was safe to say that this place was likened to a compact city rather than a normal school solely designated for learning. Many activities and events were taking place all around, even at night this academy never sleeps. Need I remind you that this was
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Chapter 10 - Swindling Elder?
“Ahf! We finally made it to the top.” Exhaustion was painted all over Dam Son’s Dark-Human Avatar. The moment he set foot on the peak of the mountain, he dropped himself flat onto the ground. His impact affected the durability of the bottles of liquor he was carrying.Seeing this prompted an outburst from the elder’s lip. “Oi, brat be careful with my wine!” he ran towards the cart apace and prevent two bottles from falling over. “If you’re tired why don’t you take the load off? Tsk, young brat these days. They have no physical stamina. They’re too dependent on Magical Scripts to do their bidding, as a result, they became this damn weak. Tsk, tsk, tsk.”The elder took the burden off Dam Son’s back and carried the packed cart of liquor towards a small hut nearby.Present on the flat mountain peak was only a tattered temple abode, storage hut, rough rocks and vegetation, moreover, few chirping animals. There wasn’t much grandeur to be seen here aside from the high view of the academy.Th
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