Chapter 36 Gathering

A vehicle could be seen heading towards the city square. 

"Blossom, did you call your sister Shiela?" 

Blossom nodded as she hung up the phone. She really enjoys using the phone ever since Shiela and Rachel started teaching her.

"Papa, Shiela told me she's bringing little Autumn with her, "Blossom said smiling and showing her two dimples. 

"Blossom, can papa borrow your axe?" Manasi said he didn't want Blossom carrying a two-meter-tall axe with her. 

It would be dangerous if Blossom started swinging her ax. It would be disastrous. Manasi thought while shaking his head. 

Up ahead he saw the City Square. He stopped the car.

There was a group of men in black suits guarding the entrance. When they saw a luxury car, they thought they were important people. 

Manasi and Blossom, walk out of the vehicle. The guards walk towards them in welcome.

The group of guards is mesmerized as they looked in the

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