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Working as a taxi driver under the auspices of the Raouw Hale company, Elvano often gets insults from his own passengers because the clothes he wears look shabby or unfit for use anymore. Elvano has a heavy heart to leave his luxurious life because of his stepsister. All inheritance in his name goes back to Alvrins Vander. It wasn't enough just there, Elvano had to swallow a bitter pill because grandfather's money suddenly flowed into his personal account so he was accused of stealing. How is Elvano's next life story?

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  • July ansei


    The best book

    2023-09-24 13:51:46
  • ajengfelix


    Elvano seems to have a really tough mission

    2023-09-03 18:43:18
  • vitaloka sari


    Hello, enjoy reading my new book I look forward to your suggestions and opinions, sis Warm greetings from me, author Vitaloka Sari ...

    2023-08-31 22:48:42
  • Bella Elena


    I'm sure Elvano will take revenge on them. just wait for the game date to start. they will run out!! Hi author, I stopped by your work. Spirit. very cool.

    2023-08-31 12:25:42
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The Birthday Celebration
"Everyone step aside?!" shouted a big man."Who are you?" asked Taraja's grandfather because he looked uncomfortable when five foreign men barged into the midst of the invited guests."We New York City Police have received a report that Mr. Elvano committed a crime and here is the proof." Elvano accidentally dropped his glass of drink and then approached the police with a sharp gaze."What do you say?" Elvano asked, not accepting being accused of being a criminal."This paper has shown evidence that Mr. Elvano has embezzled, laundered company funds and Mr. Taraja's money," said the policeman named Kardo."What?! Don't be ridiculous you guys?" Elvano did not accept that his hands were about to be handcuffed. Taraja's grandfather massaged his temples suddenly throbbing at a moment like this something had to happen."Who reported this case?" asked Taraja's grandfather."Is Mr. Taraja not happy that we have uncovered your grandson's crimes?" Kardo asked back."I will give you a reckoning
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Alvrin opened his eyes realizing nothing had happened. The panicked face swept around him and saw that Emma was already outside."What happened mommy?" asked Alvrins frightened."This time Elvano was lucky that someone wanted to help him get out of this forest," Emma pointed out."Oh thank goodness my car didn't get scratched," chuckled Alvrins."Stupid! Until mommy will never let that child live quietly out there Alvrins," he said, annoyed."Alvrins said earlier that we don't need to get our hands dirty because a big surprise will happen to him," Alvrin replied while hugging Emma from behind."Shock?" she asked in surprise."Elvano's good name has been blacklisted by mom. He will never be able to work for any company unless Grandpa asks him to come back." Emma cheered not because Elvano would be miserable out there but because of Alvrin's intelligence."Mommy is proud of you honey, for Elvano he can't breathe so he knows how we have been living in his shadow all this time," said Emma
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Young Man
Elvano became the center of attention of Raouw Hale's employees because his face was very familiar, however, the adult man didn't care but kept going inside to meet the receptionist."Excuse me, I am Tian, ​​I want to apply for a job here," Elvano said politely.The woman was silent for a moment, stunned by seeing Elvano's handsome face, forgetting that her co-worker had touched her arm."He's the man on the television screen!" he whispered."Oh My God?!" he shouted until the security guard happened to pass by and immediately approached the two women."What's wrong, Mom?" he asked while looking at Elvano but he didn't care because he didn't know him at all."Sorry, sir, it seems you heard wrong that we are currently not accepting vacancies," replied the woman who was not named."But here you are, ma'am?" asked Elvano to make sure."Sir, he is the man on the television screen." It turned out that one of the two of them was whispering to thwart Elvano's intention to work here."Young ma
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Raouw Hale's Company
Real Estate group news Alexa Corporation Bastian has recently been on the rise because stocks suddenly plummeted. Alvrin's name was circulating on social media but the fat man didn't care at all. This reached Elvano's ears because since he knew the real facts, he kept looking for loopholes to get back into the house."They only know how to waste money, they don't know how sick my parents were when they built this business empire. Alvrins, your mama Emma doesn't deserve to be called a leader," Elvano growled in annoyance while tearing up the newspaper he had just read."Who are you talking to, Tian?" asked Andre suddenly.Elvano was not disgusted when he saw Andre's appearance, which was smelly, dirty, sweat was pouring down to give off a bad smell because he was still the same as his friend."I want to come here, Andre," he pointed.Andre laughed out loud that Elvano's dream was too far away, just standing at the gate of the company was grateful."Forget Tian! Your steps have gotten f
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Alvrin Increasingly Hated Carlina
Carlina became embarrassed when she saw Elvano's handsome appearance, she misjudged the man in front of her. The woman even forgot that the man had been her business partner before. Not only Carlina but Elvano almost had a heart attack seeing his appearance return to how it used to be."Oh My God?! Don't let Carlina know that I'm grandpa's granddaughter. All my plans can be messed up, especially since this face is still going around out there," Elvano thought, trying to cover half of his face with his hand so that Carlina wouldn't become suspicious of him."Sorry miss, it seems I have to use glasses because my eyeballs are nearsighted. I'm afraid your family will find out about my shortcomings," Elvano reasoned."Yesterday why didn't you wear glasses? What's more, driving a taxi requires good eyesight?" she asked."I just experienced it, Miss." Carlina just understood why Elvano didn't mind that he was fired."Okay, let's go to the shop." Elvano took the opportunity to ask the barbers
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Women's Club
Elvano tried to remain calm in front of the Carlina family, especially since Alvrin was glaring at him."Which family clan were you from until Carlina accepted you?" asked Alvrin curtly."He has the name Alvrin, Tian!" Carlina replied emphatically."Even his looks are unattractive, I wonder where you got this slum man from?" said Alvrin."How dare you Alvrins?!" Carlina snapped."Stop it! You guys have no shame in arguing in front of grandma and you, Mr. Alvrin, can you leave us?" asked Carlina's grandmother."But I have the right to sit beside Carlina, not this slum man, grandma," Alvrin replied, pointing at Elvano."You are a bad man and I will never come back to you because Tian already got my love." Carlina hugged Elvano's arm tightly so that the springy thing had stuck to her.Elvano became unfocused because he felt his fuzz prickle, for a moment he fantasized in the middle of the debate."I will not forget this, Carlina , wait for my revenge and you slum man your fate will feel
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Poor Man
Elvano looked nervous when Andre sat beside him without wearing a top. There is still body odor, but since he is used to smelling it, it doesn't matter to Elvano."Tomorrow you pull, Tian?" he asked."Yes Andre," Elvano answered nervously."You know Tian, ​​I was kicked out by the residents at the end of this street because it looked dirty even though I was just passing by not bothering them," said Andre sadly."Then you fight?" asked Elvano seriously."No, why fight because I know that the Tian Way is the only way to make money." Elvano felt pain hearing Andre's words."Wait a minute Andre, I will take you out of this despicable place," thought Elvano as he clenched his fists.The two of them had dinner together with minimal side dishes and even Elvano no longer felt disgusted by the dirty way of eating Andre."Tomorrow you work, Tian?" asked Andre, then drank because his throat constricted."Yes, Andre, but I have something I want to tell you," Elvano said quietly."About what?" Elv
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Elvano held back his anger for the sake of revenge against Alvrin and Emma's mother, even though Jefry insulted the packaging, he still didn't care."Don't expect you to feel comfortable living here because we don't accommodate the unemployed." Jefry left the house regardless of Carlina's deafening screams."Is Jeffry too much?!" Elvano could see Carlina's shoulders go up and down."That's enough! Son Tian, ​​don't take it to heart that what Jefry said wasn't serious but was a joke," interrupted the grandmother."Yes grandma, Tian understands," Elvano replied smoothly."Okay, now you are accepted into our family and Carlina takes your husband upstairs and shows the whole house so Tian won't get lost later!" Simon's grandfather ordered."Yes grandpa," said Carlina.Elvano sighed that Carlina's grandparents turned out to be good, unlike Jefry who was arrogant, evil and liked to humiliate people."What skills do you have, Tian?" she asked.1 bh"I can do anything, Miss Carlina, as long a
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Grandpa Called Me
Jefry crept and dropped Elvano into a pool that was more than two meters deep."Got you dirty man," he said, then pushed Elvano."Help! Anyone I have difficulty swimming?" shouted Elvano, waving his hand up."It turns out that not only slum men, you also do not know how to swim." Jefry laughed out loud but he who was stupid didn't know that Elvano was only pretending so that his disguise wouldn't be blown."I can't be quiet otherwise my face will be seen," thought Elvano then drowned himself and slowly headed to the side.Jeffry made sure Elvano didn't breathe again then he left the place with a face that looked happy.Carlina accidentally saw Jeffry looking happy and just walked past him until her eyes accidentally caught Elvano just rising from the pool."Tian?! What are you doing here?" called Carlina panicked."I slipped," he said nervously."Come inside and change your clothes, grandpa wants to talk to you!" Carlina added."Good." Elvano decided not to mention Carlina's name beca
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Isn't He Miss Carlina's Husband
"Tell Carlina that you still love me?!" shrieked Alvrin."I don't love you Al, now it's better to leave here," said Carlina firmly."Okay, looks like you need time to think about Carlina because no other good man will accept you except me," Alvrin added confidently.Elvano wanted to vomit hearing Alvrin's words at this moment and also really wanted to teach his half-brother a lesson.Carlina didn't respond and went straight into the house because she was really annoyed to see Alvrin coming."Wait! Stop there?!" snapped Alvrin."You called me?" asked Elvano pretending to be stupid."I'm warning you once again, let go of Carlina or your breath will stop forever?" he said emphatically."I'm not afraid," Alvrin replied calmly."You?!" Alvrin removed his hand from Elvano's neck when he saw Carlina come back out."Tian, ​​help me get dressed!" he called.Alvrin's face was getting redder with anger, his gaze was cold at Elvano, he thought that their relationship was far from husband and wife
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