Marcus: Charismatic Billionaire

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Marcus: Charismatic Billionaire

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Marcus, an orphan, works very hard in his part-time job so he can buy the promised cake for his beloved wife tonight. During his last delivery to a bar, he is shocked to see his wife, Lydia, with his in-laws having a party, a birthday party thrown by Hales, a billionaire heir. Lydia denies her husband and calls him fake. She issues her divorce that very day, and Marcus is humiliated, jeered at, and called a lowlife by all who attend the party. Dishearten, and wishes to die. He receives a call from someone who calls him young master and mentions they have been looking for him. It turns out his father is Mr. Thonks, the popular renowned billionaire and businessman in Boston.

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69 chapters
chapter 1
Marcus was on his last delivery of the day in the cold weather after a long day. He delivered to fifty different locations so he could buy a cake for his wife for her birthday Tonight. He entered the bar, and the receptionist directed him to the party room where the delivery came from . He carefully handled the package- an expensive cake."How I wish I can get this cake also for my wife", he uttered And entered the party room. Immediately he entered, he widened his eyes in shock for what he just witnessed. The cake fell down from his hand and smeared on the ground. "Lydia," he mumbled, shocked to find his wife, the reason for his fifty deliveries was here in the room romancing a man. The room was blaring for music and he was surprised to see his mother in law, brother and many others familiar faces also."Lydia!", He yelled very loudly, that despite the loud music, they could hear me. They all averted to it, and the music died down. Lyida was shocked to see him and she immediate
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chapter 2
The man moved closer to Marcus and he could feel his hot breath. The man asked, "Who the hell are you?".Even though Marcus was scared he managed to summon his courage, "I should be the one asking that, who the hell are you and why are you with my wife".Again, everyone laughed at him.Lydia introduced the man, "you see you are ignorant and doesn't even know anything, he is Hales, the heir of the renown Hansel group. and can kill you with just a snap of his fingers".Hales faced Marcus, "I said who are you"."I am her husband", Marcus answered under pressure. Hales swiftly turned at Lydia."But you tell me you don't have a husband", he frowned at her. Lydia hugged Hales, "Don't mind this delivery man, he is just a clown that I use when I want to inherit from my father, he is a fake, he is to act like a fake husband"."Fake marriage… Lydia, how could you say that, you call our six years of marriage a fake", Marcus head spinned."Yes, not that we have sex or sleep in the same bed", she
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chapter 3
Marcus' life was an empty one before he met Lydia. Lydia was the only reason he was surviving and the reason just shattered.He approached the bike and uttered, "I should just die". He boarded the bike with the thought to drive himself off the bridge and drowned.As he was about to board his bike, five …. Van cars pulled in front of him, people nearby stopped to watch what was going on, because the van couldn't be used just by anyone, it was usually used by very Influential people for security.Marcus was electrified and unable to move as tens of men came out from the vans dressed in black with dark glasses. Marcus sweated, he thought maybe Hales had called these people to deal with him.Just then, they all bowed for him, and hauled."Young master!"."Uhm", he mumbled and looked behind, maybe they were bowing for someone else. But the bow was for him.His heart raced and he didn't even know how to react."Vroom" Another car arrived, it was an Audi R8 V10!, People dropped their jaws.
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chapter 4
"How do you get the silver necklace?" he asked, very excited."The one in your hand is for your mom, and this is mine. We both got it as a couple. Then, when you were born, your mom gave it to you," he gently explained.Marcus mumbled, not knowing what to say. His father looked at him once more and hugged him.The hugging was so tight and it was taking a long. Marcus groaned for air, and he immediately released me. He looked at him, very happy to see him."Son! I am sorry I make you suffer for abandoning you all these years," Mr. Thonks plead earnestly.Marcus was very happy also! He was now a billionaire's son! But his mood changed to anger. How could a parent abandon their child for that long a time? He frowned, my brow furrowed."But Dad, where is mom… the one that gave me this silver necklace, and why did you abandon me for all these years when you are this rich?" he muffled.He looked at him and sat down gently on the sofa, gesturing at him to sit beside him, and he did."Your mo
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chapter 5
Marcus jumped up as the sun shone in his eyes; he had forgotten where he was. Living with Lydia meant he had to wake up earlier and do the housework for the family.He exhaled in relief, and muttered, "freedom".He groaned as he woke up, took his bath, shaved his hair, oiled it, and then wore the most outstanding clothes on his shelves: a green shirt and grey trousers. He completed the look with grey canvas shoes.As he opened the door, he was nearly startled because Kathie was already there, dressed in a black suit that suited her perfectly."Good morning, young master," she bowed."Good morning, are you here waiting for me all day?" he asked, confused."I must be the first person to greet you under normal circumstances," she gently said."Oh..okay," he stammered, then kept walking downstairs."Where is father?" he asked."Gone out, he will return by night. You are to go to the bank yourself and take the black card. Today is yours, and you have to enjoy it to the fullest," Kathie sai
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chapter 6
"What is happening here?" Another voice, belonging to the bank manager Mr. Smith, hauled from behind, they all turned at it. The guards immediately straightened up as he approached. His furrowed brow, he had to come down because of the commotion, he inquired again, "What's going on?".Amelia, still putting on her act, held her cheek.The head of security, his jaw clenched, gestured towards Marcus. "This man," he began, his voice heavy with accusation, "intentionally stepped on our potential customer and then refused to apologize, he even hit her."Amelia, with a smirk playing on her lips, took a step closer to Marcus, she was absolutely enjoying this.The real hate behind this, was that, when Lydia was looking for a man as a husband then, Amelia suggested her brother, but Lydia refused and chose Marcus. That was the only reason she loathed him.Manager Smith turned his gaze towards Marcus, his expression cold. "Is this true?"Amelia interjected, her voice dripping with false since
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chapter 7
The manager's face could melt them down. "Now, recap what happened that you made me accuse someone", The manager twisted his face, and rolled his fist, he was very much on fire.Amelia frowned in confusion, "This man here…".Manager smith raised his hand, "can you please shut up, and let this incompetent security explain himself"Instantly, the security knew he was done for, he stammered not knowing what to say, "uhm…he stepped on her"."Is that true?", The manager demanded.Amelia would not back off, "yeah, and he was even caught in the camera", she stood on her lies.The manager faced the security, "is that true, anymore lies will lead to sack, you better tell the truth".The junior securities wanted to say the truth but the head of security chimed in, "yes, yes"."No, we don't", the juniors immediately spoke up.The manager turned his nager face at the head of security, "what? Is that true?".He bowed his head in disgrace, and did not find his voice."I am so disappointed in you,
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chapter 8
Marcus emerged from the bank, the black card dazzling in his hand. He glanced at it once more. The knowledge that 10 billion was in it drove him crazy. To him, that was too much, but it was just a meager amount compared to what his father gave him."I can't spend this alone, Lydia has been there for me all these years, let me give her another chance, so we can spend the money together," he muttered to himself and took a step forward. Just then, a sleek black car stopped in front of him, shiny and expensive-looking.Two figures emerged from the car, a sexy blonde lady and a young man. They looked sharp and smart."Young master," they both bowed. Marcus was startled, wondering who they were.The lady, wearing glasses, stepped forward and introduced herself, "I am Paulina, a specialist from JK Technology. We specialize in hacking, wiretapping, programming, and breaking into systems.""This is my assistant," she said, pointing to the guy beside her.Marcus looked dumbfounded and confused.
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chapter 9
Lydia stood up, "who is there", she asked approaching the door."It is me", the voice replied which she immediately ruled out that it was Marcus. She frowned her face and wide opened the door. Marcus stood humbly in front of her, theirr faces liceked to each other. They stood there for some seconds before Marcus spoke up, "Can I enter and talk".Lydia was about to say yes when Amelia appeared behind her, "Where do you think you want to enter, Lydia, hope you are not allowing this lion in sheep clothing in".Marcus' forehead made a line as he was confused of what Amelia was trying to say, he ignored her and faced Lydia, "let talk this out Lydia, I know you were drunk yesterday, you can explain yourself and I will try to understand".Lydia hushed him up, "I don't owe you any explanation, you pretend to be cool and nice while you are a wicked soul"."Lydia", Marcus uttered."Yes, I made a good choice yesterday, you this poor man, you have never done anything to my life other than embarr
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chapter 10
(The next day)As sunlight bathed Dynamite Company, news of the new president, Mr. Thonk's son, spread among the employees and staff. They eagerly awaited his arrival all morning, but he failed to show up.Upon learning that the president wouldn't be coming that day, the employees returned to their respective duties.Meanwhile, a few miles away from the company, in an expensive BMW, sat Ms. Kathie, clad in a short black gown with her long hair styled in a ponytail, as sexy as ever."Can we go in now?" she asked impatiently, with Marcus nervously seated beside her."Okay, okay. Can you remind me what I'm supposed to say?" Marcus sought reassurance yet again. Kathie sighed in frustration; they had been waiting for some time, and Marcus seemed anxious about entering and kept seeking guidance for a speech."Listen, you're the president. You don't need to say anything. Just go in; you control and own them. You don't owe them any speeches," she advised."Okay, is that what it means to be t
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