Elements of Magic

Chapter 11 


Felicia held my arms, “Hey, Zain, look at us, hey,” she said while shaking me as I was not moving and responding to them. I couldn’t believe what I heard I knew that my mom is a Goddess but me? Being one of the Gods or having the power of the Gods, I know this meant something else. 

“I am fine,” I said, getting weak, but I managed to stand up and compose myself. I knocked at the door already to let the headmaster know that we were here. The door opened after I knocked, and we went inside already. 

“Greetings, Mr. Black.” The man lowered his head, which I do not know the name. I looked at him, “Greetings, Sir,” I answered. He nodded at me, and Headmaster Feliz is now at my side. He guided Copper and Felicia to be seated in the ot

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