[ETOEB1//04//] The Long Lost Key of Lincoln

Chapter 04

The Long Lost Key of Lincoln

Carter's POV:

The galvanized iron roof was already chipped; mosses were growing on the paved walls. The bell was suspended under iron, and the pigments of its outer convex surface were rusted and withered. Even the old rope appeared severed and worn.

I attempted to look into the well. It seemed deep, as the walls of the concave interior paving stones that advanced towards the end were enveloped in darkness.


That was a dumb idea of me calling for someone in the well. My voice rang out. I could hear my voice bounce out of a deep well.

I took one cent out of my pocket and threw it into the well. I expected to hear a coin fall on the water or on the ground, but it did not.

Weird. How far is this thing headed? I-

"Hmm, looks like you're having some fun..." My heart almost dropped as I heard someone talking from behind.

I gasped. "Lincoln, You scared me! I thought I would fall into that pit out of fear! Jeez..."

"I am sorry. I had no intention of scaring you," He apologized.

"I did not notice you were here. How long you been standing here?"

"Well, not much more than you expected," replied Lincoln.

"By the way, you appear confused. Shouldn't you be in the manor, cleaning things up?"

"I just thought of wanting to breathe some fresh air."

I left my whereabouts and picked a small flower that had just bloomed beside me.

"Hmmm! These flowers smell good!"

For the record, Ricky loves flowers. He squeezed his nose in every flower he came across. If he were around.

Wait, where's that little brat now?

Third POV:

Unbeknownst to Carter, Ricky was overjoyed when he got out of their caravan. He wandered around their recently inhabited manor, but his feet carried him into a thick forest, and he could not follow his footsteps back home.

He got lost. He tried to go back, but he was just going around in circles and didn't know where the way back was.

While walking around, a shining object landed on the dry leaves of the tree. When he came to check it out, it turned out to be a key. A missing key which can unlock any door.

Little did he know, he suddenly and unwittingly stepped into a hole in the ground that was covered only with dry leaves when he took the key.

He fell through a hole and rolled underground. He had no idea that it would lead him to a precipice. Furious waves from the sea and sharp rocks await down below.

The manor is located on a lateral plateau that would resemble as if climbing a mountain. This is why the terrain is uneven, and it is secluded on the flat road that leads to the town.

On the other hand, when Mother finished preparing their meal, she started to reflect on where Ricky had been.

She was also worried as they had not seen him all day. Then she told Sandra to go get him.

Even before Sandra could get out of the house, she immediately heard her brother's loud voice. By his voice alone, Sandra knew it was him.


She heard it coming from the woods located to the east of the mansion, so she immediately went to follow where his voice led her to, until she caught up with Ricky on the edge of the pitfall, tightly clinging to a large root branch of a tree.

Sandra hastened to grasp Ricky's arms before eventually losing her strength to hold on.

By coincidence, Carter came right after that and saw Ricky, who was about to fall into the abyss of the ocean if Sandra didn't rush to help him.

Sandra had a disgusting expression on her face after she saw her youngest brother stained with dirt. His white shirt and khaki pants were covered in mud and leaves.

She scolded Ricky, "Don't ever run away again without telling us, okay?"

Sandra noticed that she was holding a shiny object and asked, "What's in your hand?"

"I found this strange key while walking in the woods!" He responded gladly as Ricky raised his hand to show him the key.

"The key looks old and looks like it can open some doors!"

Sandra wasn't convinced by Ricky's flawed explanation that he was walking through the woods.

They had just decided that they should go home.

Mom got worried about Ricky getting all dirty. Sandra brought up everything that happened to Ricky.

"You should never have done such a thing,"

Mother often reproves Ricky, slouching right after getting in trouble, observing that proper posture, good manners and right conduct helps one boost confidence.

"I won't do it again, sorry." Ricky apologized for her sneaky visit to the entire manor.

Lincoln, however, was inside the kitchen. He was the one who continued Mother's work cutting vegetables for their lunch.

But as he silently watched over them as they were addressing the issue, Lincoln's eyes widened as he saw the key Ricky was holding. He hastily left the kitchen and approached him.

"My, oh my! Look what you just found! Where and how did you get it?" Lincoln quickly took it out on Ricky.

He kept his eye on the key. His eyes nearly hit the key. He was fascinated by it, like it was the first time he saw a key in his whole life.

"I just found this key in the woods," he asserted when Auselle undressed him.

"But it appears odd, as a partial half of it is missing." He added, but his voice was mutilated by the turned dress, he was bred to remove. As soon as she got Ricky's clothes, she went to the laundry for the stained clothes on the basket.

It might be better for me to keep this key temporarily! You never know what this key might open." Her way of speaking was tainted with intention.

He then placed the key in his side pocket and left Ricky, Sandra and Carter uncertain.

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